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PCR #441 (Vol. 9, No. 36) This edition is for the week of September 1--7, 2008.
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Due to the simple reality of the passage of time, you can't really hit a date on the calender where some major event happened along the way in a given year.

Take today, for example. On this date (9/4) thru the expanse of time, Beyonce Knowles, who happens to be Nolans favorite singer, was born. It also marks the day the Crocodile Hunter lost his life in a tragic scuba accident. Senior' Kodak also chose this day to make his mark in the photo world and beyond. And then, of course, there is this little addition to history..................

On September 4th, 1964, Gilligan, the Skipper, The Professor, Ginger, Mary Ann and the Howells found themselves stranded on a tiny little island after taking off for a 3 hour tour.

Fortunately for Ginger and the Howells, they packed heavy for the little ocean jaunt, giving them something different to wear every so often. Gilligan, Skipper and the Professor packed very light, making it a necessity to wear the same clothes again and again.

"Gilligan's Island" lasted only 3 years in its initial run, but is still today one of the most watched shows in television history some 40 years later. Talk about staying power. I didn't know the little buddy had it in him.

Luckily we can all breathe a sigh of relief today because we know they all finally got rescued, turning the island into a vacation resort.

Happy Birthday Castaways!!! This rail is for you.

God Bless


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