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PCR #411. (Vol. 9, No. 6) This edition is for the week of February 4--10, 2008.
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"Fool's Gold"  by Mike Smith
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The Black Lector: James Tokley  by Paul Guzzo
SuperDuper Bowl .... Politico .... Rondo  by Matt Drinnenberg
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I mentioned last week that the Pats needed to win to complete an undefeated season. As you most probably know, they lost to a very fired up New York Giants team that, well.... but a hurtin' on them there Patriots.

Poor Tom Brady, who had zero to no time to look for receivers or even have half a chance in hell of succeeding. His Offensive Line was just that; offensive, and it failed Brady miserably. They were consistently whipped by the vaunted, and deservedly so, Giant D Line.

Gotta be happy for Head Coach Tom Coughlin and QB Eli Manning, both of who have been put through the ringer by the media. Manning winning Super Bowl MVP was the perfect selection; he was simply sensational. In my humble football opinion, he completely outplayed not only Tom Brady, but his own superstar brother Peyton Manning, who won Super Bowl MVP last year. Eli's performance puts Peytons to shame.

And while I was pulling for the Patriots, I must confess that I do get some kind of joy out of knowing Tiki Barber, whom I loathe, retired last year, missing out on a Super Bowl ring. Now go on, Tiki, lets have some more negative and hurtful comments about Coughlin and Manning.

Bigtime Congrats to the Giants and all their fans.

Romney bows out. Terrific. One less worry.

McCain, who now is firmly entrenched as the front runner, somehow seems to have lost his partys support. The guy gets booed as much as he gets cheered. That's what happens when you split from the party and vote your conscience in key areas of the Bush regime.

How typical of the mindless zombies who spout what rhetoric they are told too, instead of using their brain to actually THINK. God fobid someone who cares about all americans gets in there. That would just be terrible for all of us.

What it may actually do in the long run is solidy the fact that we will have a democrat as a President for a few years. I'll keep my fingers crossed. My toes, too.

Be sure to vote in the Rondo's and have your voice heard!

Go to www.rondoaward.com and vote today! God bless, Matthew

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