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PCR #409. (Vol. 9, No. 4) This edition is for the week of January 21--27.
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The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 6 áby William Moriaty
The 80th Annual Academy Award Nominations áby Mike Smith
DVD Grindhouse: Parts: The Clonus Horror áby Andy Lalino
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! áby Terence Nuzum
FX ľ The Mike Herz Interview áby ED Tucker
Book Review: Darkness Falls by Kyle Mills áby Lisa Ciurro
Birthday Boy....New Furnishings....Politico....Rondo Awards....Masters of Horror....Heath Ledger áby Matt Drinnenberg
I've Got An Erection! .... The Anti-Oscars .... The Name Is... Lost .... Passing On .... And The Oscar For 1969 Should Have Gone To... ' áby Mike Smith
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Thanks to those of you who have sent me Birthday wishes. Yes, it's true, I'm not in Kansas anymore. A mere trifecta from 50. Hey, if I'm lucky, right?

Received a most supreme birthday present in the mail sent to me by one Mike Smith, which contained a sculpture of the head of Bruce the shark from JAWS. It is, in a word, brilliant, and takes center court in my ever growing Jaws collection. I still can't beleive it's sitting in my collection. A million thanks again, buddy. You never cease to amaze me.

For Christmas I got a 22" Widescreen TV/Monitor that I returned, at Denise's insistence, because the pixels were way too dark heavy. Okay with me, as I was checking out bigger models at about the same price.

One day on lunchbreak I go into Radio Shack to check out their widescreen tv assortment and see they have, 'on Managers Special', an AKAI 32" with all features I want, for 499. Orig. 699, sale 599, Manager's Special 499.

I call denise with the critical tv info so she can research it, and i hand write it down myself to be sure i got it right. When I got home, I researched it some myself.

The next day I went in again and checked it out. Then the next. Then the next. Yes, for a full week I went in, every day, and checked out this awsome deal. Finally, the day came to return the 22" to Sam's Club and go get my 32" AKAI from Radio Shack. But once I got to the Shack, I tonited the 'Managers Special' card had been removed, and the TV was now 599. I ask to speak to the store manager thinking maybe he'll give me a break since i've been in looking at it every single day. He comes out, I relay the story I just told you, to which he replies "That's never been on sale!"

"What do you mean it's never been on sale?" I cry. "I've been looking at it for the past week. I don't THINK, I KNOW that was on Managers Special for 499."

"Let me check the internet" he says.

"Dude, the internet price is 599. It was a 'MANAGERS SPECIAL'."

"No, that model hasn't been on sale." he returns.

Finally I lay out a reality check for this guy. Using my substantial background of training associates for customer service, I inform him that he should NEVER say that a customer is 'wrong', especially when the customer is not wrong. I also let him know that what he 'should' have said was: "1. i'm sorry. that item is no longer on sale and we can't give the discount or 2. yes, that did have a Managers Special sign, but it was a mistake. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What you don't say to someone who has been in this store every single day of the last week looking at that Managers Special sign on THAT AKAI is that it was never on sale. Because then you will get what you have with me, a very non harmonious individual, who will now take his money somewhere else, forever"

I also promised him I would retell this story whenever opportunity allowed, so I don't want to break a promise.

The good news is that, while at Sams, I checked out there offerings and saw they had a 32" VIZIO for 539, so I immediately headed there after the Shacking and picked it up. And what can I say, it is supremo. Glenn Strange never looked so good. And it's got more features than the AKAI which is bonus. I highly recommend picking one up.

First, what can I tell you. Ron Paul is THE MAN. If ever that was a opportunity for the citizenry to recapture what America really is, it is now with this man. He is one of only 2 in this whole thing that I'm comfortable saying that about. This guy wants to return America to its roots with less government, more state control, and priority on the people of this nation. Not a bad idea considering thats what our forfathers thought as well.

The other is Hillary Clinton. She has been to hell and back with her marraige, but stood by her man, which takes incredible loyalty. Then facing off against the odds, she won New York and was kicking butt in congress. She doesn't hide from her votes and explains what compelled the vote. She is extremely intelligent, loves America, and fights for the poor and needy. All things we've been without for almost a decade.

It's Rondo Time again. Visit the site and vote for your favorites in classic horror, sci fi, and fantasy. Movies, TV, books, magazines, dvd's, articles, covers, and more. This is your award, wholly decided by the fans, so don't miss out.


Sorry the TK link doesnt work any longer. If you want to visit my site, you need to type in the full url for the time being: www.speedsurf.to/THEMASTERSOFHORROR/MASTERS_OF_HORROR.htm

What a shame. What a horrible loss. It's hard to even conceive. His poor family. I'm sure all our thoughts and prayers go out to them.


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