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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 390  (Vol. 8, No. 37). This edition is for the week of September 10--16, 2007.

"The Brave One"
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region, Part Four
Book Review: The Swap by Antony Moore
Loose in Las Vegas: Ted Mikels Update

Ray Bradbury at 87 .... VHS Grindhouse: The Undying Monster
Goals, Part 1
Maybe He Can Room With Hinckley .... Just A Coincidence .... Finally .... Passing On

Also....PCR Upgrade Progress Report
           Petraeus / Betray Us
           Britney's Meltdown
           Readers' Comments

We here at Nolan's Pop Culture Review acknowledge the anniversary of that most reviled of days that has come to be known simply as "9/11", a day that changed all our lives forever.
Regardless of personal politics, it is only right and fair to further acknowledge and support the efforts of our fighting soldiers overseas to combat the menace of terrorism. I only hope this nightmare can be ended soon with real progress having been made toward that end. ---Nolan B. Canova

PCR Upgrade Progress Report
As you can see from the new writer nav-bar setup at right, I've been very busy continuing with the streamlining and re-tooling of PCR. As of this writing, Filmlook, FANGRRL, Film Biz 101, and Paul Guzzo's Indie Film News (pop-out window at left under the birthdays) have been successfully converted over to the new enhanced Content Management system, joining This Week's Movie Review, The Audio Philes, and Oddservations finished over the past two weeks. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that the new Movie Review and FANGRRL column links "blinked" into existence overnight, even while the rest of PCR is still under construction (and I was at work). That's how it's supposed to function and eventually all columns will "blink" into their host boxes as soon as the writers upload them.

Petraeus / Betray Us?
Even I am not so left-wing as to besmirch the reputation of General Petraeus. I believe what he says. I don't agree with it, of course. But to say he's Bush's toadie is going a little too far for me.

Britney's Meltdown
I know I'm going to get sh*t even bringing up the name Britney Spears, but she is a pop culture icon and though I don't see the need to dwell on her every social faux pas, I can't help but bring up her still-born "Comeback" performance at Sunday night's Video Music Awards.

I saw the recording on YouTube. Simply put, she was awful. Bored, out of shape, walking through the dance number, barely moving at all. Apparently she decided that instead of rehearsing, she'd rather hang out and party with the likes of P. Diddy and Chriss Angel. When she hit the stage, she was a cross between being petrified and, well, stoned or something.

She's big enough to recover from this, but not without an explanation of some sort ot her fans. That's about all I have on that.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! Comments posted below start with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
terence [18-09-2007 09:04] 
paul i think we need to start a novel and book thread on the boards haha
Paul Guzzo [18-09-2007 06:04] 
BTW ... yesterday was Kesey's birthday. He'd be 72.
Paul Guzzo [18-09-2007 05:41] 
Maggie Cassidy for me (I know that is an odd choice, though).... but I just love his writing style in that book. The Original Scolls was just released, though ... I haven't started it and won't for a few weeks, but will tell ya if it's worth buying when I read it.
terence [18-09-2007 04:30] 
personally i liked The Dharma Bums more than On The Road.
Paul Guzzo [17-09-2007 21:24] 
Just purchased On The Road the Original Scroll ... I'm aroused just thinking about opening the book to read it...
Indie Film Savior [17-09-2007 10:36] 
I foresee that the Tampa Bay region will become a major player in the movie industry. I see what is coming, and it is good.
Professionals who are not making films right now will step in and take the lead, making a difference and helping to put the Tampa Bay indie film community on the map.
This has been foretold, and it shall come to pass!
Corey [17-09-2007 09:19] 
Let me start by saying that I'm unfamiliar with most of your writings so I'm trusting Nolan to alert me if I'm covering familiar territory. Regarding the unfortunate similarity in our graphics... I assure you that it is unintentional.
As to the rest: While I agree that Florida is FAR from being a major player, you seem to be applying YOUR goals as a standard of judgement. Goals are extremely individual things, if someone's goal is to live in Tampa and work on major motion pictures it's a valid goal and can be done. Similarly, if someone’s goal is to produce the best "Shot On A Camcorder for Free" Indie films possible IN Tampa, then that is a valid goal as well.
CAPassinault [15-09-2007 20:44] 
I saw the same video on an iPhone commercial and was wondering what it was. Regarding the one-take video, I was visualizing a camera on a light crane until the 360 arc and the spin came into the picture. I'd love to see the rig that they used to do this- Probaby a lightweight camera attached to a rotating head and suspended from a circular track on the ceiling rigging via a remote boom.
The dancers weren't the only ones that were choregraphed. The camera was choreographed, too.
terence [15-09-2007 14:10] 
here it is

Terence [15-09-2007 14:09] 
well now if you think that video is amazing Paul then this one will blow your mind. all one take and backwards.
Paul Guzzo [15-09-2007 11:32] 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8Z-DIAthbM - wanted to share this music video. My buddy told me about it. I've seen it on TV as part of an Ipod commercial ... what is amazing about it is that it's shot with one camera and one take. Really .. it's F'n amazing to watch when you know this fact. Any filmmaker who watches this and isn't aroused is crazy.
Mark [14-09-2007 19:54] 
I totally agree with Corey's article about making realistic goals. I used to always say that in Middle Toe. I think a realistic goal for indie film makers is the straight to video market. Its basically a carbon copy of what I have been talking about all this time. Even his banner is similar to middle toe...hahaha However, I would add one unpopular comment to his article. To obtain realistical goals in this industry you have to be in a major market. Tampa and Florida in general is just not getting it done.
That PassinaultGuy [14-09-2007 15:54] 
Thanks, Andy, for the purchase alert. I might have to snag that DVD set.
I have to meet a client, so I won't be able to go to the TFR tonight. It has been a busy week, but the pay has been kind to me. Did a shoot this morning, and it went well.
At the rate that I am going, once my sales team is in place and working, I will have an HD camera, set gear, and a new Mac Pro workstaion w/ Final Cut and 3 Terabaytes of storage in no time.
Odds [14-09-2007 09:06] 
Just wanted everyone to know I updated Oddservations with a Tune-In Alert to watch Off-Beat Cinema tonight (Friday).

The feature this week is "Blonde in Bondage" (1957), hosted by the Beatniks known as Maxwell Truth, Zelda, and Bird. Taped at the Hungry Ear Coffee House in Buffalo, NY.

Last week's feature was "Destroy All Planets" starring Gamera!
Odds [14-09-2007 07:29] 
PURCHASE ALERT: I was in that pig sty of a store they call "Wal-Mart", and found a bin of $5.00 DVD sets, one which was interesting that I bought:
"Cult Classics" featuring 20 movies from the '30s and '40s. Lots of phony anti-drug/sex movies incl. "Reefer Madness", "Sex Madness", "Marihuana", "She Should'a Said No" (God, I love that title!) and a few non-roadshow movies: "The Terror of Tiny Town", "Oomo Oomo the Shark God" and "Chained for Life".

This, as far as I'm concerned is a must-own. The most current film in the collection, I believe, is from 1949.
Odds [14-09-2007 07:22] 
Ed, loved your travelouge to Ted V. Mikel's place. His new "boxed set" looks pretty good. I've never seen "Blood Orgy of the She-Devils" or "The Doll Squad", so I'm thinking about picking this up. Absolutely loved "The Corpse Grinders" (which I own as a gorgeous vintage edition VHS in a plastic box!!), and look forward to seeing the sequel.
Odds [14-09-2007 07:16] 
Hi, Lisa, so glad you're feeling and doing better - that is indeed awesome and incredible - keep it up! Been enjoying your book reviews. God, I wish I had more time to read. I was telling Nolan I exercise for an hour every day, but I usually watch my cult movies while I do it. I figure why sit on a couch and watch a movie when you can do something good for yourself? I'll have to break up that routine with a good book.
ED [14-09-2007 07:11] 
LATER premiered around the same time as MH,MH. It didn't last long at all though. I only wathced it once or twice and don't recall it being very funny. I think it was about a guy going through a divorce and they tried to make is a make centered version on MH, MH. My favorite parts of Fernwood/America Tonight was when Jim Varney (Ernest) would come on as a red neck inverntory. I remember he had a battery powered car on one show that ran on 2000 D cell batteries! Unfortunately one was bad so he couldn't get it to start!
Odds [14-09-2007 07:07] 
I also do remember "America Tonight", but for some reason can't recall "LATER, the Life and Times of Eddie Roberts".
Odds [14-09-2007 07:05] 
Hi, Ed, thanks for verifying the title of "The Prisoner of Cell Block H". I certainly do remember "Fernwood Tonight". and am a big fan of the show, Martin Mull, and Fred Willard. I'm pretty sure in stating that "Fernwood Tonight" was a spinoff of MH, MH. Looking back on it, I have to say MH, MH; The Prisoner of Cell Block H, and Fernwood Tonight marked a very bizarre (but wonderfully fun) late-night milestone for Tampa Bay television. I recall my mother liking both MH, MH and "Cell Block H". She was (and still is) a night owl and soap opera fan.
Michael [14-09-2007 05:18] 
Judith Ivey took the news much better, with a smile and an autograph that ended "Thanks for the crush!" Now to confess to Susan and Catherine! I've actually met Catherine Zeta-Jones and was too dumbstruck to say anything but hello. The woman is flawless - except for Michael Douglas of course.
Michael [14-09-2007 05:16] 
Andy, Mary Kay Place was on "MH,MH" as was Debralee Scott, who died a couple of years ago in Florida. Yes, there is something about Judith Ivey that I still find very attractive. For those who aren't familiar with her, Judith Ivey was Gene Wilder's wife in "The Woman in Red," and the mother in "Brighton Beach Memoirs" among other films. I've been lucky enough to confess my crushes to both Jodie and Judith. I met Jodie when she was filming "Home for the Holidays" in Baltimore. Very nice but she gave me a weird look when I told her the "Freaky Friday" crush story. Of course, this was after Hinckley so who knows what she was
Nolan [14-09-2007 03:16] 
Lisa, consider your Gold Star on the way! Thanks for everything. As for the "100 questions", no problem at all, I'm expecting a lot of that from everybody during this transition period. I'm only about halfway done with everyone's new web interface, so I encourage all PCR writers to write me about any tech-talk questions. But so far....it's going pretty good.
Lisa [14-09-2007 02:49]  
Andy -- Nice piece about Ray Bradbury. I missed that article in the paper, so I'm glad you wrote about it.

Nolan -- GREAT job on the formatting stuff. It looks great! Do I get a gold star for being the first one to turn in her column this week? Probably not, considering I emailed out about 100 times to ask questions and trouble-shoot.

RE: Britney -- Yes, she's a low-talent, white-trash has-been who tried to make a comeback without being prepared, but I wouldn't call her out of shape. She looked pretty good for having popped out two kids in the last couple of years.
Lisa [14-09-2007 02:42]  
Will -- Glad to see you back at the keyboard. Nice article! I recently received a copy of a book called "Waiting for Agnes" by Joe Bullard. It's a novel "inspired by the true story of Coral Castle" which is in Homestead, FL. Apparently, it's made out of over 1,100 tons of coral stone and no one can figure out how the guy moved the stones. It's got pictures of the stone furniture, moon dial, etc... Sounds like something you might be interested in.
Nolan [13-09-2007 20:47] 
Andy, my first reaction is that Fernwood Tonight followed Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman in those halcyon days of CH 44. Perhaps Prisoner followed that, I don't quite remember. And any time The Outer Limits was on was a red-letter day!
ED [13-09-2007 18:28] 
I remember Prisoner of Cell Block H that was an Australian soap opra about a women's prison. It seemed pretty adult to me as a 10 year old kid. They also showed Fernwood Tonight, America Tonightm and some short lived show called LATER, The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts. At midnight 44 would show the Outer Limits during the week over the summer and I would sneak out to watch it!
Odds [13-09-2007 13:26] 
Hi, Lonnie,
You're probably right. Debralee Scott was also in a great Canadian horror comedy called "Pandemonium" (aka "Thursday the 12th"). Didn't she pass on?

I know Mary Kay Place was in MH, MH. Didn't they used to air MH, MH on Channel 44 at 11pm on weeknights? I remember my parents wouldn't let me watch it...not that it was a show for guys anyway. What was the name of the show that aired afterwards? It was about a women's prison! Was it "The Prisoner in Cell Block H" or something?
Lonnie Dohlen [13-09-2007 13:14]  
Andy,I thought it was Debralee Scott in Mary Hartman,Mary Hartman that she was a castmember from 1976-78
Odds [13-09-2007 12:45] 
...You had a crush on Judith Ivey? Priceless! Was she ever a cast member of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"? I sometimes get her confused with Mary Kay Place.

I'm a Jodie Foster fan - she's a '70s icon.
Nolan [13-09-2007 11:53] 
Terrific pics in this week's La Floridiana and Retrorama, guys!
Nolan [13-09-2007 11:20] 
He made it! Thanks, Corey, for the new Film Biz 101 article "Goals, Part 1". Well done, as always.

And a belated thank you to PCR sweetheart Lisa Ciurro as she continues her amazing recovery! Her book review of The Swap was actually the first PCR feature to appear this week.
Nolan [13-09-2007 11:14] 
I saw that! Excellent. Thanks, Paul. And you're right: LOTS happening!
Paul Guzzo [13-09-2007 09:44] 
New Film News is uploaded. A lot going on.
Odds [13-09-2007 09:41] 
Is it too much to ask that Crazed Fanboy remain princess-free?
Nolan [13-09-2007 09:24] 
Ahh....Andy's "dark side", eh? Well, I can see Menudo albums if they go back to the '80s, don't think the post-'87 Britney floats his boat, haha.
paul guzzo [13-09-2007 07:36] 
Who else thinks Andy actually owns a Britney poster and dances around his house listning to Manudo?
Odds [13-09-2007 06:49] 
Re: Britney and her meltdown video

* Sigh *
Nolan [13-09-2007 03:53] 
Chris, yeah, I saw that video. The young gay guy is an actor with a MySpace page full of pics and vids, BUT he told TMZ (or some similar outfit) that his crying rant on Britney was for real (although it was his "second take" that made it onto YouTube, snark snark).
Chris [12-09-2007 23:41] 
Regarding Britney and her meltdown, some crazed gay fanboy posted a video blog defending her. This was featured on TMZ, and the major networks have been running it.
T his is funny, sad, and f-ed up at the same time! I easily consider it to be the craziest thing that I have seen on the Internet.
Terence [12-09-2007 20:22] 
yeah that one is great. but my favorite is the Exiles.
Paul Guzzo [12-09-2007 18:56] 
That's funny ... Illustrated Man is on my coffeetable right now. I've been reading it for a week ... The alien Jesus story is one of the great short stories ever written.
Terence [12-09-2007 18:35] 
yeah i saw that Bradbury article too. i was more surprised he was alive. coincidently i am reading The Illustrated Man right now. i bought it with Martian Chronicles and The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction. the latter two i will read next.
Nolan [12-09-2007 17:05] 
Andy -- THANKS! Well done.
Nolan [12-09-2007 17:04] 
Paul -- understood. Keep me abreast.
Odds [12-09-2007 13:56] 
4:35pm - Oddservations uploaded, Captain Canova.

paul guzzo [12-09-2007 13:27] 
Sorry Nolan ... I need a few more weeks before the column makes a comeback. Bunkered down in heavy writing for the documentary. My brain is fried. Gimme a few more weeks ... sorry.
Nolan [12-09-2007 11:43] 
Good start to the week, boys & girls! Some excellent articles up. Andy? You out there? Haven't heard a peep re: Odds. (Glad to see you on the board, tho.) Paul & Corey are allegedly writing this week as well. Reminder: TFR THIS FRIDAY.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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