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PCR #422 (Vol. 9, No. 17) This edition is for the week of April 21--27, 2008.
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Here is a perfect example of the precariousness of life, and how just having fun can go wrong in an instant.

My buddy Glen, whom I've known for over a decade, was in a horrific snowmobile accident on Friday.

From what I understand he was snowmobiling up here in Maine (he lives in Massachusetts), and lost control when one of his sled skis went off the snow path and hit dirt. This propelled him 47 feet in the air. When his party got up to him they saw he was impaled on a tree root sticking out of the ground. The wound completely opened him up and his insides were hanging out.

To Glen's great fortune, a game warden just happened to by passing by right after the accident and knew what to do to keep him in check until the helicopter arrived to airlift him to the hospital.

Once there, and to nobody's surprise given the circumstances, they noticed massive damage to his internal organs. They actually lost him on the table for a while but were able to bring him back.

The doctors weren't able to close him up until his 3rd emergency surgery last night due to his insides being so swollen.

Glen has required 2 complete blood transfusions, and the doctors are concerned he may be brain damage because of the extreme blood loss.

As tragic as this is it is even more so due to the fact he's such a nice guy. He always goes out of his way to help people all the time.

He's still in ICU and not out of trouble by any stretch due to his injuries and the now contracted staph infection.

As I said at the outset, you just never know when bad times will befall you. I had just talked to Glen on Thursday about this trip and he was pumped for a great time. Now he's fighting for his life.

I'd like to ask everyone to please pause and pray for Glen and his recovery; that he has faculties to know his daughter and family, and can actually have not only a decent life, but life itself.

Just quickly here I want to admonish some of the newscasters last night who kept not only putting up numbers showing Obama was beating Hillary, but saying how she had no chance because even if she did 'pull this out' it wouldn't be the double digit win she needed.

Lo and behold I wake up today to see Hillary not only won Pennsylvania, but won by double digits.

Do yourself a favor from now on and ignore what they say regarding voting polls and how it's going. Shape your own opinion and get out and vote, even if you are told 'it's all over', like it supposedly was last night.

As Nolan mentions on the home page, this Saturday is Mike and Juanita's wedding day.

Not only will it be my great pleasure to attend this moment, I have been honored with the task of performing 'The Wedding Song', and 'How Deep is Your Love'. The latter of which is one of Nolan's all time favorite songs, from one of his all time favorite bands, The Bee Gees! Okay, Okay, so their one of my all time favorite bands. More appropriately, one of Mike and Juanita's also.

Speaking of Juanita, she seems to be perfect for Mike; subserviant, obedient, commandable.. that's Mike, not Juanita. Really, they have a relationship filled with laughter, which is a beautiful thing. And Juanita's really nice, and not an idiot, which is bonus!!

I'll be returning home early Sunday morning, the Lord willing, when Denise and I will celebrate 20 years together, 18 married. I tell you, time just zipitydudahs right on by.

Till next time,
Take care and God Bless


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