LETTERS  PCR #417      (March 17--23, 2008)

  • Reader comments on Von Cosel update (and William Moriaty's reply)

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    Hi Will
    I wrote you back in '05 about the Von Cosel kids. I was wondering, did you see on The History Channel a month or so ago, the show that talked about him? I learned that one daugther died of tuberculosis, the wife never remarried as far as I can tell. Doing some research online, I found the geneology site of one of Von Cosel's grandchildren. Anyway, just wanted to tell you what I had found. Take care.

    Wanda Flanagan


    Thanks so much for writing Wanda!

    I drove through Zephyrhills this past January and found myself wondering where Von Cosel (and possibly Elena Hoyos!) was buried. I appreciate your update and urge our readers to to link to PCR #240's 2004 article, "I Married the Dead" to understand what we're talking about.

    Thanks again for reading our on-line publication and keeping us in your thoughts!

    William Moriaty,
    La Floridiana

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