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Surely at this point everyone on the continent knows the New England Patriots were accused of, and admitted, stealing signals and signs of the coaching staffs of their game day opponents.

While this sparked the ire of alot of folks, it didn't really bother me that much. Not until the news broke, that is, that the Pats taped the walkthru of their Super Bowl opponent, the St.Louis Rams, the day before the game. New England, as we all know, won that game and shocked the sports world in doing so.

When the Rams thingy broke, it was anywhere and everywhere. The Pats, who acknowledge previous funny business, emphatically denied the report about the Rams. Still, it was hard to read sports news, or watch it on tv, without hearing about it. And it seemed clear to me at the time that it wasn't 'reporting' per se', but 'accusational' as fact in tone.

In fact, even with everything else, it was the Rams story is what got Arlen Specter involved, thinking perhaps the Pats cheated against the Eagles in the Super Bowl as well!! Of course, now he's claiming to be a Steelers fan, because I guess you have to be a total suck up in a universal way to be a Senater.

But back on point takes us to the amazing lack of class and the simplest regard for responsibility and yes, truth, on behalf of those we count on to get it right.

To be complete, and give credit where credit is due, here are some bylines of the time:

BOSTON HERALD:According to a source, a member of the teamís video department filmed the Ramsí final walkthrough before that 2002 game. The next day, the Patriots upset St. Louis, 20-17, on a last-second field goal by Adam Vinatieri for their first championship.

ESPN:An unnamed source has claimed a New England Patriots employee secretly videotaped the St. Louis Rams' pregame walk-through the day before the Super Bowl.

CBS:A member of the New England Patriots' video staff taped the St. Louis Rams' last walkthrough before the 2002 Super Bowl, a Boston newspaper reported.

NBC pretty much repeated what CBS brought to the party. Or vice versa.

Of course, now it comes out that the story is completely and utterly false, with no truth to it whatsoever. No new taping. No stealing of signals. All on the up and up. And most importantly, all old news.

I would like to know who this 'source' is. Seems like you can say anything today and use the term 'a source said...', then retract it with complete anninymity to your crime of slander or libel. Let's see how this works....

"a source has come forward saying the person who broke this non story is an idiot for not checking their facts"

Okay, here we go again.

Hillary just spanked Obama like a red headed step child, winning West Virginia like she owns every parcel of land in the state. She continues to win the big swing states, and yet the news keeps saying she's already lost. They said the same thing about Bill Clinton, who didn't get the votes he needed until D Day at the convention.

Watching her victory speech last night, she was smiling big time. Speaking to Nolan's comment about possible 'somethings' she may have on the Barakian one, that smile could lead to speculation.

Obama seemed not reserved, but concerned, which is curious considering everyone is saying he's already won. Fact is, he hasn't yet, and there is still time for something to happen, something to break, another shoe to fall. As sure as some Super Delegates have flipped from Hillary to Obama, they could flop right on back if the circumstances dictate.

Everyone telling her to bail, and she fights on. God love her.

Take care and God Bless,


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