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PCR #415. (Vol. 9, No. 10) This edition is for the week of March 3--9, 2008.
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"Semi Pro"  by Mike Smith
Blood Bash  by ED Tucker
FANGRRL Goes to the Gasparilla Film Festival  by Lisa Ciurro
6th Annual Rondo Awards -- Voting Closes Saturday....Hillary Scores Bigtime....Bush-Cheney Indicted  by Matt Drinnenberg
The Storm .... Passing On .... Road House Troubles .... And The Oscar For 1985 Should Have Gone To  by Mike Smith
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Voting in the 6th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards is quickly reaching it’s closing date. All ballots/entries MUST be received by midnight, March 8th, 2008. For those of you on the ‘word’ calender, that means Saturday night at midnight.

As I always like to mention, the Rondo winners are soley chosen by the fans in all areas of the award, which recognizes acheivement in monster research, creativity, and genre appreciation. With votes coming in from all over the globe, the Rondo’s are about as planetary as you get.

To vote, go to www.rondoaward.com, copy and paste the nominations, cut those you consider least worthy, and email the finalized ballot to Rondo grand master David Colton at taraco@aol.com by midnight, March 8, 2008. BE SURE to include your name on your Rondo email ballot, otherwise it will be considered incomplete and not count.

This measure is to ensure ‘ballot stuffing’, made famous by the republican party, does not happen here.

Remember, it is not necessary to vote in every single category. What is necessary is that your voice be heard, and you have your say in the matter. These awards are getting bigger and bigger, and are receiving high praise from all over the industry.

Be a part of it all! But don’t delay. The deadline will be here pronto.

Just when I thought my dream of having someone in the oval office with administrative talent was dead in the water, the good folks in Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas kinda turned things around for me and other Hillary supporters.

Obama’s gravy train of garbage hasn’t completely derailed, but I’m hopeful more and more people see thru his pretty words enough to see the ugly reality of how he presents himself. He is beginning to remind me of W more than I care to consider, but it is what it is. Why am I at such a pass?

Well, if presenting Deval Patricks speech as his own wasn’t enough, there is also the matter that Obama purposely takes situations out of context to build himself up. His “I never voted for the Iraq war” proclamations sound great and reak of steadfastness to what is righteous, but he says it irregardless of the fact he wasn’t in office to even have a say when the vote took place, making the statement reak of something else. Like maybe the Clampetts outhouse.

Just goes back to issues of character, or the lack thereof. Sad, too, because I like his message of change and hope. But a message expounded by one is only as true as the messenger.

Speaking of characters……

Sure, it was a couple small towns in Vermont, meaning basically nothing. But does it really mean ‘nothing’?

I’m so completely put off by the lying scum who call themselves Republicans that I doubt I’ll ever vote for that party again. Why? Not because Bush is a fraud to everything he stood for when he ran, and not because Cheney is lower than a snake in a pit of crap, but because those in Congress with first hand knowledge from the beginning still chose/choose to support those idiots and their right wing closet Nazi ideals over not only the integrity of the nation, but over the people who elected them to office.

Maybe what we need in this country is every township and city doing the same as those with kahona’s who live in Vermont.

I pray the lying schemers don’t get away with what they do because we as a citizenry are just too lazy to save our country from those elected officials who use the constitution and bill of rights to clean their buttcheeks.

Personally, as a ultra conservative Republican, I view Bush and Cheney as nothing other than what those rational thinkers in Vermont do: Traitors, and they should dealt with to the letter of the law for those of their ilk.

Till next time,

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