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PCR #419 (Vol. 9, No. 14) This edition is for the week of March 31--April 6, 2008.
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"Shine A Light" †by Mike Smith
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Two: You Could Pass for the Originals †by ED Tucker
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Like Nolan, I too am perplexed at how Obama getís away with saying nothing. Likewise itís bothersome that on his left hand he can claim in ads to be free of big time oil while his right hand is filled with green from big time oil. And yet, just like Bush and the Bushites, the Obama Yomamma Trauma marches on.

I said initially a few weeks back that there was something that bothered me about this candidate. The Duval Patrick issue seems miniscule when compared to claiming to have no ties to oil, yet being a recipient of their monies. As weíve learned with the sitting President, you can get away with lying like a rug in this day and age, so weíll see if this costs Obama any.

This could be good news for Hillary if she hadnít Ďforgottení she wasnít fired upon in Bosnia. I can only liken that to someone not realizing their right hand was just chopped off, but whatever.

And Nolan can count me amoung the number that believes the Democratic party is paving the way for John McCain to claim victory. There is still a lot of time to go in all of this, but at present I find myself in complete agreement with the enlightened Mr.Canova. From the get go the only person who I felt completely in favor of was Ron Paul.

I cannot convey how much I wish people would go to his website http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and check out all heís done and what he wants to do if he becomes President. In a nutshell he wants to return America to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Whomever is reading this I urge you to truly learn about all of the candidates, and please check into Ron Paul. He has stepped back to tend to his job in government but will be back in the spotlight when the race is on. If you want to know freedom for real, vote for Paul.

The Masters of Horror has gone dot com!!

It has taken me some time to rebuild the site, and some links are still a work in progress, but a lot of it, like posters and lobby cards, and Horrorhead Fredís Fiendish Fun, are back online. Iíve added the calender and some new links to Ďfavoritesí. As time permits, Iíll be adding some crosswords and coloring book entries.

The new link is http://www.themastersofhorror.com.

Okay, so Iíve been around a while. But as Nolan points out on the home page this is my first entry via this new vaunted system of internet lore. Love the idea of being able to tweak midstream as the issue goes forward. Always hate finding typos. Pretty impressive, Mr. Editor.

Take care and God Bless


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