LETTERS  PCR #427      (May 26--June 1, 2008)

  • Tom Stimus' grandson makes contact!
  • Reader/filmmaker shares love of Ed Wood and retro-cinema
  • Reader remembers Air Sunshine airlines (and Will Moriaty responds)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Hi sir,
    My name is Todd Stimus, Jr. I am the grandson of Tom Stimus and I was looking online for stuff on my grandfather and came across the page where you came in contact with my cousin Jennifer. I thought you might want to know that I am now in the car business and recently have made some commercials. Of course i do the commercials in a traditional Stimus way by acting crazy and hitting hoods. I recently made one with one of his old commercials in black and white, then my father and then me closing it out acting like my grandfather. I just thought you might have been interested to know that.

    Todd Stimus, Jr

    Todd, of course I am interested! I am honored and delighted you contacted me. I very much remember the colorful Tom Stimus TV commercials and am very happy to hear you're carrying on the tradition! (Is there a representative example of your commerical on YouTube or somewhere?).

    I will share this info with my readers who, I'm sure, will find it very interesting as well. Keep up the good work and thanks again for writing.

    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    Hi Nolan,
    Enjoyed the reviews and things on your site, thought I might send you a cut and paste pile.

    Back when I was 22 I over-earnestly (barely) pulled off two feature films based on Edward D. Wood Jr. pulp novels and old screenplays: "DEVIL GIRLS" and "THE VAMPIRE'S TOMB" - shot on Super-8, 16mm, Video, with acres of stock footage and scrupulous dedication to the angora-ed one. Recently through acts of dark alchemy I've assembled them into a viewable form after noticing 9th generation bootlegs floating around of a rough cut of the first film.

    Here are some trailers, with Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theatre doing the voiceovers:



    There's another crazy one, "I WAS A TEENAGE BEATNIK AND/OR MONSTER!" - With Neil Innes from Bonzo Dog Band/Monty Python, Residents collaborator SCHWUMP, a huge garage band 1950s retro noise monster movie. Or something. Daddy-O's Dick Contino! Ted Mikels! Ray Dennis Steckler as Cash Flagg damning me to death! And more endless headaches.

    Recently wrapped up a slapstick Super-8 surrealist take on Hong Kong films that you might get a smile out of, "A BELLY FULL OF ANGER":


    Filthy, scratchy celluloid! Offer void in Utah. I've got some screeners if you have trouble sleeping or need a hollow chuckle... these things are far too film history injokey and strange to appeal to many folks.

    Keep scribbling!
    Andre Perkowski

    Andre, thanks so much for writing! I'm glad you found my website (and glad you liked it). In brief, I would LOVE to get some screeners of your work!

    I watched all three of the trailers you sent me to watch on YouTube and enjoyed them immensely. You and I have a very similar love of retro-cinema (and ED Wood in particular). Filming in Super-8 ratcheted my enthusiasm up a serious notch. I made loads of Super-8 "test" films in the '70s, LOVE the medium, hate how much it costs now, and was grief-stricken when Kodak ceased production of Kodachrome 40. I confess to caving in to filming on video now and trying to add a film look afterwards...all of us have around here, pretty much. It is encouraging to know someone is still able to use Super-8. (I'm aware of "Pro8mm" in California, deeply respect what they do, but it's too expensive for me at this time.)

    Please send me any of your work you'd like to share to my PO Box. If there are any shorts included, we might be able to arrange a showing at the Tampa Film Review! ---Nolan


    Dear Will
    I read your article on Air Sunshine and have always had an interest in that company. I have actually emailed you before and you told me they flew to Kissimmee. Now I have decided to have a large DC-3 model built. I am having trouble finding the sunshine logo that was on the side of their airplanes. From the photos I have seen, it appears to be a yellow sun with some sort of orange circle in the middle of it. I cannot get a good close-up though. Do you have any photos or do you recall how their logo looked?

    I once asked the founder of Air Florida why he bought out Air Sunshine and he sent me a nice email response. He basically said that the locals loved Air Sunshine and Air Florida wanted to start service to the Keys. They were afraid the citizens of Key West would get upset if Air Sunshine had competition, so he just bought them out right. If you ever want to see his response let me know.

    Jason Wilson

    Hello Jason:
    Thank you for reading our on-line publication!

    I do not recall how the Air sunshine logo looked, and the schedules of it that I had I gave to David Henderson, author of "Sunshine Skies". I recommend that you consult with David's fine book which should have both a photo of an Air Sunshine schedule and aircraft. The book is available through Cafe Press at http://www.cafepress.com/sunshineskies.40455857

    I hope this helps!

    William Moriaty
    La Floridiana

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