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Emerald Gowers Sept 4, 27 yrs
Scott Gilbert, Sept 12, 46 yrs
Mike Smith, Sept 16, 47 yrs
John Hooper, Sept 27, 47 yrs
by ED Tucker

DVD Review: "Jason of Star Command:
The Complete Series"
by Mike Smith

The Week That Was

Story photos added!

Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 388  (Vol. 8, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 27--September 2, 2007.

The Fool on the Hill

Also....Readers' Comments

by Mike Smith

"Resurrecting the Champ"

by Corey Castellano

So You Wanna Work in the Movies...

by Andy Lalino

A Comic Book Saturday: Comic World & Comics & Critters Too / Sat. Terrorthon!

It's gotta suck to be Senator Larry Craig right now. The Republican from Idaho was recently arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport men's room June 11th, but on August 8th pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of disorderly conduct, thinking that would make the whole ordeal go away quickly.

But it did not, nor will it. This latest incident, it seems, is not an isolated one. Allegations regarding the Senator's sexual orientation evidently go back over twenty years, despite the fact he's married with children (adopted). After he's outed by an offended target, he publicly announces he's "not gay, nor has ever been gay", nor does he "hit on men." Then goes right back to doing it again.

So, unfortunately for Craig (who, by the way, has always been vehemently against any gay rights including the marriage amendment), the jig is up. After decades of skirting the issue and dodging publicity, an undercover cop's damning report of what happened in a Minneapolis bathroom is likely to cost him his career.

"I shouldn't have pleaded guilty," says Craig. Well, whatever, but that's just for openers, Senator. Besides handing your enemies all they need to depose you, you've now given the very folks you sought to distance yourself from, the gay coalition, in addition to the major media, every reason to expose your hypocrisy worldwide. I hope the sex was worth it.

UPDATE: It was reported Friday that Senator Craig has announced his resignation, effective September 30.

In Other News On The Hill...
I really thought the news of the recent resignation of US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would burn up the Message Board with comments, but so far, it seems to be almost a non-issue.
Letters to the Editor Gonzales follows an ever-increasing number of the Bush cabinet leaping off the Titanic while the gettin's good, like (most recently) Donald Rumsfeld (Defense Secretary last November), Paul Wolfowitz (World Bank President in May), and Karl Rove (Bush's controversial personal advisor earlier this month).

I realize Gonzales has been under investigation over the firings of eight federal prosecutors late last year, and, of course, Bush remained steadfast in his support ("Yer doin' a heck of a job..."), and frankly, I'm surprised he lasted this long, but, I dunno, I figured more of you would be surprised. A message board topic has been started on this topic if anyone wants to chime in.

Readers' Comments

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Nolan [03-09-2007 10:54] 
Wouldn't hurt.
Natalie [03-09-2007 10:35] 
Does Nolan need a hug?
Nolan [03-09-2007 04:31] 
They didn't arrive until Friday, which isn't exactly "early". I understand you were doing the best you could, but the weekend was already upon me, and the pictures needed extensive adjustments which I simply can't guarantee I can get to that late in the week. However, The pics WILL be up by Monday morning (Labor Day).

As the new custom Content Management System continues its roll-out, this sort of situation should be virtually eliminated. Then, 99% of the time, the writers should be be able to upload columns when they can instead of when I can.
Michael [02-09-2007 21:23] 
Who do I have to kill to get some photos in the Rant? :-) I sent them early so you'd have them. Just curious. Sadly, I have no Russian Arm or Leg jokes.
half mental [02-09-2007 18:48] 
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A re-imagining of the classic slasher movie "Halloween" broke the record for a new release during the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday.

The movie, directed by rock star-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie, earned about $26.5 million since opening on Friday, easily beating the rosiest predictions.
Randy [02-09-2007 11:06] 
This plane collision happened in Poland. Watch the video:

http://news.aol.com/story/ar/_a/pilots-k illed-in-air-show-collision/20070902095509990001?n cid=NWS00010000000001
Mark [01-09-2007 20:23] 
Yet Russian Arm and Leg jokes are on topic.
Nolan [01-09-2007 09:44] 
To Mark: I don't delete all your comments, just the ones that have nothing to do with this week's articles or are meant to harrass or both. Accusing me of not wanting to see anyone do well is ludicrous and this is not your personal film update section. Stick to the topics.
ED [31-08-2007 07:13] 
Andy - I am familliar with the green and black artwork you describe but what I have seen is identicle to the art for the original one sheet only the color scheme was chnaged from the original's red/green/white. I have never seen that used on a poster though, only the original pressbook which Ted had a few of.
ED [31-08-2007 05:35] 
Mike - I always stay away from the shops in the casinos because the ridiculous prices they want for this memorabilia makes me sick. There are also plenty of off strip collector's stores that actually have reasonably priced merchandise. There was one shop in the LV Hilton I passed while staying there that had a framed wrapper from the 50's Mars Attacks trading card set. It was cool to look at but I dared not ask the price!
Michael [30-08-2007 17:03] 
ED, we need to coordinate our schedules better. Yes, I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed LOVE. A great blend of music and movement (sounds like a review blurb). Didn't get to the record store but discovered a couple of stores that had some great items for sale, including the gray tunic George Reeves wore while filming the "Superman" television series (only 55 grand). Looking forward to your trip report next week.
cwoods [30-08-2007 16:30] 
Hey Corey, I enjoyed your last two articles. Glad to have you aboard. Look forward to your next article.

Ed, can't wait to read the article on Steckler and Mikels. I do remember a little bit of Jason of Starcommand but not sure if I ever saw a full episode of the series.

Andy, liked the your Comic Book filled article. I have to check out those stores since they're right over here near St. Pete. You should check out the documentary Comic Book Confidential, it's an awesome doc.
Odds [30-08-2007 13:20] 
Hi, Ed,
That's pretty funny about the "Ark II" nose! A good memory from that show was the flying rocket-pack. That's great news about Steckler. I recall you mentioning he had some health issues a while back.

I'll double-check my "Astro Zombies" poster when I get home, but I swear it's artwork I've never seen before. It's neither the "melting skull" nor the more expertly-done "red skull w/machete". It's a very simple, 2-color design (green & blk. on white) and does have a skull. Mike said Mikels paid $200 buck for the artwork! I'll follow up.
Russian Leg [30-08-2007 12:45] 
I get no respect ...
Mark [30-08-2007 10:54] 
In reply to Corey's IMDb comment thats cool. I thought the discussion from Drew a while back said IMDb means nothing. Of course, I think otherwise.
Mark [30-08-2007 10:52] 
Ed Tell Ray Steckler Mark Terry says Hello. I almost stopped by there when I was in Vegas at the beginning of the month. The film we did with him is now all over the internet which is called Visions of Horror. Love how Nolan deletes a joke I put up but someone says something about a Russian Arm and he leaves it
ED [30-08-2007 09:48] 
Andy - Ark II is available from BCI/Eclipse in a box set of the complete series. You may not have noticed but the nose portion of the Ark was used as the front section of the Space Academy shuttles! Nothing like recycling to save a few bucks!

Ray Stecker and Ted Mikels are both doing very well. Ray looks the best I have seen him in years and I will share all my stories in the next couple of weeks. Which version of the Astro Zombies poster did you get? The original has a sort of melted skull motif and the 71 reissue has some incredible pulp art graphics of an Astro Zombie. I consider that 2nd poster to be one of the coolest ever made.
Paul Guzzo [30-08-2007 09:47] 
BTW .. I don't write commercials (it kinds sound like that). I write for publications. Pete works in the commercial production industry.
Paul Guzzo [30-08-2007 09:46] 
Enjoyed the columns Corey! My brother and I always say how lucky we feel here in Tampa with our careers. Though we don't make enough money in the film industry to pay for Taco Bell on a regular basis, we do both make our living souly in our respective creative fields - myself writing and Pete directing and producing commercials. Anyone who can make a living in their creative field should count their blessings.
Corey [30-08-2007 08:11] 
I will concede that there is a VAST amount of film RELATED work available but I was referring to actual on-set production personnel working IN THE FILM INDUSTRY, not commercials, not print, etc. Also, while the argument can be made that it is possible to make a living off of the film industry (lawyers, et.) it doesn't make you part of the process, which is what I was referring to.
BTW I work in LA quite a bit (check IMDB) but I choose to stay in Florida whenever possible since that's where my family is.
Odds [30-08-2007 06:34] 
How are Mr.'s Mikels and Steckler doing? I wish them both well. My friend Mike Wilbur, who I mentioned in this week's Oddservations about the Sat. Terrorthon, met Mikels not too long ago in Vegas and gave me a signed "Astro Zombies" poster!

Mike lives in Phoenix and has decent access to Vegas and the west coast horror conventions.
Odds [30-08-2007 06:30] 
Nice piece on "Jason of Star Command". Guess that's another DVD I'll add to my "buy it now!" list. I keep forgetting the yung 'uns like droogie probably have never heard of the show, unless they were browsing the web for '70s Sat. morning shows or thumbing through old issues of Starlog. I forgot Jimmy Doohan was in it, but I remember Sid Haig. Great show!

Sci-fi was just so unbelievably great in the '70s. God, I miss the modelmaking, matte paintings, stop-motion and hand-painted movie posters in the days before Photoshop and Pixxar.

Do you know if "Ark II" is available on DVD?
Russian Arms Dealer [30-08-2007 06:23] 
There are plenty of jobs for me!
ED [30-08-2007 05:11] 
Mike - I was just in Vegas last week. The Love show was blacked out while I was there so I missed it. As much as I love the Beatles music, I wasn't all that thrilled about watching a bunch of guys jumping around in tights (no matter what stunts they are doing) so it didn't break my heart. I did check out the Beatles store at the Mirage and the Revolution lounge. If you get a chance, there is an awesome record store about two miles from the strip on Sahara. I also hooked up with Ray Steckler, Ted Mikels, and an actress from Blood of Dracula's Castle. All of this will be covered in Retrorama starting next week.
Mark [29-08-2007 22:25] 
entertainment lawyers, assistants and so on. There are so many jobs out here directly and indirectly associated with the business its ridiculous.
Mark [29-08-2007 22:24] 
From Corey's article: "This is simply because the film industry is relatively small and jobs are few and sometimes far between."

I agree the the industry is a small community but Jobs are not few and far between. Corey must be spending more time in Florida than LA. I sit in a Denny's in Culver City and every day I hear people behind me talking about the business. Sure if you are some type of wanna be visionary and have to be the writer/director of everything you do jobs are limited but over all thats just simply not true. The car commercial industry itself is pretty big alone. FX, Distribution, wardrobe, props, entertainment lawye
terence [29-08-2007 20:35] 
Hey ed. Jason of Starcommand looks interesting. never heard of it though i guess it was never syndicated of reran later. p.s. i got the dvd in the mail today thanks!
Nolan [29-08-2007 19:44] 
Mike, Andy, thanks! I just noticed the homepage link to Andy's "Odds" column was broken for several hours due to a miscode -- my sincere apologies. It has since been repaired.
Michael [29-08-2007 15:46] 
sorry, that should be "one" broadcaster. damn hotel key boards.
Michael [29-08-2007 15:45] 
Hello everyone from sunny Las Vegas! The weather is warm and I am still on the high that is the Cirque de Soleil Beatles themed show "LOVE." Should be a photo filled Rant this week, but look for it Friday morning.

Poor Larry Craig. I heard on broadcaster say he attributed his constant touching of the foot of the cop in the other stall to his having a "wide stance." I'm sure it is!
Odds [29-08-2007 14:41] 
Hey, Nole,
I love your opening line: "It's gotta suck to be Senator Larry Craig right now."

I'm sure he does.
Nolan [29-08-2007 14:34] 
This week's Oddservations is the second column to use the new customized content management system I've been working hard to develop for PCR. (Last week's Audio Philes was the first.) I think we're on a roll! All the new columns are great gang, keep up the great work!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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