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PCR #445 (Vol. 9, No. 40) This edition is for the week of September 29--October 5, 2008.
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Like most people, I'm saddened by the passing of Paul Newman. As has been noted in obits across the web, he was a much greater father and living being than he was an actor, and that's saying something considering he's regarded as one of the great actors ever.

My first recollection of him was in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was in it's second run at the theaters, having been nominated for several awards. I do believe this was the first time the folks took me to the movies and dropped me off, letting me watch it alone without parental supervision. It's very possible this was also the first time I ever called home to ask if I could stay and watch it again.

The always likeable guy, I don't think I ever missed a new film of his until I stopped going to the movies on a regular basis. From Butch to Absence of Malice I'm pretty sure I nailed them all.

As an American citizen he did his duty by speaking out against governmental stupidity, showing himself to be a true Patriot. I remember watching him on Donahue where they were talking about some massive nuke funding bill that was coming up. Probably the first time I ever really listened to anything about politics, and agreed with him when he mentioned the number of nukes onhand already and proclaimed "how many times do you have to be able to blow up the planet before you have enough (nukes)?

Hearing from those associated with him over the years, you learn he was never satisfied and always felt he could do more and serve a greater purpose, even tho his charities and fund raising helped literal millions. Self effacing and humble to a fault, I've read, that he was the personification of the regular guy.

Our species has really lost a good one here. I don't think there's any question his journey to the great beyond was a good one.

Without question, he will be missed.

Have to mention my beloved Bucco's here, who are 3-1 heading into this Sundays matchup with the Bronco's.

The Bronc's have looked pretty good, at least until the thumping they took at the hands of lowly Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bucs seem to be able to win despite turning the ball over, which is a major feat. Winning, not turning it over. If they get that under control, with that D, they will be a major Super Bowl contender!


Take care and God bless.


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