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Drew Reiber, Dec. 29, 29 yrs.
Jesus, Dec 25, 2007 yrs.
Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2007!
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eighth calendar year!
Number 402  (Vol. 8, No. 49). This edition is for the week of December 3--9, 2007.

"The Golden Compass"
Time Warp Toy Box: Week 1

Dr. Lisa's Devilishly Delicious December Design*
Dot.TK Free, My Butt....Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....And The Winner Is....Top Ten Christmas Movies?
Fra-gee-lay! It Must Be Italian. .... And So It Starts .... Evel .... Hall Of Fame Time .... Will Arnold Be Back? .... .... .... .... Whatever Happened To--? Chapter 35: Fred Ward r
Moving Ahead

Evel Knievel, RIP
Our Creature Feature Online Store Now Open
"Canova" Comic Strip To Debut

I'd like to thank everyone who wrote or called me last week to offer support in the wake of the death of Robert Sandsmark, my friend and co-worker from 7-Eleven. You might be pleased to know that his brother and mother read my write-up and all your comments and were quite moved. That helped them and me bring closure to that sudden and tragic event.

On the heels of Sandsmark's passing, my other partner, Pastor Tom Green, announced his retirement from 7-Eleven, so we're a little understaffed at the moment. Please forgive me if the headline section is starting a little sparse this week.

Evel Knievel, RIP
News of the death of legendary daredevil Evel Knievel at 69 years old reached me well after PCR had closed out for last week, so this is the first time I'm able to comment on it publicly.

Evel Knievel was an American original, a true folk hero and a thrilling celebrity that no baby-boomer's personal pop culture memoir could overlook. He may not have been the greatest motorcycle stuntman in the world (he seemed to miss more jump-landings than he made), but he was, in fact, a "daredevil", not just a brazen biker jumping over cars. He was a showman. And at that he excelled.

The current obits that say something like, "best known for his failed attempt to jump over the Snake River Canyon in a rocket-cycle" make me cringe. Although that was a hugely promoted event at the time, in retrospect, it was a blip in the Knievel legacy. A specially-built steam-rocket with two "wheels" (so it could technically qualify as a "motorcycle") launched from an elevated ramp successfully, but the craft's parachute malfunctioned and deployed almost immediately after take-off causing too much drag. The craft landed at the bottom of the canyon. Knievel was banged up, but not seriously injured. It was an interesting, if loony, experiment brought about by his frequent boast that he could jump the Grand Canyon. The Snake River Canyon seemed more doable, I suppose.

But I have memories of a much more bigger-than-life figure who could absolutely command attention at special events, and build suspense like few could. By the time he actually jumped his Harley-Davidson over.....whatever....the crowd was always going nuts.

A controversial and combative figure, he had a few minor brushes with the law and could be difficult. Knievel once took a baseball bat to his biographer, claiming the book insulted his family.

Despite his wild behavior, Evel Knievel always struck me as a deeply spiritual man and he was involved in various special causes. His son Robby has carried on the family tradition by continuing highly-pubicized motorcycle jumps himself.

Creature Feature Store Now Open
In an attempt to meet the need of fans who are constantly bombarding us with requests for hard-to-find Dr. Paul Bearer episodes of Creature Feature unavailable on any commerical level and nearly unavailable at all, ED Tucker and I have set up a special page where 6 complete episodes can be purchased. These are copied from personal videotapes recorded on '80s-era VHS recorders and exist in various states of preservation, but these first 6 episodes are the cream of the bunch, quality-wise, so far. As time goes on and we gauge fan reaction one way or the other, more episodes may be added. Check it out.
"Canova" Online Comic
John Miller (aka, J.MILLER2) sprung this on me only a few days ago, and of course, I'm deeply honored to be portayed as a post-apocalyptic psycho. Seriously, no sarcasm. John's a talented artist, and this strip threatens to push some boundaries here at PCR! The first installment could start as early as next week.

Readers' Comments

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Mark [10-12-2007 14:34] 
Anything post-apocalyptic I am down for checking out
Odds [10-12-2007 11:27] 
Wrote this in my upcoming Oddservations, but I wanted to say that John Miller's "Canova" looks incredible!!! Can't wait for the debut!!!
Nolan [08-12-2007 00:19] 
Thank you Chris and Lisa for the support on the "Canova" comic. The artwork shown is not a "cover" of anything, merely an ad John drew up to promote the idea and get some attention. I figured it would get a far bigger reaction from everyone, but so far, I'm a little disappointed. I myself continue to be very excited and am honored by John's work.

Matt -- there is certainly no more doubt everyone reads Matt's Rail!! I didn't think the Top 10 Christmas list suggestion would overshadow everything else, but what do I know.

I will go ahead with the challenge, but I have to warn you, Terence, Will and I can't even remember 10 Christmas movies, so this will be of limited scope. My last attempt at anything similar was an exclusive "Top 10 Christmas Television Specials of all Time" back in 2001.

I hadn't planned on a any fancy coding tricks (a la the Halloween challenge) this late in the year, so please everyone, send in your Top 10 Christmas Movies list via email and I will post them on the homepage in the same style as the Halloween lists.

Lonnie, congrats on getting broadband! It'll change the way you surf, for sure. Too bad about the Creature Feature theme, but I think I found it somewhere online ages ago. Keep looking.
Chris Woods [07-12-2007 17:41] 
Can't wait to see the comic strip. The cover to it looks awesome. Great job John.
Lonnie Dohlen [07-12-2007 16:52]  
Nolan, I just got High Speed Internet today.I went on youtube.com & saw the original WTOG 44 Station ID from the 1970's,but none of DPB promoting the original jingle.
ED [07-12-2007 10:12] 
Matt - I am good with the strictly Christmas themed feature films criteria. I think the television specials would rate a top ten all there own and the Grinch would be at the top of my list.

Nolan - are you going to issue an official top ten list request for this?
Laure [07-12-2007 08:55] 
Love the Canova comic, Nolan. where do we get our copy??? ;)
matthew [07-12-2007 07:09] 
Ed, when I wrote the top 10 suggestion for Christmas movies, I originally thought only feature films revolving around Christmas. Films like 'it's a wonderful life, the santa clause, scrooged, etc.

Possibly TV Movies would work. Of course, there are also films like Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, which are based during the time of Christmas. I think with those, tho, the integrity of the top 10 Christmas movies kind of loses its luster.

If TV specials are involved, just fyi, my number one would have to be Rudolf the Red Nosed Raindeer. With no apologies for that forthcoming.
ED [07-12-2007 04:39] 
If we do a top ten Christmas movies list is it going to be limited to feature films or would television specials be included as well? This would make a big difference in my choices and order.
Lisa [06-12-2007 14:55] 
Nolan -- Glad the column's ok. Writing at 1 a.m. while half-asleep is sometimes dangerous for me.

When you said you had mutants to monitor, I immediately went to the msg bd to see what I'd missed. What I'd missed was scrolling down here on the homepage and seeing John's graphic novel cover.

John -- Wow! Nice job. Can't wait to see more. I didn't realize that PCR really had boundaries, but since Nolan said you're gonna push 'em with your comic strip, I'm really looking forward to more.

Ed and Nolan -- Thanks for your efforts on the Creature Feature store. I'm glad to be able to finally have a chance to see for myself what everyone's been talking about.

Andy -- Wanted to send a belated thanks your way for getting us longer rental times at Unique Video. Quite honestly, I wasn't planning on being a regular customer just because of the store's location in relation to where I live and work. Being able to keep items longer helps me out a lot. Thanks.
Nolan [06-12-2007 12:11] 
Paul -- Sorry you can't make TFR this month, but I certainly understand. We'll miss you, big guy.

Lisa -- Technical glitches notwithstanding, your column's return appearance at PCR is an outstanding entry! Thanks.

ED-- No one does toy retrospectives like you, sir! Excellent job as always, thanks.

Matt-- I can't help but notice you've become a much more regular contributor lately. Please keep up the good work!

Now, if everyone will excuse me, I have some mutants to monitor.
Paul Guzzo [06-12-2007 09:26] 
Film News is updated - an interesting bit of news found in it is the Ybor Film Festival is offering $10 submissions to films shown at the TFR.
Lisa [06-12-2007 00:05] 
Paul -- Thanks for the info.

Matt -- Since you mentioned Christmas movies...my column this week is a rather silly piece about various Christmas and holiday themed horror/mystery films and books. I'm working through a technical glitch with Nolan and should have it posted early Thursday. Regular (non-horror) Christmas movie lists would be fun too.
Paul Guzzo [05-12-2007 13:07] 
Oh yea, it's December 14th.
Paul Guzzo [05-12-2007 13:06] 
Hey guys, it's still a week away, but next Friday's TFR is shaping up to be a good one in terms of quality of films. David Audet's film on Cuba is, in my opinion, one of the most unique we will have ever shown. Hope everyone can make it out. I, ironically, will not be there - because Christmas falls on a weekday, and because of my job at a newspaper with strict deadlines, I will be going to NJ the weekend of the TFR to my parents for Christmas. Pete will be at the TFR, though. Hope it's a good crowd.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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