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PCR #418. (Vol. 9, No. 13) This edition is for the week of March 24--30, 2008.
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"Stop-Loss"  by Mike Smith
DVD Review: "The Baby"  by ED Tucker
Happy Birthday, PCR....Happy Birthday, Iraq War....The Wolfman  by Matt Drinnenberg
The Right Price At What Cost .... Golden Slumbers .... Also Passing .... And The Oscar For 1967 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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...And yet another milestone is hit for this most excellent internet publication.

Honestly, I have to ask "is it really that long"? Of course, that could be a personal question for those lacking the true knowledge of what makes up a crazed fanboy.

Big time congrats to our PCR maker for keeping those electrodes popping.

As W smiles for the camera in his photo-op cavalcade of crap, soldiers and civilians continue to lose their lives, limbs and family members as Bush's Biggest Lie hits 5 years old.

Many Americans still don't want to stand up and face the reality of what W has done, preferring to say things like "that's in the past", "are you still talking about that" and "looking back doesnt address the situation at hand". All of those retorts are 100% true. Bush lying to America to get into a war that has cost almost a trillion in dollars and 4 thousand in American lives is in the past. Yes, I am still talking about it, if for no other reason than I can't seem to wrap my mind around the idea of people actually still following this man while he should be in shackles by now. And looking back doesnt address the situation at hand, as long as we as a people continue to ignore the reality that we were lied to in the most dispicable and insulting way, and doing nothing about it, which just means it will happen again.

I weep for those who are lackadaisical and uninspired toward truth.

Super-duper pumped am I at the knowledge that The Wolfman has just started filming.

Not a 4-legged canine, but a wolf MAN, The Wolfman is a homage to the '40's classic which starred Lon Chaney Jr and Claude Raines. In the remake, it is Benecio Del Toro as Larry Talbot (yes Monster Kids...Larry Talbot) and Anthony Hopkins as his father.

As with all things monsterific, the big question for Monster Kids and Crazed Fanboys is "who's doing the makeup?". That would be none other than monster makeup master Rick Baker, who is likewise super-pumped about this movie coming to fruition. And as the big kahuna of his craft, the Rickster does not let us down with his Wolfman, which appears to be a cross between the original wolfman, Curse of the Werewolf (Oliver Reed) and Werewolf of London (Henry Hull). Oh...I almost forgot...

and it's NOT CGI!!!!!

In a word.....MAGNIFICENT!

Did I say Super-Pumped??? Oh yeah, baby.

Till next time

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