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by Terence Nuzum

The Top 20 Albums of 2006

by Andy Lalino

Putzo's Top 10 Worst Moments in Fandom .... The Giant Spider Invasion starring Ed Tucker .... Goodbye to Yvonne De Carlo

by Mike Smith

Whatever Gets You Through The Night .... Passing On .... Movie News .... Awards Time .... Oscar Time ....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 3: Dennis Christopher

Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 356  (Vol. 8, No. 3). This edition is for the week of January 15--21, 2007.

Big Week

by Nolan B. Canova, Chris Woods, and Terence Nuzum.

Fanboy Summit and Giant Spider Invasion
by Nolan B. Canova

by Mike Smith

"Letters From Iwo Jima"

Whew! I got a LOT to cover this week, from The Tampa Film Review for January, including reviews from three of us this time (also including pics from the TFR third anniversary shindig), to ED Tucker's special visit to Tampa last Saturday with ensuing Fanboy Summit and special hairy guest...also with photos, natch!

Terence Nuzum returns with his Top 20 Albums of 2006. An all-too-rare Audio Philes column from one of our very best, and a most satisfying read.

Andy Lalino's Oddservations this week is one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive explorations he's ever done on the subject of his personal approach to fandom! Anyone who's ever had a question about where Andy sits on any fan fence of filmdom, THIS is the one-stop shop for you!

"Pan's Labyrinth", as I understand it, had an outstanding premiere Wednesday night at the Veteran's 24 Cinema in North Tampa. Your fearless leader was privy to some free passes from the promoter, and even though I was able to get most of them distributed, I myself couldn't go due to work schedule constraints. Heard the movie's terrific, though!

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