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PCR #428 (Vol. 9, No. 23) This edition is for the week of June 2--8, 2008.
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Congrats Obama...and DNC
This will be short and sweet this week as I've got a million things on my plate.

Given that Obama has wrapped up the nomination, thanks to the disenfranchisement of American votes in Florida and Michigan, I thought I'd congratulate him on his gift from the Democratic National Convention.

Yes, the DNC who, from this point forward, cannot claim to be the party who cares about all voters, as they claimed when W was in his disenfranchisement heyday.

Just goes to show the sad and pathetic truth. They are all liars and schemers who care more about their party then the American people.

How dare they.

Famous Monsters Battle Looms
I have been privy to documents submitted to the California courts protesting the claim of ownership to the FM trademark by Philip Kim.

After viewing them, I have come to the belief that there is no question Ray Ferry was found to be the owner of the mark at the last Kim attempt to claim it. I certainly see no reason why that would change at a new hearing. Especially given the scathing rundown of events the document details.

It is just unbelieveable to me the incredible lack of followthru that could occur in a court of justice.

In official documents, it is all laid out where Kim bought the trademark from a bankruptcy court trustee, but tried the very next day to void the sale after learning the TM was NOT part of the trustee's holdings. Kim was denied his refund by the same court that acknowledged the trustee did not hold the mark. Incredible.

The world has gone mad. Of this I'm certain.

At the end of the day, the hearing for this is scheduled for the 18th of June, with the fate of FM hanging in the balance.

Stay tuned....

Take care and God bless


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