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PCR #440 (Vol. 9, No. 35) This edition is for the week of August 25--31, 2008.
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We have finally arrived at that great moment in Americana where the Presidential hopeful nominees get to tell you why they are great and their adversary sucks.

Obama, for his part, seemed to stay pretty much to the truth. I found this quite refreshing. Without question he hammered away at not McCain, but McCain's views and declarations, which over time have proved wrong. Naturally, he spoke to his differences with McCain, and how he had been proven right. Pretty much a recurring theme to the Democratic National Convention.

Of course it was mentioned more than once that McCain is, in truth, George W. Bush Jr. What amazes me most about this is the fact that Bush is dirt these days. Bush and his immature actions and comments, insulting to mankind itself, have him at a new low, which is something considering every day the past 2 years it's been a new low.

The Republicans are about to get their turn as their convention is coming soon. Surely we'll hear that familiar old song "Terrorism, Bin Laden, 9/11, we're freedom fighters, etc, etc". It's the same mantra-filled crap Bush used to hypnotize enough voters to win 4 years ago. It's really all they have, since they can't talk about doing anything other than practically ruining the country with greed, protecting pedophiles and arrogance.

Still, it's only right and the American way to let McCain have his day. Perhaps he will shed his current image as a Bushite and win over enough people to have a chance with those of us birthed in utter skepticism the past several years. This will be tough to do considering McCain has been suckling at the Bushes like a nickel hooker bobbing for a tenspot.

All the same, he'll give it his best shot, as he should. He is a war hero and freed POW, and has done some good things. Being in the service, I know that just because you serve your country, it doesn't necessarily make you a swell guy. Not that he isn't a swell guy, just maybe not as in touch with the people as Obama. But he does have one thing that Barack does not.....

The Terrorism Ticker that strangely appeared 4 years ago when Bush was running for re-election. Some say this was only to spread fear and panic in an attempt to win votes, which in and of itself is simple terrorism. Knowing of the Republicans' skullduggery, I would have to agree with that assessment.

This time tho, it will be for McCain. And just like Bush2, the second the election is over, the Terrorism Ticker will stop. With any luck, the insanity won't be far behind it .

God bless,


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