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PCR #436 (Vol. 9, No. 31) This edition is for the week of July 28--August 3, 2008.
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Last Saturday was the big BayFest event I've been drooling over the past several months. My mouth has been saliva laden due to my performing there on the main stage off the river.

When we pulled into the 'entertainment only' parking area right up front (being a rocker has it's priveleges. who knew?) we were immediately witness to a plethera of festive folks partying down to the event at hand. Mucho vendors, food stops, and local radio was all on hand.

I was pumped.

I got to the stage to set up and I was greeted by Willie (not Mike's uncle) who is the resident sound master in these parts. He had me plugged up and in and rocking in no time. If you read this...'thanks bro!!!'.

Mentioned before, I have, my great lament and personal disappointment in myself at not pursuing music seriously earlier in my life. Perhaps I sometimes come off as egotistical when talking about playing, but it is pure amazement and nothing else at what always transpires.

Typically I begin my shows with the Eagles Take it Easy so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and went with Take it to the Limit. If your a musician then you know what I mean when I say it is a sweet thing indeed when people start parking their ass in the seats while you are on stage and rocking.

Added pleasure when response is grand when you play one of your own tunes.

Regarding my delay at this, sometimes I wish I could kick my own ass.

Anywhooo, I wrapped up the day with a blistering rendition of the Who's Squeeze Box, which turned into a big sing along. Man, what a time.

Before I left Willie came up to me to congratulate me on a great show and handed me my check for playing. Honestly, I felt like I should have been paying him, but as I sang about Harry in Chapin's Taxi, I took the change.

Great sadness hit me like a meteor from God as I came to the full understanding the day was over. Still bumming to this moment. Now foaming at the mouth at another chance to play.

Man I love this job.

Take care and God bless


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