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    by ED Tucker

    DVD Review: "Space Academy:
    The Complete Series"
    by Terence Nuzum

    American Band:
    The Byrds, from folk rock to country rock.

    by Nolan B. Canova


    Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
    Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
    Number 387  (Vol. 8, No. 34). This edition is for the week of August 20--26, 2007.

    FILM BIZ 101
    by Corey Castellano

    Whadda You Wanna Do With Your Life?

    by Mike Smith


    by Andy Lalino

    Tampa Comic Con Chronicles .... Comic World 25th Anniversary

    by Mike Smith

    Great Issue .... Who Said This?... How 'Bout Dem O's .... Barry Bonds .... Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City .... I'm a Traveling Man .... Whatever Happened To? -- Chapter 28: Next Week .... The Answer

    The Storm

    Also...Welcome New Columnist!
             Terence Returns/New Program Initiated
             FANGRRL Delayed For One Week.
             Readers' Comments

    Update, 8-27-07. Hurricane Dean, written up as my headline section below for last week's issue, disintegrated within 24 hours of my writing about it and was downgraded to a big, sloshy thunderstorm. I never had a chance to update this until today. However, my sincerest condolences go out to anyone who suffered loss during this event. ---Nolan

    As I write this, Hurricane Dean, a comparatively rare Category 5 storm is due to hit Mexico for the second time a few hours from now. After wreaking havoc in the Caribbean with a close brush with Jamaica, it landed in Mexico south of Cancun in a fairly sparsely-populated area. But the HUGE tendrils of the monster caused much wind and flood damage to nearby tourist spots, including ancient Mayan ruins (no word yet on how much damage, if any, the monuments sustained). Weakend by the encounter, the storm reorganized and restrengthened after exiting westward back out over the Gulf of Mexico.

    We in Hurricane-weary Florida breathed a sigh of relief, of course, when it looked like no landfall in the United States was expected. However, all eyes are now on new atmospheric activity rolling off the west coast of Africa. We've had it pretty good since the hellish years of 2004 and 2005 forever replaced our previous complacency with guarded paranoia. And the hurricane season still has a loooong way to go.

    Welcome New Columnist!
    We enthusiastically welcome Corey Castellano, Hollywood Make-up FX maestro, to our stable of writers! Turns out Corey has been nursing some writing ambition for some time now but lacked the time and place to carry it out. I'm delighted to encourage this endeavor during this rare extended break from his seeming never-ending travels.

    Long-time readers may remember the very first Classic From The Vault from 2002, "Musings of a Make-Up Artist", as a Castellano tome. In the new column, Film Biz 101, Corey talks about what it takes to go pro in the film world. Check it out!

    Welcome Back Terence! / New Program Initiated
    OK, well, PCR's music editor Terence Nuzum never actually left, he just took a loooong hiatus. However, when he recently got the inspiration for a new Audio Philes column, I asked if he'd be a guinea pig for my latest mad-scientist machinations concerning this website. He agreed. So this week's Audio Philes is the first column to employ the new PCR content management system written and developed over the past several weeks by yours truly! The system, designed so the writers will be able to upload their own columns independently and easily, is something I've been wanting to do for years, but learning the interactive scripting languages taxed my poor old brain something fierce. We're testing it out fully this week. If there are no complaints and the system seems as stable as it is at the moment, full deployment could likely begin as soon as next week.

    Of course, we'll be keeping to the "house style" of PCR: graphics, navigation, and general font styles won't change, but for example, you'll notice the layout of the Audio Philes article itself may look a little different than something I might've done and I'm OK with that -- Terence, in other words, formatted it himself with the tools provided. Over time, all the writers will be able to do this. Exciting times.

    FANGRRL Delayed For One Week
    Lisa Ciurro contacted me recently about some important personal business that will temporarily take her out of the PCR world for a time, maybe as long as a month or two. HOWEVER, to help ease our pain of being separated, she is sending several columns in advance. That's a real soldier there, people! Thanks, Lisa, and we all hope your upcoming situation turns out for the best.

    Letters To The Editor

    It Came From The PO Box

    Readers' Comments
    The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments shown below begin with the most recent. Thank you.

    Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
    Nolan [28-08-2007 01:14] 
    Ahem...thank you, Flower Child.

    To half mental: Thanks. Yeah all the pictures from the DoubleTree Con turned out really great this time, especially Terence's -- for some reason he's always been hard to capture. But all the pics came out fine.
    Flower Child [27-08-2007 23:57] 
    We love you, Nolan! You are loved!
    half mental [24-08-2007 17:32] 
    The comic con pics are great. First ones that I have seen where TZ does not look stoned. Mr. Lalino is looking very Morrissey in the photos.
    Terence [23-08-2007 19:53] 
    thanks ed! i actually told nolan that "ed tucker is probably the only one who will get anything out my column".
    Michael [23-08-2007 14:36] 
    Not sure about McGuinn but Stephen Stills attended Plant High School. Just an FYI.
    ED [23-08-2007 12:24] 
    Lonnie - I agree with you on Space Academy although I have to admit I liked it more as an adult watching it again.

    Nolan - I don't know about Tampa but I do know that Roger Mcguinn lived in St. Augustine for a while. I saw him in concert there several years ago and he mention living there for a few years in his youth.
    Lonnie Dohlen [23-08-2007 11:59]  
    Ed,I was never a fan of Space Academy myself.I was often bored with the show.I recently saw a trilogy of "Back to the Future" on HBO.There's something Ed can write about.Andy Lalino,there is nothing wrong about your Photo.I've taken worse school photos when I was a Teen.
    Mark [23-08-2007 09:25] 
    Read Corey's article. Finally there is someone on this site who qualified to speak about the industry outside of Tampa.
    Nolan [23-08-2007 08:19] 
    ED, on behalf of Terence who's at work right now, I thank you for the kind words and support. He has always knocked me out with his knowledge of music history. Of course, I agree with you about his Byrds piece (a band that broke up 6 years before Terence was even born!). I'm still hoping that someone can confirm whether McGuinn still lives in the Tampa Bay area or not. I saw a solo acoustic performance by him on a local noontime news show around 20 years ago. He performed a stunning rendition of "Mr. Tambourine Man" that actually moved me to tears.
    ED [23-08-2007 05:03] 
    Terence - you did an excellent job distilling the long and convelluted history of the Byrds into one concise piece. That should be must read material for anyone interested in their music. I have always loved the group although I tend to stick more towards the early and middle years. I have had the good fortune to see various members in concert over the years including the lat Michael Clark twice here in Jacksonville. Good job.
    Terence [22-08-2007 19:07] 
    haha god Andy Blue Harvest haha yeah i wish i owned one of the shirts and hats that were made for the crew. by the way not to correct your column but my copy of Masoluem is fine its Humongous that doesnt play. also we were discussing Harlan Ellison not Heinlein. and the convention was last sunday. that being August not July.
    Psycho Smurf [22-08-2007 18:49] 
    I really love your message board thread about the smurfin' conspiracy at the TFR. It looks like there are a lot of smurfy psycho's out there!
    Stormie [22-08-2007 18:39] 
    The only reason that Hurricane Dean spared Tampa Bay Florida was that the Storm children did not gather on the beaches and pray for the storm to cleanse your land.
    Tampa Bay shall be cleansed by a cat 5 soon, I pray!
    Nolan [22-08-2007 18:25] 
    Andy, you look happy in your picture because I took that shot at the Tampa Comic Con when you were having a blast like we all were. As you recall, I took another shot where you were, like, frowning, and I deleted it on the spot. I can take the name tag off, sure, but you were so proud of it at the time -- it was your "press pass"!

    Roger McGuinn was a resident of Indian Rocks beach in the '80s, yes. I seem to remember our hurricanes drove him off as well as Dawn Wells, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?
    Odds [22-08-2007 17:03] 
    Doesn't Roger McGuinn live here in Tampa Bay? I know he did at one time.
    Odds [22-08-2007 15:26] 
    Hey...Nole, uh...about my picture...

    I look way too happy. God, the least you could do was mask out my Tampa Comic Con name tag! Geez....

    Why can't I rate a cool pic like Ed, Corey or droogie?
    Odds [22-08-2007 15:23] 
    Yeah, great issue Nole. Welcome Corey! Another inmate in the asylum. Ed, your review of "Space Academy" was awesome. I loved the show as a kid, along with "Jason of Star Command" (and Ark II for that matter). I'm going to have to pick up that set. Did the box mention any notable SF writers for the show? David Gerrold wrote some ep's of "Land of the Lost". I'm surprised BCI Eclipse put out the SA set.
    Nolan [22-08-2007 13:50] 
    Also, notice Andy's new pic in his ODDS box! It's from the Doubletree Con.
    We have the makings of another classic issue, gang!
    End of Comments    

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