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PCR #410. (Vol. 9, No. 5) This edition is for the week of January 28--February 3, 2008.
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Put me down as one of the maniacs. I will certainly be party to the Sunday Football Fiesta, which will include much food, beverage, and..of course.. Football.

The Super Bowl, to be exact. Which, as many of you know, takes place Sunday night at roughly 6pm, when the New York Giants take on the undefeated New England Patriots, chasing not only a Super Bowl ring, but an NFL History Legacy.

Letís face it, if the Pats pull this off, you would have to say they are arguably the greatest team ever assembled. Better even than the 1972 perfect Miami Dolphins, due to the average winning percentage of the teams they faced being much higher for the Pats. Add to that a Super Bowl win gives them 19 wins compared to the Dolphins 17, and itís a very good argument.

I know some people will continue to point to the video taping in the first game. The tape was confiscated at halftime and never used. Belichick has gone on to win Coach of the Year this year, and as for the Pats in that first game, they beat the Jets without any tape, and then continued to smack down every team on the list. Including the Giants in week 17. The very team they face in the Super Bowl. The very team they almost lost to.

Yeah, I think it could be a close game. Perhaps even a barn burner. Yep, it could get pretty smokey out.

My predictionÖ.

New England Patriots 42
New York Giants 35

Donít get excited. Bush hasnít left office early or anything. But it is noteworthy that Guliianni has dropped his bid to become the Republican home boy. Iím quite grateful that is the case, as I could forsee 4 more years of hearing about 9/11. Not that it isnít worthy of discussion, but when used as a tool to garner support, itís pretty..well, scummy. At least in my view.

Huckleberry and McCain lose my vote because they both support Bush and say he was right to invade Iraq, and that heís done a great job with Iraq. Huh? Wha..? Yeah, okay. Minions. That leaves Romney, who I donít want because I think Jeb Bush will be his running mate, and of course the main man himselfÖ..Ron Paul!!! Quite simply, the man.

John Anderson has likewise departed the Democratic field. It is turning into nothing other than a Obama/Clinton battle.

Donít forget to vote in the Rondoís. www.rondoaward.com

God bless

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