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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 391  (Vol. 8, No. 38). This edition is for the week of September 17--23, 2007.

The Tampa Film Review for September by Nolan Canova and Chris Woods
"3:10 to Yuma"
Book Review: Rant by Chuck Palahniuk
Loose In Las Vegas: Ray Steckler Update

Movie Premiere: Secrets of a Medicine Man Documentary
Reviewing a Reviewer: The Story Behind Bob Ross
Ocean's 14 .... Barry Bonds .... Sid Won't be There .... No Shadow Puppets This Year .... She Was So Drunk (How Drunk Was She?) .... Bond. James Bond .... Whatever Happened To -- ? Chapter 28: George Dzundza
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This is one of those weeks where I'm missing a day off I'm used to having, time is of the essence, and sleep-deprivation becomes all too familar territory. So this week's "early edition" frontpage will be "short and sweet" (as Mike says) until at least Thursday.

New O.J. book, "If I Staged a Robbery", follow-up to the best-selling, "If I Did It". Just kidding.

I don't have much to say about this piece of sh*t except the following:

After a bungled "sting" operation he himself arranged to steal back sports memorabilia he says was stolen from him first, he's charged with: kidnapping, robbery with use of a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon, coercion with use of a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime.

And he's out on $125,000 bail. His old lawyer, Johnny Cochran, is dead. This could get very interesting.

Apparently the poor dear suffers from an eating disorder, but it's not clear if it happened before or after her disastrous MTV appearance. The Brit / K-Fed custody battle heats up as charges of her unfit-mother-ness fly in court.

Phil Spector
Another surprise in the Phil Spector murder trial as jurors deadlocked on the verdict of second degree murder for the 2003 shooting of Lana Clarkson (the defense says she killed herself). Rather than declare a mistrial, the judge reconsidered offering the jury the option to convict of involuntary manslaughter which he'd previously made unavailable. The beat goes on...

We Welcome New Sponsor: Castel Bantuit
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CAPassinault [24-09-2007 20:22] 
Yes, Paul, I did happen to watch the entire Familay Guy Star Wars special on Sunday. It was really, really funny. I am suprised that they made a parody of the entire movie in an hour.
They made that pedophile old man freak Kenobi. LOL.
Family Guy is one of the funniest shows on TV.
Paul Guzzo [24-09-2007 12:01] 
Humor? I was serious.... Ben Kenobi was a BAMF! Anyone see Family Guy's Star Wars on Sunday?!?! HA! HILARIOUS!
Odds [24-09-2007 07:20] 
Lisa, "Rant" sounds like a fascinating book...and might I add very Cronenberg-ish. Though, I should add Cronenberg is side-stepping away from horror and is poised to be one of the best drama/thriller directors of modern times with his new film. But, I expect him to return to horror soon, and in any event, his work is usually horror-friendly and appealing to fans albeit the genre.

Ed, loved the Steckler piece!!! I'm thinking about ordering the "Thrill Killers"/"Mixed-Up Zombies" 2-pack! You know, I've never see either film. What about "Rat Pfink and Boo-Boo"?
Odds [24-09-2007 06:26] 
I'm not sure if you get the great Game Show Network, but they air "Match Game" several times a day! I'm an addict and I watch them whenever I can. I'm the anti-BranJo in that I ingest as much '70s as I can, even though I've seen many of the "Match Game" episodes when they first aired. If I were a "fanboy" like BranJo, I'd probably be doing cartwheels as I learned 'Whoopi Goldberg' or 'Drew Carey' are taking over for The Price is Right/Bob Barker. Sickeningly sad. I love all those old '70s game shows.
Nolan [24-09-2007 01:28] 
Andy, according to the IMDB, Orson Bean is alive and still kickin' at 79 years old! That's wonderful.
I agree what an tremendous impact game shows had in the past. The Match Game, Password, To Tell The Truth and a few others actually built and/or saved careers. (I refer that description to the depressing "where has-been actors' careers go to die". It's neither entirely accurate nor fair.) The original Jeopardy only featured celebs on occasional specials, much like today. Still a ground-breaking show, of course! I won't even get started on The Hollywood Squares, haha.
I remember Brett Sommers from the '70s version of The Match Game.
BTW, the original Match Game from the '60s had one of the greatest little theme songs around and is one of the first I learned to play on guitar. The now-un-PC cigarette ads' music tracks were cool, too, but that's a topic for another day.
Nolan [24-09-2007 01:18] 
Thanks, CAP. I removed one post entirely and modified the others merely to tone them down. I was out when you called, but I figured this was what it was about. Don't worry about it, but next time please try and wait a few minutes to calm down before posting!
CAPassinault [23-09-2007 20:43] 
LOL.. Good one, Paul. Thanks for the infusion of much-needed humor. Actually, I went back and read Brandon's post after I posted the last two. Looks like I went off on him over nothing. I will contact Nolan and have the last few posts removed.
Paul Guzzo [23-09-2007 20:34] 
I'm sorry, but the last person anyone wants to mess with is Obi Wan Kenobi ... even if you strike him down, he becomes more powerful! How can you beat a man like that?!?!
CAPassinault [23-09-2007 20:13] 
Do I have to defend myself from everyone who questions me? No. I don't have to prove myself to anyone. You do whatever it is that you do. I'm going to make a difference.
Odds [23-09-2007 20:13] 
Mike, it was so sad to hear about Brett Somers. I originally found out online. I'm a Match Game fanatic and she was a great part of the show. Now, I say all the big show names have passed: Rayburn, Reilley, Somers. and Dawson. God, is Orson Bean left???
Odds [23-09-2007 20:09] 
Hi, Mike, nice mention of George Dzundza. It's funny because I was just watching the 1980(?) film "Honky Tonk Freeway" on FLIX, and he's real young in it. He was also memorable in "Basic Instinct" but surprisingly lousy in "Species 2", not that it wasn't a damned silly movie to begin with.
Brandon [23-09-2007 17:20] 
Done a little "homework" so what is your work exactly?

I found a great, flashy array of web links and sites describing a whole of stuff with little to no substance. You are critical of GFF etc....and have a strong opinion that is no more of an attack that my attempts to learn what you have done.

You make critical comments and claims and I'm sure you have good intentions yet in life, we are judged by results not our intenttions.
Mark [22-09-2007 15:11] 
The reason I say it doesn't speak too highly of Tampa is because here we have a guy who has been writing forever in the area and has done reviews for local guys as well. The Tampa Trib fires his position to use a wire review and go more coperate. We need reviers (on this national level) like this locally. In areas where there is major business you wouldnt see something like this happen. Just proof that this paper has no dedication to the arts. Thats my take on it.
CAPassinault [22-09-2007 03:48] 
What have I done? A hell of a lot in many different industries. I have not done a lot in indie film as a filmmaker yet due to my work with my other businesses and an overall lack of filmmaking equipment, but I went to school to learn filmmaking and have a lot of television, acting, and filmmaking experience.
My credentials will become apparent as soon as I start making films. Oh, and ask Chris Woods, Nolan, and the others - Everything that I have claimed I can back up, and everything that I have done to help out, such as photography and referring talent, has been exactly as I have claimed.
You should do your homework before you ask.
Brandon [21-09-2007 17:24] 
Not to sound like an ass...but exactly what have you done Passinault? I hear the ramblings and the professional troubleshooter -- what's the resume? I don't mean as attacking as it may sound, I just don't think I know anything about your work.
paul guzzo [21-09-2007 06:08] 
Actually, he is judge Nolan .... Nolan was a judge for the Gasparilla Fest. Anyway, I agree with Nolan, let's keep it to emails or the message board. I apologize Nolan. I would still enjoy hearing what the festival did to discourage you. If it is a lack of local films, as I did last year, I will point out we accepted more local films percentage-wise than the other film fests in Tampa.
Nolan [21-09-2007 04:47] 
"Judge Nolan". Haha. I apologize if it seems I attacked you, I didn't, but your stated case of unprofessionalism could've been made once. Early on this was obviously a diatribe against the Gasparilla Film Festival! I encourage you to contact them directly.
The repetitive previous posts between you and me that formerly occupied this spot have been deleted.
CAPassinault [21-09-2007 04:28] 
Nolan- What? I beg your pardon? WHAT?!?!
I don't know how deep you are looking into my opinion, but I haven't attacked anyone. This is also the second time that you have stated that I have to "improve" my case or professional image. Whatever. Who in the hell are you supposed to be? Judge Nolan?
Nolan [20-09-2007 22:59] 
To CAPassinault: Knock it off. I mean it. If you're sincere about improving the GFF, write to Paul directly. These repeated assaults on the Comment section are not improving your image of professionalism.

To Mark: I'm afraid you've lost me, too, about how Paul's article "doesn't speak too highly of Tampa". It had to do with corporate politics and the Tribune's downsizing, which is happening nation wide.

To ED: That's wild about the Halloween version you saw. Thanks for posting about it. If you get to finish watching it, please post about your final assessment!
ED [20-09-2007 17:01] 
On a different topic, I just found a screener of the new Halloween that has been floating around. I haven't watched the whole thing yet but it has a completely different ending than the theatrical version. In the screener, after Michael pulls Laurie from the car, Loomis talks him into letting her go and he evens drops his knife! At that exact moment, Sheriff Brad Dourif and his men show up and blast the bejezus out of Michael while Loomis screams at them to stop. The film ends with Loomis starring down at Michaels bullet ridden corpse and a pan out. I am very curious to watch this version in it's entirity now.
Paul Guzzo [20-09-2007 14:08] 
Well, I am on the board, so I will echo Lisa - feel free to email me about where you believe we fell short and who treated you unprofessionally and perhaps we can remedy the situation. If we want a great film fest in Tampa, we need public input. Otherwise, we'll just be spinning out wheels forever - paulguzzo@hotmail.com

CAPassinault [20-09-2007 14:08] 
I will support the TFN, TFR, and the indie film community, as I always have, BUT unless the GFF proves itself to me and to my associates, they will never obtain our support. As a matter of fact, I am looking at introducing competition which would bring a certain farce to its knees. The only reason that this hasn't happended yet is because I have been busy running businesses, but a market upset is coming.
Paul and Lisa, please do not take this as a personal attack. It is not. Am I the only one who will say that the leader is naked in their invisible robes? Wake up and open your eyes!
CAPassinault [20-09-2007 13:52] 
Oh, and IMHO, I do feel that the cliques and the buddy-buddy politics in the Tampa indie film community is highly unprofessional. What some lack in business-sense, they make up for in power-mongering.
This is not aimed at you or anyone else in particular, but it is a professional observation. It is professional to weight things out and to be selective on who you associate with in any industry, but only after you give someone the respect to hear them out and evaluate what they have to say and their professional references first. To blindly go forth without taking anyone's input into consideration is unprofessional.
CAPassinault [20-09-2007 13:47] 
Paul, I do not feel that I have been snubbed, as it seems that many professionals are very, very, very supportive of what I do and what I plan to do. For example, I always seem to have all of the best actors on my roster. Audition? Who needs to, especially when I can simply refer a qualified, talented professional actor straight into the lead role.

Anyway, my professional opinion regarding the FLAWS of the GFF is not biased or jaded by any perception of feelings of rejection. I simply call things as I see them, and right, or wrong, it is my professional opinion.
Paul Guzzo [20-09-2007 11:40] 
Fay Grim was one of the worst films ever made ... WOW! Just awful. But yes, Purgatory House was awesome, as was Say I Do and Immaculate Misconception, all three of which found distribution after the fest. This is why multiple film fests in our city rocks - I saw those great films in Tampa, then went to Sun Screen in St. Pete and saw Last Stop for Paul and Darius Goes West, neither of which submitted their films to Gasparilla.
Lisa [20-09-2007 11:31] 
oops, got cut off --

...not trying to support the local film scene. As far as the fest's main goal, I mean.

I saw some horrible films at GFF -- "Fay Grim" made me want to stick a sharpened pencil in my ear. But I also saw some wonderful, amazing films -- like "Purgatory House" -- that I wouldn't have encountered otherwise. That's what I love about film fests.

*stepping off soapbox*
Lisa [20-09-2007 11:26] 
CAP -- I would be interested in more details on the questionable tactics you've encountered. (Perhaps a conversation best held offline?) I volunteered for the GFF, so I've only looked at the fest from one viewpoint. But I'm sincerely interested in what you're talking about.

As far as supporting the Tampa indie scene...this will probably re-open this particular can of worms, but as far as I know, the Gasparilla Film Fest wasn't created for that purpose. I know there were some misunderstandings in the local film community about that, but it's a film fest, pure and simple...trying to bring money and stars to Tampa...not support loca
Lisa [20-09-2007 11:15] 
Mark -- Newspapers around the country have recently laid off scores of book, TV and film critics, among other writers. It's not a reflection of Tampa as much as a statement about the troubles of the newspaper industry.
Paul [20-09-2007 11:13] 
Welp, we can't all be as supportive as you are Chris ...
paul guzzo [20-09-2007 11:11] 
And the documentary filmmakers who attended I spoke with all told me that Gasparilla had one of the best lineups of documentaries at a festival they'd seen. It was actually an honor to win Best Documentary at Gasparilla. There was very stiff competition. Every filmmaker from out of town had a great time - some have even helped us raise money for this year's fest, which RARELY happens. I thought it was a great success. Plus, we accomplished out greatest goal - from our first meeting, our number one goal was to snub someone at a TFN meeting.
CAP [20-09-2007 11:11] 
Andy should launch the second Horror and Hotties film fest just before GFF. Regardless of the timing, I would support his fun festival with all of my resources.
CAPassinault [20-09-2007 11:10] 
Paul.... Please do not take my remarks as an attack. It is not. It's just that I do not feel that the GFF properly supports the Tampa indie film scene, and I still find their tactics questionable. I tend to call things as I see them, and right or wrong, it is my professional opinion.

Lisa, you make some great points. I will say that the one thing that I was impressed with with the GFF was their marketing / graphic / web design. The rest was the same old boring whatever.
Lisa [20-09-2007 11:05] 
I don't think the Gasparilla Film Festival was a failure. Far from it....They accomplished more in one year -- as far as funding, sponsorship, quality graphic/web design, media -- than some other local film festivals did in several years.
paul guzzo [20-09-2007 10:52] 
Wow ...
CAP [20-09-2007 10:46] 
I had assumed that the GFF was a failure last year and that they would simply go away.
CAPassinault [20-09-2007 10:44] 
Ooh..... The Gasparilla Film Festival is making another attempt at executing their festival?
Must... Do... Research...
No offense Paul, and I am not fighting with you, but I still have issues with those people.
I hate politics.
paul guzzo [20-09-2007 07:20] 
Film News is updated.
paul guzzo [20-09-2007 07:19] 
Why is that? I'm guessing because the Trib didn't want a film reviewer, but please don't judge Tampa by that crappy Republican rag. St. Pete Times and Creative Loafing still has reviewers, though Creative Loafing is on my sh!t list for AGAIN trashing the Gasparilla Film Fest ... uhh... yeah ... could this be because their film critic's wife's fest lost all funding?
Mark [19-09-2007 21:46] 
Interesting article Paul. Doesnt speak too highly of Tampa.
Lisa [19-09-2007 18:42]  
Andy -- Nice piece about the Secrets of a Medicine Man screening. I like your thoroughness. I wasn't able to attend, so I was thrilled to read your write-up here.
Lisa [19-09-2007 18:37]  
Paul -- GREAT interview with Bob Ross. Nicely done.
Nolan [19-09-2007 13:14] 
Sorry I couldn't get the Tampa Film Review article up today (Wed). Totally exhausted and no time left. HOWEVER, the reviews will be up by Thursday noon, guaranteed.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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