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PCR #406 (Vol. 9, No. 1) This edition is for the week of January 1--6, 2008.

The Keys To A Great Vacation, Part Two  by Will Moriaty
"The Best of 2007"  by Mike Smith
VHS Grindhouse: Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Hooters  by Andy Lalino
2007 - The Year the Tampa Film Community Became a Family  by Paul Guzzo
2007: The Year That Was  by ED Tucker
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Filmlook by Paul Guzzo

2007 - The Year the Tampa Film Community Became a Family

The year 2007 will be remembered in the Tampa film community for its successful collaborative efforts …

You read that right – SUCCESSFUL collaborations. Many of you may think I’m insane for making such a comment. “Successful” you’re asking. “But we saw The Quiet Place and it was not a success.” Trust me, The Quiet Place was just one of MANY collaborations this year, and perhaps the only one that could be considered unsuccessful.

The successful collaboration that stands out most in my mind was the Charlie Wall Documentary that my brother and I are currently finishing up.

Yes, while on the surface this is a Pete and Paul Guzzo Production, we could never have come this far without several collaborative partners.

Joe Davison came on board as a producer to assist us with our reenactments and I can’t give him enough credit. Besides taking a load of responsibility off my shoulders – making sure the vintage cars arrived, making sure our permits were in order, etc. – he brought in his production team – Marcus Koch to do makeup, Melanie Dean as set dresser (and she is simply amazing, BTW), and Thunder & Lightning for our shoot out scenes.

Sean Davis not only worked as DP on the set of the reenactments, but he also helped light and film interviews, as did Jon Wolding.

And Shelby McIntyre came out the day of reenactments and helped us set up the scenery and even helped cook lunch!

Whoever we asked for help, helped us. But, we weren’t the only ones getting assistance this year.

Sean Davis helped Shelby and Chris Woods film interviews for their Joe Redner Documentary.

My brother Pete helped Joe Davison and Marcus Koch burn copies of 100 Tears when they were in a pinch.

Chris Guyer, an excellent person to head up anyone’s wardrobe, assisted both the Charlie Wall Documentary AND Jon Wolding’s new music video.

USF’s Rodrick Colbert helped anyone get locations on campus who asked.

The Cuban Club, Gaspar’s Grotto, Centro Asturiano, the Italian Club and a host of other locations in Ybor City continued to allow any filmmaker to use their locations.

International Bazaar continued to go out of their way to promote the Tampa Film Review.

This website promoted every film event in Tampa, as did Tampa Film Fan, GreenRoom Orlando and Tampa, Creative Loafing, the Tampa Tribune, St. Pete Times, etc.

Besides the FMTPA, the Tampa Film Network and The Tampa Bay Film Industry & Actors Network - two networking groups dedicated to assisting Tampa filmmakers find the help they need to finish a film - continued to grow in membership numbers.

More people than ever before attended the Tampa Film Review to support local filmmakers.

And so on, and so on …

As filmmakers, we often look at the negative things going on in our community. For once we should all stop crying about how unappreciated we are and how hard it is to make a film. For once, everyone should look at the positives. Never before have so many people been looking to help filmmakers in Tampa. I’ve always dreamt of the day we truly became a Tampa Film Community. Looking at 2007, I think we surpassed the goal … We are more than a community. We are a family.

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