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Poor Will Smith.

The guy has an interview trying to drum up support for his new movie I Am Legend, gets asked a couple questions, answers them honestly and without sensationalism, and what happens…he gets his name dragged in the mud over something he never even said.


Because the reporter, as is true in most avenues in media today, tried to wrap a little sensationalism around a very innocent comment. Taking Will Smith's comments about Hitler, which were completely within the realm of reality about how Hitler might have assumed he was doing good, even tho he wasn’t, and claiming Will Smith therefore believed Hitler was good. What a load of crap. Will Smith never said he thought Hitler was good. His comments were completely understandable in that he DID NOT think Hitler was good.

I would like to suggest to Mr.Smith that not only should he never grant an interview to this idiot who tried to ruin his name to further his own career, but in the future start the interview train with our own Mr. Smith, who goes above and beyond to not only be fair, but accurate.

The National Football League has been getting hammered far and wide lately because of the possible historic outcome of the game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, and the fact it is scheduled to be only on NFL Network, which is available mostly on satellite.

This is made even more grave by the fact that the Pats are an incredible 15-0. That’s 15 wins and zero losses. An amazing feat, to be sure. Should they win in New York on Saturday night, they would be the only team in the history of the league to ever have an undefeated regular season with 16 wins. Having already surpassed the 14 -0 plateau set by the ‘72 Dolphins, the Pats are aiming for football immortality.

Of course, the Dolphins finished their run with a Super Bowl title, ending at 17-0. In order for the Patriots to reach 17-0 they need only win Saturday night and in the first round of the playoffs. Surely their collective goal is to run the table. And it all starts this Saturday night, where the game is scheduled to be shown only on NFL Network. If you don’t have NFL Network….you’re just outta luck.

Or are you?

In what can only be considered one of the rare moves in sports history whereas the fans actually count, the NFL has reached agreement with both CBS and NBC allowing them to show the game live so every fan in the country can tune in and catch history in the making.

Hats off to NFL Commish Roger Goodell for doing the right thing by the fans. He clearly didn’t have to do this, but as I said...it is the right thing to do. Hats also off to Senator John Kerry, for throwing the anti-trust phrase around regarding this issue which some contemplate helped heat the pie.

As is true every year, quite a lot of news has come down the pike, most of it bad. But I prefer not to have my SOTY based on that lying traitor Bush or his conspirators of evil. Instead I’ll boil it down to something that really only affects two groups of people; one who right about now hates life, and one which feels like life is rather swell.

Personally my story of the year revolves around sports; the Red Sox specifically. For winning their second championship in the last three years. In fact, they are the first team to win two titles in this century. GO SOX.

Till next time,

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