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PCR #449 (Vol. 9, No. 44) This edition is for the week of October 27--November 2, 2008.

Zombie Night at the Beach Theater: The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2008
by John Miller

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Zombie Night at the Beach Theater: The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2008 by John Miller
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Under the impression that I would being flying this trip solo, I was delighted to receive an eleventh hour phone call from none other then the PCR's very own Chris Woods, who because of a change in scheduling was able to accompany me for what would soon become a unforgettable evening at St. Petersburg's historic Beach Theatre.

Arriving close to an hour before Night Of The Living Dead was expected to begin, we headed towards the little theatre on the beach and were instantly greeted by none other then The Ghouli Ghouls themselves, Extremely Dead Jeania and Deadly Nightshade, host of The Underground Lounge. After exchanging a few pleasantries with the ladies, I was soon shocked to find myself shaking hands with Michael Christopher AKA Hare Krishna Zombie from the original Dawn Of The Dead. Dawn is one of my all-time favorites, and I consider the Hare Krishna Zombie to be one of if not the most recognizable zombie in the history of the genre.

Looking around, it was hard not to notice how eclectic the growing crowd on the street had become. Everywhere I turned there were kids and adults alike, decked out in their raunchiest zombie get ups. The enthusiasm amongst this legion of Dead fans was infectious to say the least.

At about quarter till nine Chris and I made our way through the lobby and into the theatre. Once inside we were welcomed by the abrasive sounds of local punk band The Funeral Dazies who were gearing up for a performance after the film. I couldn't help but feel inspired by the inside of this building, at one point I could have sworn to have heard the spirits of old 42nd Street whispering to me through the air conditioning vents. Just as I was about to pass out from intensive sensory overload, the lights dimmed and Night Of The Living Dead blessed the screen with its presence.

Once the film was complete, Chris and I got up, made our way back out through the lobby, onto the street and smack dab into the middle of the coolest crowd of people I have ever had the privilege of mingling amongst. There were zombie drag queens to the left of me and a kid in a green screen body suit to the right. In between were scantily clad women of all shapes and sizes, willing and eager to show off their carefully placed latex wounds. Thankfully, Chris was able plug my oversized eyes back into their skull and drag me back inside the building before anyone could notice my tongue rolled out like a carpet on the pavement.

With the theatre now completely sold out we managed to score a couple of seats in the back row. Zombie themed punk band the The Funeral Dazies took to the stage for their official CD release show. Led by front man Captain Corpse the group entertained the crowd with their unique brand of horror punk. My favorite moment came during the intro to the song, "She Rots", a tale of necrophilia dedicated to the memory of the bass players dead grandmother, who come to find out, makes the whole band horny! These guys were completely awesome and I hope to catch another show sometime soon.

Next up was a zombie burlesque show. Two fairly normal looking women, slowly tease and shed articles of clothing transforming into the hottest pair of re-animated corpses I have ever laid eyes upon. Completely topless with the exception of some tiny black tape, the two stalked the isles in search of a fresh victim. They settled on some lucky chump who could only lie back and enjoy as guts were torn from his belly.

With the crowd officially fired up, Rocky Horror Live Director Ed Schneider took to the stage. Yelling at the top of his lungs, he demanded that anyone easily offended "Get the fuck out". With the theatre now safe from any potential PC police it was time for the zombie girl pin up contest, followed by the de-virginization of all first time viewers of Rocky Horror Live.

After nearly four hours of nonstop zombie madness, The Rocky Horror Picture Show burned across the big screen, performed live by the amazing cast of Interchangeable Parts. Having never been to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror I was in shock at how wild this thing could actually get. The crowd was so insane that seeing the performers of Interchangeable Parts roam the aisles as zombies feasting on bloodied limbs seemed pale by comparison. You haven't experienced life until you have witnessed a 300 pound fat man barreling down the aisles before stopping directly next to you and screaming, "There is no God". I beg to differ, because this whole night seemed like a response to years of unanswered prayers.

"Zombie Night at the Beach Theater: The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2008" is ©2008 by John Miller.

All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are 2008 by Nolan B. Canova.

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