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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 373  (Vol. 8, No. 20). This edition is for the week of May 14--20, 2007.

Media Mingling

The Tampa Film Review for May
by Nolan B. Canova and Chris Woods


by Mike Smith

Shrek the Third

by Mark Terry

Joe D. Casey, R.I.P.

by Andy Lalino

George Miller, It's Time to Return to the Road....Tampa Comic Con - May 2007....28 Weeks Later....Local Filmmaker JD Casey Passes....July 2007 Shaping Up to be a Great New Wave Concert Month

by Mike Smith

Wasn't That--?....Passing On....Technical Glitches, Yeah, That's The Ticket....Whatever Happened To...? Chapter 20: Dennis Franz

Plus....R.I.P Falwell & Valenti

Apologies to all that some of this week's PCR ran about a day behind.

Wednesday morning, Ye Humble Editor taped a segment for BobRossMovies.com (click on the playlist: "Summer Blockbusters 1"). This same segment is the one that was aborted last week due to technical problems, but we re-taped at Channelside Theaters, IMAX section. (That's right---I'll be 5 stories tall and in 3-D!! Just kidding.)

Thursday early evening I was interviewed for Tampa Bay's Media Talk in a live video webcast from Tampa Digital Studios, between 6:00pm--7:00pm, Tampa time (I was the last segment, about 6:50pm).

BOTH video segments were made available world-wide on the internet as of Friday (click on the above links). The Bob Ross website features Bob and me talking about this summer's expected blockbuster films. The Tampa Digital Studios segment is mainly me talking to the hosts, Janet and Mike, generally about Crazed Fanboy.com, pop culture, indie film and where I feel I fit in. (There is an error in a photo of me standing with Lost in Space star Bill Mumy, identifying him as "Eddie Munster". I hope NO ONE thinks I told them that!! Eddie Munster was played by Butch Patrick. I lambast the graphics editor for not being more '60s savvy! Or at least reading the PCR photo caption that pic came from more carefully, haha!)

The staff of Tampa Digital Studios were very, very nice to me, exemplary in their efforts to try and make me more comfortable. They even sent cars for me, transportation was never an issue. Bob Ross himself, in fact, took me home from Channelside Wednesday. The studio itself is very state-of-the-art and absolutely dedicated to its goals.

Please don't ge me wrong, I had a good time with them and, of course, I'm honored and gratified by all this attention. I am just always extremely self-conscious when taping schedules are in the daytime (as they most invariably are) cutting out my main sleeping hours (and already hard-to-find PCR updating hours), so I feel like I'm walking around in a zombie-like state during a performance/interview. Not their fault I'm a graveyard shift person, and no biggie overall, except that I really never feel I can give -- or look -- my best in sleep deprivation mode. However, I realize to make some things happen requires making them happen, which occasionally requires Ye Humble Editor to suck it up and git 'er done. Speaking of sucking, I think I kinda sucked, but the staff was most reassuring and very supportive. Glad everything worked out, but next time I'll suggest we tape at 2:00am, when I'm wide awake! Haha.

Jerry Falwell
The Rev. Jerry Falwell, nationally known Baptist minister and televangelist, was found unconscious in his office a few days ago, and was officially pronounced dead at the age of 73 an hour later at the hospital.

Falwell certainly had Ronald Reagan's ear after Reagan attained the Presidency in 1980. Reagan soon after began peppering his speeches with religious talk and Bible verses, presumably to hammer home to the religious right that he's doing God's work (something George Dubya took up as well). I must note here that other colleagues I respect remember it was Rev. Billy Graham who had more influence, but I contend Falwell had his political agendas in mind.

While I'm sure Falwell has his rabid adherents on religious/moral matters, I mainly remember him being the national catalyst for organized hatred against gays and lesbians as far back as the Anita Bryant political freak show from the early-to-mid '70s. (Anyone remember the speech with those two together where our boy said "[gays] would just as soon kill ya as look atcha." Nice. His last great attempt at a national moral diagnosis cam post-9/11 when he and the other big televangelic whack-job, Pat Robertson, declared we were attacked by terrorists because God "let them" due to our loosening moral values regarding gay rights and such.

Jerry, I'm sure you and Jesus are having a nice little chat right about now.

Jack Valenti
I'm a little behind on this one, but I've been wanting to chime in on this influential figure from the movie world.

Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Assocaitoon of America, died in late April at the age of 85. For those unfamiliar with him, he is most notable for pioneering the extremely controversial motion picture rating system over the past 40 years (until retiring in 2004).

The ratings system he fathered in 1968 (and is now his legacy of sorts), now labels movies G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17. Discontinued ratings are "GP" (general admission w/parental advisory, switched later to "PG", i.e., "parental guidance" for clarity), "M" (for "mature", eventually replaced with "R" for "restricted") and "X" (replaced with "NC-17" as "X" became synonymous with pornography). While all were meant to be an advisory to content, that became too hard to enforce, and turned into an age-restriction scheme over time with several more subtle sub-sets to follow (such as the addition of PG-13, meaning 13 yrs and under not allowed).

This admirable self-policing system helped keep the government out of the affairs of Hollywood and Valenti defended it for years against attacks by critics. Today, it remains largely intact as the vehicle he envisioned.

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