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PCR #402. (Vol. 8, No. 49) This edition is for the week of December 3--9, 2007.
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"The Golden Compass"  by Mike Smith
Time Warp Toy Box: Week 1  by ED Tucker
Dr. Lisa's Devilishly Delicious December Design  by Lisa Ciurro
Dot.TK Free, My Butt....Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....And The Winner Is....Top Ten Christmas Movies?  by Matt Drinnenberg
Fra-gee-lay! It Must Be Italian. .... And So It Starts .... Evel .... Hall Of Fame Time .... Will Arnold Be Back? .... .... .... .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 35: Fred Ward  by Mike Smith
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Many longtime visitors, some from these pages, know how you use to have to enter some wicked long URL in order to get to my Masters of Horror site. Something along the lines of: http://www.speedsurf.to/

Trying and tiresome to enter that, to be sure. This is why I was so excited and happy to discover dot.TK, which is a free domain name service based somewhere in the Philipines. It’s free because they hook up a banner on your site advertising theirs, and other, services. Very non intrusive, so it worked perfect for my free little tribute site.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I went to my site by clicking mastersofhorror.tk, only to be sent to a dot.TK service page where I would find that the domain name, mastersofhorror.tk was available for use!! The tag said to register it now if I wanted it, and that it was FREE!!! Nothing new to me, of course, as that is why I’ve been using it the past several years.

Evidently, folks in the Philipines must be aligned with the Bush administration, because their word twisting concept of ‘FREE’ means dishing out 300 dollars just to use the domain name for 2 years; with no other services available.

Are they on crack????

Okay, so here I have this domain name across the web at other like minded horror sites that are using the mastersofhorror.tk link, which now needs to be changed thanks to the bozo patrol at dot.TK, and their ‘free’ service that isn’t free at all. Honestly I feel like they are trying to extort monies from me. How else can they call their service ‘free’ and try to slap me with a 300 service charge for two years?!

So here I am, back to the long freestyle speed surf domain name, scrambling to find an affordable service for my cheap self. Looking at a couple options now and hopefully will have something nailed down in the near future. I just hate having to dish out dinero for a website that doesn’t generate any cash flow. It is, after all, just a site I made so fans of the genre could have a little fun once in a while. Maybe it’s time to expand my horizons and offer merchandise for sale at MOH. First things first tho….

Anybody got a link???

If you are a fan of the weather channel, you know that presently those in the state of Maine, like me, are currently buried under over a foot of snow.

The white stuff started falling Sunday nite and as of this writing on Tuesday is still coming down at a pretty good clip, which has my cat, Abbey, beside herself as she can’t go outside on her bird stalking rampage. It has me beside myself because I’m sick of having to shovel my drive, altho yesterday I did get the now excellent idea of moving my car forward thus having less to shovel. Of course I do have to trample thru a ton of snow to get their, but my back is thankful.

The big time bar in the area is called Toziers, and on Thursday nights they have a karaoke contest where the winner gets mucho dinero, as well as applause from the attending flock. Since I was there at the time I thought, what the heck, and entered the contest.

It came down to a tie between myself and the lead singer of one of the premier bands in the area, meaning we had to have a sing-off. Not trumpeting myself by any means, I’ll confess I didn’t think I stood a chance in hell since everyone at this place seemed to know the guy. Heck, his band is headlining their on Friday and Saturday nights and has a huge following, many of which were there for the contest.

For my final song, I toned it down a notch and sang the Eagles hit "Best of My Love". Finishing, I approached my competition to wish him luck and he blew me off by completely ignoring me. He then performed a Lynard Skynard song I’d never heard of, but one, I learned, his band does to consistent applause when they play gigs.

When the emcee got to the mic to announce the winner, I figured I was toast so I ordered myself a consolation beer to drown my sorrows. Taking a couple swigs as the dude built up the suspense, I awaited the judge's decision. To my incredible surprise, the judges declared me the winner! I was shocked. So was the guy I went up against, who, along with the rest of his band, left pretty quickly. I, however, was urged on by the crowd to sing some more tunes, which I did to their, and mostly my, happy joy.

Applause. It really never gets old.

I checked the search engine for this and found nothing, but have we ever done a top ten for Christmas movies? Or movies with a Christmas theme, or staged during Christmas time? I think of this only because I'm watching Rudolf as I type this and Santa just showed up at the island of misfit toys. Yippee!! Gotta love a happy ending.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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