LETTERS  PCR #456      (December 15--21, 2008)

  • Radio show host inquires about email list
  • Reader comments on model airplanes (and Will Moriaty responds)
  • More reader comments on model airplanes
  • News anchor comments on Dr. Paul Bearer database
  • Reader offers correction to the Dr. Paul Bearer database (and ED Tucker responds)
  • Reader comments on "Stanley" review (and ED Tucker responds)
  • Reader comments on "Blood of Dracula's Castle" and Tricia Anderson (and ED Tucker responds)
  • John Miller column attracts Beach Theater notice
  • Reader opines on Metallica album
  • Reader remembers Miss June of Romper Room
  • Reader needs Romper Room episode
  • Reader gets Dr. Paul Bearer tattoo!

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Dear Nolan, et al,
    I found your review via the Film Crew Cafe website. Can you subscribe me to a monthly update alert or some such?

    My name is Tim Dill-Peterson aka DJ Arth Mawr and I do a weekly Heavy Metal/Punk radio show on WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa. We broadcast live on a Sunday Night (Monday Morning) from 1am to 4am. A weekly replay of the show is available at www.myspace.com/PsychoRealmsFM. Our mission as part of community radio is to give airplay and exposure to local Heavy Metal and Punk Rock bands and national and international acts that are playing in the Tampa Area.

    You might also be interested in contacting local actor, Mike Christopher AKA The Hare Krishna Zombie from Dawn of the Dead. His myspace is http://www.myspace.com/hkzombie.

    Tim Dill-Peterson

    Thanks so much for writing! I'm glad to know you enjoyed the site. I don't have an email list per se, I just expect everyone to know I update PCR every Wednesday, haha.

    I think I called into your radio show once when Josh Sullivan was on (promoting his ska band, Can't Do It). That's probably been a year or so.

    I totally support your exposing local musicians on your program, that, to me, is what it's all about -- make the world aware of what kind of talent we have here. Your mission is a noble one and one whose goal I share in my own small way.

    Thanks for the info on Mike Christopher. We had the fortunate occasion to meet him at the November Tampa Comic Con and Toy Show --- super guy! I'm glad there are a few "Dead" actors who make those rounds, haha.

    I may start an email list next year as I'm planning on some possible new features for CrazedFanboy.com. Until then, well, just keep in mind I update every Wed--Fri and hopefully you can check in on us again soon.

    Thanks again for writing!
    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    Hello William,
    You purchased one of our Tampa Airlines DC-6 models several years ago and on occassion, I have come across your writing, and thought you might enjoy hearing about what is going on down here with real planes.

    Wanted to update you on the Eastern DC-7, N836D. As a friend of Carlos', I have been one of the sponsors of the project via Atlantic Models.

    We expect to conduct the first test fligths by late December. The FAA had ruled that historic aircraft could carry passengers for the purpose of generating revenue to earn its preservation and upkeep funds. As such, the plane, once flight ready, will be sold to the HFF, a foundation we established for N836D. The web site is http://sites.google.com/site/historicalflightfoundation/ to get the latest. We are going to have a public open house on December 21 and you are welcome to come. But also, you are welcome anytime you are in the Miami area.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Roger Jarman
    Atlantic Models, Inc.


    It's great to hear from you again Roger!

    That's great news! I hope I can make the date! I'm letting both our readers and some close friends know about this as well.

    William Moriaty
    La Floridiana


    Hi Will,
    It was good to hear from you and thanks for forwarding the EAL DC-7B info. I saw N836D at OpaLocka in 2005 when they had the sheet metal work in progress (the metal around the lavatories was totally corroded away in places). Marc Wolf gave me a tour and I made a donation and hope to see it fly. The Golden Falcon lounge in the rear brought back memories from the 50s for me....air travel was a different experience from today's flying buses.

    The trips to Key West may be in our future if they can pull it off. The last time I flew in an Eastern DC-7B, my family was returning from Daytona Beach at night and when we were making our approach to Miami over the Glades, the #3 engine blew a cylinder and caught fire right outside the window where my Dad (an Eastern mechanic who worked in the cylinder shop) and I were sitting. When we landed we walked over to the engine (try that these post 9-11,TSA ruled days) from which gallons of oil were dripping onto the ramp. I think my Dad took it personal, although it was common on Wright R-3350s. Carlos Gomez is to be commended for keeping these classics flying so we can still hear those sweet big radial engine sounds!

    Best Regards,
    Davis Gandees


    Hey man,
    I’m a news anchor at CBS 6 in Richmond, VA…but I was born and raised in Tampa. Just read your “Lost interview” piece with Dr. Paul Bearer. Thank you! Thank you!

    I grew up watching his show (born in 1965) and still have great, great memories of Saturdays sitting around the t.v. with my sister and being both scared and laughing at all the great old horror movies.

    I actually met and got a signed autograph from him when I was a kid. I was so scared to go in that trailer, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He was smoking and dressed up in that getup. Wish I still had that photo.

    Anyway, loved the interview.

    Rob Cardwell
    CBS 6 News Anchor

    Thank you, sir! ---Nolan


    As it is getting on close to fall and Halloween I was searching the internet for creepy stuff and Googled Shock Theater and came across the site Dr. Paul Bearer/Creature Feature Database. A great list of creepy old movies. As I am from High Point NC I enjoyed Shock Theater when I was very young, although it seems you have confused two TV stations. WGHP is a High Point based station, not Winston Salem. Winston's station is WXII. WGHP has long since switched to a FOX affiliate from ABC but it remains in High Point.

    Thought you just might want to know.

    Rob [no last name]


    I am glad you liked the database, and thanks for the geography lesson. I referenced the WGHP website where it states that they serve Winston-Salem so I must have confused that for the physical location of the studio.



    ED, Good Morning,
    Let me first say "THANK YOU" for reviewing the STANLEY Special Edition DVD. We are thrilled that you enjoyed the new transfer (seen finally in its original theatrical release version and format), as well as the bounty of extras that we produced exclusively for this release. We certainly hope that the fans of this film share your appreciation for all the effort that went into producing this DVD. Again, speaking on behalf of William Grefe', Gary Crutcher, BCI, and myself... we thank you.

    Second, I am compiling material on both a website and a myspace site for the promotion of this DVD, as well as the future documentary covering William Grefe's career. I was wondering if could have your permission to quote your review on these sites. Obviously, I would reference your name and site on the materials. Please let me know how you would like to be credited, as well.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Griffith
    Ballyhoo Motion Pictures


    My review was most sincere. I have been a fan of Mr. Grefe's work for many years. You have my permission to quote from my review on your websites or in the documentary. These quotes may be in whole or in part as long as they maintain the original context of the comments. I have a fairly sizeable collection of posters and promotional materials from Mr. Grefe's films and some 16mm material. If any of this would be of help to you in your project, please contact me directly.

    Could you shed some light on the one criticism I had for the DVD? Why wasn't an original theatrical trailer and/or television spots included as extras on the disc? Thanks.

    - ED -


    Hi, Mr. Tucker:,
    Hi!! I'm a college student with a big interest in films such as Blood Of Dracula's Castle, and I was delighted to read your interview with Tricia Anderson. I couldn't believe that Tricia and the other two dungeon girls were not credited. After all, as you point out, it is a film where there are only ten characters! However, it was really enjoyable to finally put the name to the face. Thank you for writing this piece.

    I was wondering if Tricia commented to you at all if it was hard to keep her hands above her head for that long. She and the other blonde French girl spend most of the film chained to that unforgiving dungeon wall. I'd imagine it would be very tough to keep your arms suspended like that above your head. What did they do when they had an itch to scratch? Your interview was excellent and very enjoyable, but I'm curious if she said anything to you about this.

    Thanks for such a great article and such a great website!!

    Daniel Savino :)


    Thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the interview and are a fan of "Blood of Dracula's Castle". The film was shot in a real castle and the area Ms. Anderson spends almost the entire film chained up in was a real dungeon, stone walls and all. She expressed to me that it was cold and uncomfortable and that they had to stay in the "chained" position for long hours during filming. She really was chained to the wall so she did not have much choice in keeping her hands above her head. I don't recall her saying what she had to do if she had an itch but I am sure they got rest breaks periodically. I know she was very relieved when she got to do her brief scenes outside the castle during the ceremony and when they escape at the end of the film. Again, thank your for your interest and comments.

    - ED -


    To John Miller:
    I am Jannie, the website mistress for The Beach Theatre and I'm also the Assistant Director of "Interchangeable Parts" the Rocky Horror Picture Show cast that you saw at The Beach Theatre on Zombie Night.

    I read the article and am very glad that you had such a great time, whether it was because of The Funeral Daizies, Night of the Living Dead, the Burlesque show, the Zombie Pin-up girl contest (I was zombie Marilyn Monroe), our show, or the combination of everything. I know it was probably the most fun I've had at a show, too, and I'm at all of them and have been for 12 and a half years. We had a LOT going on that night and it was wonderful. So many people contributed to making it all go well that we can't thank everyone enough. I'm glad you got seats because we had to turn many away.

    I don't suppose you would post a comment about how much fun you had on our comments section on MySpace? We're trying to build up our reputation so that others who have never been can see what kind of fun you can have at the theatre. Being independent, advertising works the best by word of mouth.

    It really is the same for Rocky Horror, too. We don't have the funds to advertise in the paper or in magazines, so word of mouth is everything for the cast. I posted your article to our cast's email group so they all can see it.

    Again, on behalf of both groups, I can't thank you enough.



    I recently bought Metallica's Death Magnetic. Great album! I was blown away. Yet, I keep reading shit how Metallica came back. They never were away. It kills me that so called "fans" don't allow for growth and direction. "Load sucks and St. Anger is a piece of shit". Excuse me!!! No it doesn't. That's just the state of mind they were in at the time. "Metallica sold out". Again, No. It must be frustrating for artists when your fans expect the same thing out of you time and time again. Just a random thought.

    Luvs ya, big lug.

    David T.


    So glad to find your memory of Romper Room’s Miss June. I loved the show and later, after Romper Room was over, my grandfather and uncle were carpenters assisting in building her house in St. Petersburg. I was so excited to finally meet her.

    Gina [no last name]


    Hi I was on Romper Room in Tampa Florida when I was 3-5, around 1975. Is there any way of finding a taping?

    Regina Roberts

    Hello, Regina!
    Thanks so much for writing. To the best of our knowledge, all episodes of Romper Room from the era you inquired about have been lost or destroyed, sorry to say, mainly due to storage concerns at the time.

    Only viewers who may've had an early Beta-Max home video recorder, and taped the episodes, would have anything still existing.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Thanks again for writing!

    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    Hi! I am in love with your awesome page dedicated to my favorite host from my childhood, Dr. Paul Bearer! I just wanted to share with you my tattoo I got on my leg recently of our beloved host. It's attatched. Keep up the bad ass work!

    -Brian Pitt

    Tattoo of Dr Paul Bearer

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