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PCR #386. (Vol. 8, No. 33) This edition is for the week of August 13--19, 2007.
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Hello, gang! Short and sweet this week. Shall we begin?

The Tampa Film Review for August  by Nolan Canova, Terence Nuzum, and Chris Woods
"The Invasion"  by Mike Smith
Birthday Bashers....Flash - Ahhh-Ah!  by Andy Lalino
Book Review: "Fangland" by John Marks  by Lisa Ciurro
DVD Review: “Godzilla Raids Again”  by ED Tucker
Missed Birthdays .... Musical Notes .... Poison Me Elmo .... Barry Bonds .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 27: Brad Sullivan  by Mike Smith
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A couple that didn't make the home page:
My brother, Barry, who turned 39 on August 4.
Matt's nephew, Daniel, who turned 31(?) on August 1.

As almost announced here last week, Van Halen held a press conference Monday to confirm the reconstituted band will be touring this fall. David Lee Roth, Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Eddie's son, Wolfgang, met the press and seemed to be as excited as their fans. Not sure if the tour dates will consist of all weekend nights since Wolfie is still in school. The band plays here in Kansas City on Friday, October 26. I saw the band in 1984 and was pissed because Eddie insisted on playing the solo lead in "Jump" (and some other songs) on the organ. Yeah, that's exactly why I went to the show, to see the world's greatest guitarist play the Wurlitzer! Please join me in praying that Roth has retired his ass-less chaps!

October 8th will bring Bruce Springsteen fans the Boss' 15th album, and first with the E-street band since 2001's "The Rising." Hopefully an upcoming tour announcement will follow. I've been very fortunate to have seen most of the "greats" in my lifetime, including Springsteen four times (starting with "The River" tour in 1980). His is a show that I highly recommend seeing.

Fans of Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" are mourning the death of Baseball Hall of Famer Phil Rizzuto, who died this week at the age of 89. "The Scooter" played 13 seasons for the New York Yankees and then spent another 40 as their play by play broadcaster. His well known expression, "Holy Cow!," is featured along with his narration in the classic Jim Steinman song. Goodbye "Scooter."

Mattel has recalled over 18 million (9.5 million in the US) toys worldwide because of possible lead paint poisoning and shoddy construction courtesy of our friends in China. More serious then the paint problem is the fact that many of the playsets (Barbie, Batman, Polly Pocket) have magnets that can easily come loose and be swallowed. Should a child swallow more then one magnet they could attract each other through the walls of the bowel and cause perforations. With Christmas only four months away, please make sure you're not giving your kid the Death Delivering Dora they asked for.

I still hate him!


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM: "Slap Shot", "The Untouchables."

You may wonder why occasionally this series is delayed. The reason is that sometimes my mind blanks on some of the actors/actresses I've admired that seem to have just slipped away. One of those actors is Brad Sullivan. I first noticed Sullivan when he played Morris, the sex-crazed hockey player, in "Slap Shot." I assumed that Sullivan was just a local hockey player they had used in the film. An old roommate of mine was from Johnstown (where the film was shot) and he would point out the locals he knew that made their way onto the screen. What surprises me now is that Sullivan was 45 years old when he made "Slap Shot." He certainly didn't look it. After "Slap Shot" he did some television work and appeared in the occasional film. In 1987 he appeared in Brian DePalma's "The Untouchables," giving him a couple of great scenes with Sean Connery. He had two more memorable roles prior to his retirement in 2000: as Nick Nolte's father in "The Prince of Tides" and as Jimmy Smit's lifelong mentor on "N.Y.P.D. Blue."

Well, that's all for now. Have a great week. See ya!

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