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PCR #375  (Vol. 8, No. 22) This edition is for the week of May 28--June 3, 2007.

"Bug"  by Mike Smith
The Greatest Thing We Can Do to Honor the "Star Wars" 30th Anniversary is To Abolish the First Three "Episodes"....Charles Nelson Reilly Has Died....The Ed Wood of presidents calls W "The Worst"!  by Andy Lalino
The Week That Was  by Mike Smith
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Oddservations by Andy Lalino

The Greatest Thing We Can Do to Honor the "Star Wars" 30th Anniversary is To Abolish the First Three "Episodes"
The world would change forever on May 25, 1977 when a single movie changed the way we experience cinema - and would even alter life itself for many people...yes, I'm referring to that Crazed Fanboy favorite "Star Wars", of course. What 10-year-old (the age I was in '77) could forget the opening shot of the Star Destroyer cruising overhead, in pursuit of Princess Leia's blockade runner? Ah, the good old days when SPFX were executed with blood, sweat and tears by real creative heroes, not a legion of pixel wizards sipping Jolt cola in a plush suite with the AC set at 65 degrees.

On this, the 30th Anniversary of the original classic, I call on all Crazed Fanboys to help me in banishing the atrocious first three "episodes" in the series - once and for all. How the most beloved trilogy of all time de-evolved into some of the sinewy cinematic cesspool not seen since the Indiana Jones sequels and "Beyond Thunderdome" has to be one of the industry's greatest mysteries - and embarrassments. Only the purest of putzes place more value in accepting truly bad filmmaking in the name of a beloved series than demanding that the true spirit of the original films be maintained at all costs - which George Lucas and co. failed miserably to do.

I guess not even Lucas himself had the ability to re-create the blissful magic of the 1970's and early '80s, when Star Wars and its sequels were in their glory days. We live in a time of boy bands, American I-dull, lousy TV, megaplexes, and pixellized penguins - everything is sour. It's no wonder why Lucas (now rich and bloated) had neither the motivation nor the lingering talent to pull off a truly satisfying set of prequels + sequels.

So please, for the sake of the first three original classics: SW, Empire, Jedi...join me in extracting the "prequels" from the SW universe. Let's have a DVD burning of "Phantom Menace", "Clones", and whatever the third one's titled. Let's banish these turkeys into the endless abyss so no other generations can be soiled by such schmuckity-muck. And maybe...just maybe...Lucasfilm will make the decision not to make any more SW films as to save us from further grief, depression, and betrayal.

If you have any second thoughts about my attitude and goals in this endeavor - I ask you to mentally visualize the two-headed alien announcer during the lame "pod car" race scene from "Phantom Menace" and/or Jar-Jar.

Happy Anniversary, Star Wars.

You'll always be 1977 to me.

Charles Nelson Reilly Has Died
We lost a true classic this past week - the incomparable CNR, who died May 25th from complications of pneumonia. For those of us who grew up in the '70s, Reilly was literally all over the place. He was practically a fixture on '70s TV, most notably as a Match Game celeb (still popular in reruns on the Game Show Network) set next to Brett Summers. He also appeared in McMillan and Wife, Lidsville (with Butch Patrick), Love American Style, and countless stints as cartoon character voices over the decades.

Thanks for the memories.

The Ed Wood of presidents calls W "The Worst"!
Ex-president Jimmy Carter, the "grinning bigmouth" strikes again. Seems that Carter, who many agree was the worst president of the modern era, had the nerve to call W a more awful president than he! Now, let me be clear: you know how much I love the 1970's, and of course Jimmy Carter was a fixture of the latter part of that great decade. The peanuts, the grin, and of course his brother Billy and Billy Beer (I love seeing BB cans at flea markets). However, as many good memories of the '70s we have, it had a bestial dark side, which in '79 manifested itself as the Iranian hostage crisis fiasco, which Carter presided over. Anyone who lived through that time remembers the daily reports on the hostages. Ayatollah Khomeini's rise to power and the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. The helicopters downed in the desert sands, and most of all the ineffectual way Jimmy Carter handled the situation. So much so, that even to this day many voters are reluctant to pull the lever for a Democrat in fear that they'll mishandle any situation involving the military or national security.

There's also the issue of presidential dignity - it's not generally accepted or appreciated when past presidents criticize current ones - especially someone with the track record of Jimmy Carter! He's the last one who should be admonishing our commander-in-chief when he took full responsibility after the botched military job which was the attempted rescue of the Iranian hostages.

Perhaps it's most evident from the Carter era that Dems simply don't have the right stuff, moxie - whatever - when it comes to defending this country or going on the offensive militarily. That was agonizingly clear during the last Democratic presidential candidate debates when all the hopefuls - with the exception of Hillary - embarrassingly stumbled over a scenario posed by fellow lib Chris Matthews whether the U.S. would attack an entity who destroyed U.S. cities. Their answers were positively frightening - they were paranoid about even using the word "retaliation" - even after thousands of our fellow citizens would have been killed!

This is a dangerous world we live in, and now's not the time for blazing wimpoids in our leadership positions. If you want to be a dove, stay in your nests with your beak tucked between your feathers. Leave the difficult issues for real men to resolve...like Ronald Reagan and not Jimmy Carter.

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