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PCR #417. (Vol. 9, No. 12) This edition is for the week of March 17--23, 2008.
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Rondo Awards Result....Paul, Paul, Paul....Politico....Van Halen Resumes Tour  by Matt Drinnenberg
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Well Monster Kids, the Rondos are all over but the shouting.

In what is yet again a record turnout, literally thousands participated this year in the 6th Annual Rondo Hatton awards, honoring the best of the best in the fandom realm.

Being completely and totally fan-driven, you never know what you could turn out with in the Rondo’s. In example I offer this years category of Best Film. Nominees for the category included more than a few that I thought could own the day, such as 300, 1408, I Am Legend, Grindhouse, Sweeny Todd. But the winner, by virtue of fan vote, was Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake. While I love the vast majority of Zombie’s work, I must admit I never saw that coming.

Other big winners acquiesced more closely to what I had in mind, altho many were ‘non picks’ by moi.

Best TV Presentation: The BBC's Doctor Who episode, "Blink".

Best Classic DVD: Nosferatu: The Ultimate Edition

Best Classic DVD Collection: Universal Horror Classic Movie Archive.

Best Restoration: Nosferatu: The Ultimate Edition

Best Book: Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark, by Tim Lucas.

Best Magazine: Rue Morgue

For the complete winners list, go to www.rondoaward.com and see how many of your picks won the day. Sadly, my talent for picking Rondo winners is on par with my knack for the Oscars. L Thereby assuring I should never pick myself.

My heart goes out to Paul McCartney, who simply MUST have been in love. That is the only way to explain what he saw in that classless idiot who just bilked him out of 50 million.

To Heather: Please, for all of us, get lost.
To Paul: You’re the man, and in light of what you just went thru, I want you to know I forgive you for writing Obla Di Obla Da. And Hello, Goodbye.

The closer we get to Liberation Day, the more the frontrunners show their true colors.

McCain, to me, has become George W. Bush Jr, the way he refuses to give decent, complete answers, responds to querries with rhetoric, refutes things that are true, and states things that are not. This latest bit of him mixing and matching Iran and Al Queda, even after told of his error, just reeks of same old same old.

Hillary lost big time points with me with her flippant "Maybe we should ask Obama if he needs another pillow" remark. True enough she was speaking to a skit on SNL, but that does not forgive the lack of, well, adulthood that showed.

Obama at this point seems the best of the three, and I really don't trust this dude any more than the others. If anything he worries me more because he's so slick. Slick enough even to rush to the aid of a woman who fainted at one of his rallies. And another. And another. And another. You get the idea.

Is there any way to ask for a do over?

Huckleberry Hound where are you now?

Happy to report that Eddie Van Halen is feeling better and the group has resumed their reunion tour with David Lee Roth.

Rock on guys.

Till next time

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