LETTERS  PCR #407      (January 7--13, 2008)

  • Reader recalls WTOB and The Flying Dutchmen.

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    Hi there,
    Some alumnus of R J Reynolds have been discussing good ole WTOB due to one of our classmates sporting a WTOB Good Guy sweatshirt to a recent gathering. The sweatshirt still looks great as does our buddy who can still wear it. We graduated in 1972. Some of us are visual and performing artists and so...

    Our question is - does the Flying Dutchman or any of the WTOB disk jockeys for that matter - still have that tunedex or any audio or video? Or would any who are still with us come out to an event? I am sure a LOT of people from "the day" would LOVE to say hi to these folks again as nobody comes close to the style. The Flying Dutchman arriving at Thruway in a helicopter and other great things like that?! Who does that anymore? Hey, (Hey, Hey) we remember and we loved it. We love it still.

    The 60's tunes were also fabulous, of course. Wouldn't it be great to hear a tape or broadcast - at an art studio event?

    Thanks so much,
    Marilyn Ingram

    Ahh. Those were the days, eh, Marilyn? Thanks so much for writing and sharing your memory with all my readers. In my opinion, a cultural revolution like "the '60s" happens once in a lifetime (or even longer!). What a great time for art. If anyone has any comments, write me at the address below. ---Nolan

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