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PCR #356. (Vol. 8, No. 3) This edition is for the week of January 15--22, 2007.
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Hello, gang! Sorry for the delay this week. In my defense let me say that our team kicked major Pop Culture Trivia ass, more then doubling the score of the 2nd place team, 950 points to 460. We not only won a $50.00 gift certificate but a spot in the KC wide championship in April. Need I say I knew the night would go well when the 2nd movie sound clip was from "Jaws." But I digress....shall we begin?

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The FBI recently released it's last remnants of the file they once kept on the late John Lennon. One memo, from then FBI director J. Edgar "Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat" Hoover, said that Lennon could be a possible "sympathizer of Trotskyist communists in England." Hoover also claimed that Lennon was using his "vast, tangible assets" to finance a left-wing bookshop. This was attached to another memo that stated that Lennon used his "vast, tangible assets" to try to get custody of Yoko Ono's daughter from her first marriage. These two documents had been held back by the bureau for the past 25 years because the FBI felt that releasing them could cause "military retaliation against the United States." I can hear Tony Blair now. "What? He was giving his money to Yoko? Fire the missiles!"

Several weeks ago I made mention of Larry Stewart, who for the past 26 years dressed up as Santa Claus and handed out more then $1.3 million to strangers at Christmas. It saddens me to report that Mr. Stewart passed away right after the holidays from the esophageal cancer he fought bravely. He was 58.
Art Buchwald, newspaper columnist and humorist who wrote 33 books died this week at the age of 81. He had been in ill health for some time. In fact his last book, "Too Soon to Say Goodbye," detailed his move to a hospice where he expected to die within weeks. Five months later he left the hospice and spent the summer on Martha's Vineyard. After serving in the Marines in World War II, Buchwald went to Paris and got a job writing for the "International Herald Tribune." In his almost 60 year career he received many accolades including the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. 10 years later he won a breach of contract lawsuit against Paramount Pictures, which was found to have stolen his idea for the Eddie Murphy comedy "Coming to America." Asked shortly before his death what he would miss most, Buchwald answered "Global Warming."
Ron Carey, best remembered as Officer Carl Levitt on TV's "Barney Miller," died this past Tuesday at 71. My favorite character of his was Brophy, Mel Brooks' assistant in "High Anxiety." ("I got it...I got it......I ain't got it!")


  • Director Brett Ratner (the "Rush Hour" films) is hoping to assemble Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker and Denzel Washington for a black "Ocean's Eleven" type film.
  • Warner Brothers has announced an upcoming theatrical sequel to "New Jack City" to be called, naturally, "New Jack City 2." The studio also plans to produce a straight to DVD sequel to "The Lost Boys." Time for the 21st Century to meet the Coreys (Haim and Feldman).
  • Terrence Stamp and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have signed to join Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in the film version of "Get Smith." Though no characters were announced I would guess that Stamp is the Chief and Johnson the robotic agent Hymie.
  • Movie web site TeletextUK has posted the news that Matthew McConaughey will play Thomas Magnum in the "Magnum P.I." film. Also rumored in the cast: Steve Zahn as Rick and Tyrese Gibson as T.C.

    I was very pleased with the results of this past week's Golden Globe awards. In fact, I'm pleased to say that I predicted all of the major winners. Now, that having been said...

    The nominations for this year's Academy Awards will be announced this coming Tuesday morning. Once again I will be submitting my nominations to the PCR editor before Monday evening. Over the years I have predicted an almost 93% correct.


    WHERE YOU MIGHT KNOW HIM FROM: "Breaking Away," "Fade to Black"

  • 1980 BAFTA Award as Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Role for "Breaking Away."
  • 1980 Golden Globe nomination for New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture - Male for "Breaking Away."

    Born Dennis Carelli in Philadelphia, Dennis Christopher made his acting debut at age 12 in an episode of television's "Time Tunnel." Ten years later he starred with Richard Thomas in the James Dean inspired film "September 30, 1955." The next year he appeared with Paul Dooley in Robert Altman's "A Wedding." The next year the two teamed up again for the Oscar winning "Breaking Away." The film featured Christopher as a bicycle rider obsessed with Italy. Featuring such up and coming actors as Daniel Stern, Dennis Quaid and Jackie Earle Haley, "Breaking Away" brought Christopher to the forefront of Hollywood. In 1980 he starred as a crazed film memorabilia collector in "Fade to Black," which he followed with a featured role in the Oscar winning Best Picture "Chariot's of Fire." In 1982 he starred in the Vietnam themed film "Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder," which, though little seen, earned him excellent reviews. Christopher has worked steadily in television for the past two decades, most recently appearing on HBO's western series "Deadwood."

    Next week I'll look at the actor who only appeared in five feature films, all of which were nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award, before he died...John Cazale.

    Well, that's all for now. Have a great week. See ya!

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