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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 366  (Vol. 8, No. 13). This edition is for the week of March 26--April 1, 2007.

by Mike Smith

"Blades of Glory"

by Andy Lalino

VHS Grindhouse Lite: "Stryker"

by Mike Smith

Solving The Night Stalker Mystery....Trivial Pursuit....Movie Notes....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 13: Trey Wilson

Politics As Usual

Joe Redner
This bit of reflection is meant for Tampa residents mostly, although many of you who've traveled to Tampa may know of whom I'm about to reference.

Yesterday (as I write this) Tampa strip club owner Joe Redner, 66, lost his 6th run at public office. This was for City Council (previously he tried for the County) and he lost to the incumbent opponent Gwen Miller, 72, by a margin of 56% -- 44%.

Final result of this week's Crazed FanPoll:
Do you think Joe Redner should hold public office?

76% said: Yes, dammit, I voted Tuesday!! (Or should've voted Tuesday; what was I thinking??). (10 votes)

15% said: No, he's a strip-club owner for chrissake, that's embarrassing enough. (2 votes)

7% said: Not sure what to think. (1 votes)

Total votes: 13
Thank you for voting!

Those of us who've voted for Joe again and again were always hopeful his radical visions and generous nature would win out as an "underdog" candidate someday. This last election was close enough to declare a runoff necessary, hence Tuesday's poll. But the anti-Joe "coalition" marshalled their forces this time to prevent someone they see as an unseemly man from taking public office. In fact, it was reported that the absentee ballots alone numbered greater than the entire turnout of the previous election (where only 16% of the voters bothered to show up at all).

I've been a fan of Redner for decades (and we used to cross paths at public access TV occasionally). His verbal sparrings with former Councilwoman Ronda Storms are the stuff of legend, but not everyone took to his style. Granted, Joe can be his own worst enemy. Recently, he declared himself to be gay to have standing in a lawsuit filed on behalf of gay activists regarding book banning in libraries. Just before the election he said something to the effect of being "blacker than Gwen Miller" (herself an African-American) in an apparent backfired attempt to sympathize with the oppressed.

Although I wouldn't hold it against him if he decided not to run for office again after this last debacle, privately, I can't help but hope he continues the fight. The fight for free speech, the fight for better government, the fight for accountability. He's "no average Joe" and we won't see his like again soon.

In fact, noted local filmmakers Chris Woods and Shelby McIntyre are currently filming a documentary about Redner called No Average Joe: the Story of Joe Redner. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Check out the website at http://www.joerednerthemovie.com/.

The Crazed Fanboy Chatroom: Crazed FanChat Debut
A little "oopsy" to anyone who checked this website ealier this week and found an extra link at pagetop (since removed, don't bother to look). In my haste to experiment with some chatroom software I'm playing around with, I inadvertantly left a link there that goes to a room that is only partially completed. Guess I was overconfident in my abilites to have it done in time and I forgot I had it there. Sorry about that. But the chatroom's debut is imminent and I hope serves the community in as positive a way as the message board has.

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