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PCR #365  (Vol. 8, No. 12) This edition is for the week of March 19--25, 2007.

Munchkin Mall Mayhem!  by ED Tucker
"TMNT"  by Mike Smith
John Waters Goes to Court  by Andy Lalino
The Shark Is Still Working....The Rondo Controversy Update  by Matt Drinnenberg
Me And The Munchkins....Passing On....Happy Birthday....Words and Music....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 12: John Savage  by Mike Smith
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Oddservations by Andy Lalino

John Waters Goes to Court

CourtTV, that is! Who would have thought the king of bad taste would end up hosting a flagship original show on a cable network? Well, turns out CourtTV had good taste in locking in the sultan of sleaze to commandeer "Til' Death Do Us Part", a "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"-style anthology show. Local fans will note Waters made the cover of the St. Petersburg Times in recognition of the 3/19 debut.

Waters portrays the "Groom Reaper", your personal ferryman, who bookends the show, with an occasional appearance before commercial breaks. His presence is perfect for a concept as such, possessing a delivery that's eerie, funny, and sarcastic all at the same time. It's great to see Waters steer his career toward acting - he's too magnetic a personality to be ignored, especially by potential femme fatales. Wonder if Boy George can land a similar gig for a VH1 Classic New Wave programme?

John WatersI caught bits and pieces of the show, in which two new episodes ran back-to-back, beginning at 10pm ET. I can't rightly say that "Til' Death Do Us Part" will satisfy hardcore Waters fans, simply due to the innate content restrictions of basic cable TV, but it's always fun experiencing most anything Waters is involved with, especially something this irregular for him! I enjoyed the cast of unknown actors, some of whom were deliciously bad. The gist of the show is that a couple is enduring martial issues, infidelity a top contender among them, and it's the viewer's job to forecast just who does in who during the course of the show (you can "text" message your predictions). The program has a nice, weird film noir ambiance, and the producers did a good job maintaining a solid B-movie texture, complete with moody lighting and occasional retro set styling. Each ending seems to have a morbid twist, which easily put an evil grin on this watcher's mug.

"'Til Death Do Us Part" does have one startling side-effect - it'll force you to keep one eye on wifey at all times.

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