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PCR #430 (Vol. 9, No. 25) This edition is for the week of June 16--22, 2008.
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Congrats to the Boston Celtics on winning the 17th Championship in the franchises history.

Personal congrats toward Paul Pierce, longtime Celtic who could have fled the team during free agency but chose to remain loyal to the team; something that is just too rare these days. His loyalty was rewarded with not only a championship, but the MVP trophy for most valuable player of the series.

And to Kevin Garnett, whom I've always appreciated for his committment and desire.

It is a happy time indeed for all Boston Celtic fans.

It was June 20th, 1975.

The ads had been running for some time about a cool looking movie coming to a theater near you about a shark terrorizing beach goers. Who had any idea that on this date in history, history would be made.

JAWS changed the landscape of what had previously been known as a 'down time' to movie studios, as it crushed and chomped on not only the competition, but all great movies that came before it.

It also brought people together who likely would never have met had they not shared the JAWS connection. Like Mike and myself. Like the thousands of JAWS fans across the globe who meet annually to share in this vision.

Happy Birthday Bruce!, you da man..er..shark.


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