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PCR #423 (Vol. 9, No. 18) This edition is for the week of April 28--May 4, 2008.
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There are some moments in life that just should not be missed. Like a first kiss, your first aurora model, seeing Jaws for the first time, or marrying the person God tailor made for you. I was very happy to bear witness to the latter when Mike and Juanita shared their vows on April 26th.

Never have two people been so perfect for each other. As Mike's son Phillip pointed out; the fact she can deal with his earthquaking snoring is testament to the fact of her love.

I remember sitting outside the infamous 'cabin' on the Vineyard and talking to Juanita. With her telling me all the little things Mike does that she loves about him. I recall thinking my list was very similar, and telling her that I was so very thankfull she wasn't an idiot jerk. Even more thankfull Mike had found her.

For Mike, I'll apologize to him now for throwing him under the 'man bus' as I report on his sobbing like a baby. I pondered that possibly you would have to go back to the first time Mike saw Bruce the shark bite the dust in Jaws to match the volume of H20.

Seriously, it was a beautiful moment as they shared their vows. Always a nice thing, to be sure. But when it's certain you are witnessing the merging of destined souls, it's even that much more special. Indeed, it is magic.

I'll leave more specifics to Mike and his rundown with action photo's, but must acknowledge 2 things:

1. That Grooms cake personified intellect and
2. Surely one the of the great moments of my life.

..and just as starting life together is a blessing, celebrating the years as one is equally so.

This week my wife Denise and I celebrate 18 years of marriage/20 years of naughtiness. It's hard to believe it's been so many years, likewise the 20 total years we've been together.

It's taken me some time to train her, but she is becoming more subservient every day! lol. Just kidding, honey.

One of life's miracles is how the two lives become one in almost every aspect. It comes with understanding, patience, support and forgiveness; all which find their way to the journey that is marriage. Always trying to understand each other, patience when you don't, support for their endeavors and spirit, and forgiveness for not being perfect.

It is these things that personify the love of two; that personify my marriage with Denise.

In the end, I guess I'm just a lucky kus. Not just because I am, but because I'm married to someone who thinks she is, too.

Till next time...

Take care and God bless,


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