LETTERS  PCR #419      (March 31--April 6, 2008)

  • Reader remembers Shock Theater
  • Member of '70s Tampa band, Strait Jackets, sends video links

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    I read your posts on Shock Theatre. I used to watch it in the mid 70s. I lived in Wilson back then so I had to use my rabbit ears to get a semi-clear picture. Hearing about this sure brought back some good memories. I would love to get my hands on some of the old reels with original commercials. Do you also remember WRET Channel 36 out of Charlotte Horror 36?

    [No name]

    Yes, it would be GREAT to get copies of old Shock Theater shows, wouldn't it? That was way before VHS-taping, though, so probably no luck with that.

    I never lived in Charlotte, so wouldn't remember any programs out of there. If there was a cable television version, I didn't catch it either, unfortunately.

    The Shock Theater I was recalling was out of the Tampa Bay area in the '60s. Thanks for writing! ---Nolan


    Hi Nolan,
    Thanks for emailing back. [Re: Nolan's comments about the 1980 Tampa Theater gig] Yes, that must have been us, we were bratty little punks. I was not the singer, that was Bobby Woodrich. Before the Jackets he was in Just Boys, a great power pop punk band. I played guitar and did most of the song-writing.

    We decided to put some Strait Jackets on YouTube. Under the poster "chrome33", you can see my darker days, A Scanner Darkly, and This is the Way. These were taken at Tampa Theater, 1980.



    Lester Esser.

    Watched 'em both. Definitely brought back great memories! Thank you, Lester. ---Nolan

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