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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 395  (Vol. 8, No. 42). This edition is for the week of October 15--21, 2007.

"Gone Baby Gone"
"The Tampa Film Review for October" by Nolan Canova, Terence Nuzum, Chris Passinault and Chris Woods

Getting Started
Terror in Orlando haunted house, Hallows Point premiere
“I Was a Teenage Blood Slave! - The Tricia Anderson Story”

Tell Me Again Why I Want A Bigscreen TV?
Passing On Part 1 .... Passing On Part 2: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersien... .... Too Bad He's Still Alive .... Welcome To The Hall .... Movie Notes .... Nobody Had To Tell Me .... .... .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 31: Armand Assante a
More Horror Fun

Readers Comments

I spent all my available time today on The Tampa Film Review for October, so today's (Wed) update will be fairly short as I have to get some sleep before work tonight. I'll likely be able to fill some more in tomorrow and Friday.

Screamfest, Halloweenapalooza
This weekend, two pretty major conventions happen: Orlando's ScreamFest, and Tampa's Halloweenapalooza, aka, The Halloween Horror Picture Show.

Andy Lalino, ED Tucker and Chris Woods are the three amigos representing Crazed Fanboy at ScreamFest, and I'm sure they will have plenty to say about it in next week's issue! (Just so you know, we're paying for this. Requests by Andy Lalino to ScreamFest's Pete Mongelli for press passes were denied. BOOOO Pete!) Check out Spooky Empire for details on guests lists and such.

The Halloween Horror Picture Show, or whatever it's called now, happens this Friday and Saturday at Channelside Cinemas in Tampa. Celebrity guests are also expected to appear along with a hand-picked selection of great indie horror films! I haven't gotten any press from promoter Rick Danford since he cut me off his e-mail list months ago (BOOOOO Rick), however, he did grant a press pass for Crazed Fanboy to Chris Passinault (YAY Rick!), so we'll have some coverage of that event, too.

Letters to the Editor

Joey Bishop, R.I.P.
We wish to acknowledge and take a moment to mourn the passing of comedy legend Joey Bishop at the age of 89. Although my best memories of him ar as a substitute host for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show (over 200 times!), Joey's story is usually best remembered as a member of "The Rat" pack, a Las Vegas show group that consisted of little known names like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and Peter Lawford. Joey Bishop is the last surviving member of that illustrious group.

Readers' Comments

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Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
tampafilmfan [20-10-2007 15:41] 
Nolan -- Thanks for increasing the number of characters!!

FYI -- 1,000 words still wasn't enough for me, so I posted my long-ass post -- continuing the TFR reviews discussion -- to the message board in the Feedback/Announcement section.

Ed -- I enjoyed your interview. What an amazing set of coincidences leading up to it!

Andy -- Thanks for the info on "Hallows Point" -- any idea how long it will be showing locally?

Terence [19-10-2007 16:08] 
To Ed: i finally watched Dont be Afraid of the Dark and i agree with your review. it doesnt live up to the legend i have heard about it but otherwise its damn good fun. the first couple scenes with the gnomes are pretty damn creepy but after erxtened shots loses the punch. i actually thought the size ratio effects were better than good they were extremely convincing actually.

To Mike Smith: concerning Armand Asanti. my favorite movie hes in was a HBO made for cable spaghettie wester called Blind Justice.
Paul Guzzo [19-10-2007 06:08] 
Yes, I should have pointed out that most filmmakers when submtting their films, the first thing they ask is, "Will Nolan review it?" But they say this in an excited manner ... they crave his reviews.
Nolan [18-10-2007 22:26] 
Due to popular demand, I have increased the posting character limit to 1,000. I still ask that you try and be brief.
   Thank you everyone, for posting your feelings on the TFR reviews, this has been most enlightening. I was unaware that our reviews of the TFR events were or are viewed as being unduly harsh or mean-spirited. Of course, I don't agree with this at all. I have heard that there is a minority faction who are afraid of us (i.e., our reviews) and have boycotted the TFR because of it. In one case it was requested we be banned from attending all together.
   This has come up before, and all I can say is, if you can't take what a semi-underground web publication says about you, you are not prepared to take your film on the road -- they will decimate you.
   TampaFilmFan: "I think filmmakers who submit their films to TFR are on a very different level than those whose films are being reviewed by the NY Times."
But are you referring to what the NY Times would say about a local indie fest or about a major Hollywood release? A local fest up there is still a local fest, isn't it?
   TampaFilmFan: "I'm guessing that not many of them have had their films screened anywhere and haven't received much feedback, good or bad."
Well, this is probably at the heart of it. They're looking for encouragement and are afraid if we don't like their film, they might as well give up. No one told anyone to give up. But if that's their feeling, then yes, they should show their film only to close friends guaranteed to stroke their ego, because they do not belong in a public arena.
   It might interest everyone to know there are those who expressed disppointment at the notion of us not attending, because they seek our feedback.
   It's also worth noting that the Guzzo Bros have been unswerving in their complete support of local film and of this website's participation in the TFR. The feeling is mutual.
terence [18-10-2007 19:11] 
'cept that sad reality is that (without naming names) a few of those not willing to submit are veterans of the TFR. so there goes the theory.
J.Miller [18-10-2007 18:39] 
Thank you TampaFilmFan im glad someone else feels this way...
tampafilmfan [18-10-2007 16:18] 
oops... got cut off...

Maybe I've got the wrong idea of the TFR concept or of who submits their films. Could very well be.
I was responding to Paul's brief statement about people being afraid to submit their films because they're afraid of getting a bad review. I understand that fear, that's all.
Yes, they should develop a thick skin and be open to feedback, etc...but based on the TFR reviews that I've read here over the past year, I understand why a newbie/novice filmmaker would be hesitant to open themselves up to that.

I'm not debating the merits of TFR & reviews, just expressing sympathy for those who are afraid of it.
tampafilmfan [18-10-2007 16:02] 
I think filmmakers who submit their films to TFR are on a very different level than those whose films are being reviewed by the NY Times. I'm guessing that not many of them have had their films screened anywhere and haven't received much feedback, good or bad.

To me, the TFR reviews here on CFB sometimes are harsher than mere constructive criticism. So, for a beginning/inexperienced filmmaker to be nervous about receiving a harsh review here is a legitimate fear I understand.

So if they can't handle the review, they shouldn't show their film at TFR, which they probably aren't, since they're telling Paul they're scared of bad reviews.
CAPassinault [18-10-2007 15:00] 
When I begin to produce films, I will go on record as to say that I will welcome any fair reviews, positive or negative. If I can dish it out, I can take it. Any negative reviews will be used as constructive criticism.
I'm going into filmmaking fully expecting controversy (due to subject matter and artistic choices) and some people to hate what I do. That's their issue, however, because I will not make films to please the masses. I will be in the position to make the films that I want to make. If you just get into it to be popular and praised, and only make what everyone else is already making, what is the point of being a filmmaker?
J.Miller [18-10-2007 14:14] 
Reviews have nothing to do with filmmaking...
terence [18-10-2007 12:54] 
"Although with some of the scathing reviews of TFR films I've read, that's a legitimate fear. "

Oh please. thats with any publication. what would they do if they made it big time? be afraid that the New York Times will give them a scathing review? thats not a legitimate fear its a insecure fear. usually experienced by those who dont and wont accept that they might need to listen to negative commentary from time to time. those people are the ones who are in it for the wrong reason. they are in it for reviews and back patting. all of which has nothing to do with filmmaking. if they dont like the supposedly scathing review then dont read
tampafilmfan [18-10-2007 12:34]  
I tend to forget about the "review" part of Tampa Film Review. I tell at least one person a week about TFR (in fact, I just finished a long email to a local filmmaker where I listed about 12 websites, groups, and people she should look into) and I usually forget to mention the part about the movies being reviewed on CFB later. And I really shouldn't leave that part out, because like Paul said, some people might not want to show their films there because of the fear of getting a bad review. Although with some of the scathing reviews of TFR films I've read, that's a legitimate fear.

Paul Guzzo [18-10-2007 10:37] 
FIlm News has been updated.
Paul Guzzo [18-10-2007 08:34] 
Terence is right in regards to his and Nolan's reviews. But I think Mr. Miller may be referring to Chris' review of the pumpkin film (talk about a lot of attention for this film, huh?!): "I'd sell it for research and use the money to buy good filmmaking equipment so I wouldn't ever make a film with these production values."
This is rare, though, for equipment to be mentioned unless it is done so to tout the film ... BUT, even if Nolan and Terence and Woods started discussing equipment, I wouldn't mind. Some people have mentioned they don't want to show films because of the fear of a bad review. Too bad. It's called Tampa Film REVIEW.
Terence [18-10-2007 07:58] 
"Nobody is getting paid to submit shorts at the TFR so who cares what type of camera they use or how much cool equipment they have..."

nobody rates filmmakers on wether the equipment is cool or not. thats ridiculous. but they are exhibiting their work publicly at a function that endorses crazedfanboy.com as the official review site. so that being said if they want a honest and professional review with good and bad points then yes quality of what its shot on is going to be mentioned. i personally dont think that what its shot on effects the film unless it mars it in a negative light or vice versa that its so amazing liooking .
J.MILLER [18-10-2007 07:04] 
As over the top as CAPassinault review was...This isnt the first time I have read a TFReviewer point out a films lack of quality...Nobody is getting paid to submit shorts at the TFR so who cares what type of camera they use or how much cool equipment they have...
Odds [18-10-2007 06:48] 
"Plenty of time for the proverbial quick cigarette..."

What a damned downer.
Odds [18-10-2007 06:44] 
J.Miller, 'droogie' - I responded to your queries and statements on the boards. Look under the "Announcements and Feedback" section.
ED [18-10-2007 03:28] 
I am completely unsurprised that Andy was denied press passes for Screamfest. I think that speaks volumes for an organization when they won't cover a $20 admission in exchange for some serious free publicity. I am sure groups like this get a lot of requests from passes from people just trying to get in free but we can back up our claims with links to some very nice coverage from previous years. I have never bothered to ask just because every other experience I have had with them led me to conclude this is what would happen. I say don't let this taint your reviews of this year's event but don't be afraid to be honest either.
CAPassinault [17-10-2007 22:45] 
The Pumpkin film wasn't that bad, but I had no idea that it was a student film. I didn't even know that Miner did it. I presumed that Mr. Miner was submitting it on behalf of someone else as a finished film.
I sat in the back and it was hard to hear what was going on.
I have nothing against any film shown at TFR. Regardless of who did what and where the film is coming from, however, my review stands. If I did that film, I would give it the same review. I am just as impartial and critical about my own work, and I don't mean to come off as attacking the creative efforts of others. I call them as I see them, or often as they are.
Nolan [17-10-2007 19:38] 
Passinault went so overboard on The Pumpkin Movie, we finally decided he had to be joking by going on and on several paragraphs about it -- kind of like he did on The Bench and The Lamppost. But to give it "worst film" was a little unfair in light of its admitted humble origins, yeah.

To Paul. Yes, I remember when most of what you got for CFR/TFR was horror films. Maybe the playing field has finally leveled?
Paul Guzzo [17-10-2007 19:19] 
Tampa has taken an odd turn in the past few years ... early TFR's were so swamped with horror and suspense films I was praying for something different. NOW, it is RARE we get horror films. I wonder why.
Terence [17-10-2007 19:10] 
yeah andy is hypocritical like that. the best you can do is justify it by saying maybe the wife dragged him there.

To Paul: well Paul i forgive you. just next time remember i want horror movies!!!! yeah why Passinualt is so hung up on a student film is ridiculous. the director even said it was an early film shot on Super VHS!!!!!
J.Miller [17-10-2007 17:19] 
Odds enjoyed your column...You just dont strike me as the kind of guy that hangs around the mainstream friendly Orlando area...
Paul Guzzo [17-10-2007 16:03] 
Yes Terrence, we did kind of drop the ball with no horror films this month. Between the documentary, work and a new history book I've been asked to write on Ybor, TFR kind of got pushed aside this month. Luckily, we had a great crop of films. But I do wish we had horror films. BUT, I do disagree with Chris' review of the pumpkin film. Mr. Miner shot it over 10 years ago on a whim while learning filmmaking. I thought it was a fun little film.
Nolan [17-10-2007 14:57] 
Testing, testing. Everything's working so far.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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