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PCR #417 (Vol. 9, No. 12) This edition is for the week of March 17--23, 2008.

The Tampa Film Review for March by Nolan Canova and Lisa Ciurro
"Drillbit Taylor"  by Mike Smith
Book Review: Letters From A Dead Armadillo by Wendy Boucher  by Lisa Ciurro
OzFest 2008  by ED Tucker
Rondo Awards Result....Paul, Paul, Paul....Politico....Van Halen Resumes Tour  by Matt Drinnenberg
Oz .... Ahead Of The Game? .... Speaking Of Whores .... Bye Bye Barack .... Barry Bonds (again) .... Passing On .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1939 Should Have Gone To... z  by Mike Smith
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FANGRRL by Lisa Ciurro

Book Review:
Letters From A Dead Armadillo
by Wendy Boucher

Plot Summary:
Letters From a Dead Armadillo is a fast-paced mystery/thriller about Tampa students Sally, Brooke and Karen and their law school adventures. And by law school adventures, I don't mean cramming for exams, fighting with professors, angling for juicy intern spots or staying up to all hours arguing the finer points of Constitutional law.

Instead, the trio attempt to solve a campus murder by themselves and end up cramming for police interrogations, fighting for their lives, angling for juicy eavesdropping locales and staying up into all hours arguing with the police and each other. Plus they still have to study, write papers, and if they're lucky, go on a date or two.

About the Author:
Local author Wendy Boucher is multi-talented. A former attorney and travel writer, Boucher is also an artist, cartoonist, novelist and world traveler. She showcases her artwork and blogs about her allergies (and everything else) at www.wendyboucher.com.

What I Liked:
I always enjoy reading books set in the Tampa Bay area. It's fun to recognize the names of streets, restaurants, colleges, etc. as real places right around the corner instead of something purely fictional that exists solely in the author's mind.

Boucher's characters are real people: bitchy, silly, whiny, creative, stupid, talented, funny, generous people. The main characters gossip and fight, but care deeply -- about each other and about finding the person responsible for the vicious murders at their school.

Murder, mystery and intrigue aside, this is a very funny book.

What I Disliked:
No dislikes come to mind. It had just the right mix of foreshadowing, clues, surprises and plot twists.

Bottom Line: Letters From A Dead Armadillo is a zippy, quippy, fun murder mystery.

Rating: A

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