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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 374  (Vol. 8, No. 21). This edition is for the week of May 21--27, 2007.

Who's Worst? Best? Winners, Losers, etc...

by Mike Smith

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

by Andy Lalino

It's a Mainstream, Mainstream, Mainstream, Mainstream World

by Mike Smith

A Long Time Ago....Movie Notes....Idol Music....Whatever Happened To...? Next Chapter: on Hiatus till Next Week

Ye Humble Editor on WebVid once again
American Idol
On The Lot

In a stunning pronouncement made during an interview last Saturday, former President Jimmy Carter called the Bush administration the worst in American history.

In context, this was in reponse to a question dealing with Richard Nixon's foreign policy and how it compared to Dubya Bush's. Carter went on to say (careful to not name Bush specifically), “I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history.”

This Week's Crazed FanPoll Results.
In reaction to a recent statement by former president Jimmy Carter that the current administration is the worst in American history, we asked everyone to decide: Which American administration was worse?

The results:

George W. Bush:  70% (12 votes)

Jimmy Carter:  23% (4 votes)

Both about the same:  5% (1 vote)

Total votes: 17. Thanks for voting!

Carter said Bush had overseen an “overt reversal of America’s basic values” as expressed by previous administrations, including that of his own father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Carter has been an outspoken opponent of the Bush administration in regards to the war in Iraq calling it a "preemptive invasion" on our part, a radical policy departure from any previous administration.

Later, following a backlash, Carter said his remarks were "careless" and perhaps "misinterpreted" and not meant for Dubya to take personally.

The White House issued a terse response to the effect that former President Carter is "increasingly irrelevant" (and presumably safe to ignore). But Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner (2002), ambassador, and patron saint to Democrats may not be so easy to ignore, especially since his casual summary judgement made last Saturday has, once again, awakened a firestorm on this volatile issue.

Tell Us What You Think

Ye Humble Editor, Once Again, Media Mingles
For some reason I kept thinking it would be a one-shot thing, but yours truly (the seat slumper) was once again summoned to appear with Bob Ross on a new video segment taped Wednesday (today, as I write this) at Channelside Theater to appear on his website this Friday morning. In it, we talk about sequels, "three"-quels (trilogies), best, worst, and why do we need 'em. (Well...ahem...not counting this episode of Bob Ross At The Movies being a sequel to last week's episode. This is a series, after all.)

Thanks to all who wrote with comments on last week's Ross episode, and on my appearance on Tampa Media Talk.

American Idol Has its 2007 Winner
17-year-old Jordin Sparks from Arizona. Woo Hoo. Has ties to the Tampa Bay area, aleegedly. That's nice. I got a kick out of this season's shenanigans regarding would-be hopeful Sanjaya. That's about it.

Spielberg's "On The Lot"
It's horrible. I won't besmirch my beloved homepage with scribbling my feelings out loud, but you can read my message board rant about it here.

Crazed Fanboy's Radioactive TV refurbished
Just thought I'd mention this in case any of you haven't clicked on the glowing TV at pagetop in a while. I totally refurbished that homepage, and anyone linking to the old embed codes will find a blank on their page, please go get the new ones. Thank you.

Please consider making a donation to help support Crazed Fanboy! Click on the "donate" link below and give whatever you can. I sincerely thank you for any and all consideration.---Nolan
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