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PCR #446 (Vol. 9, No. 41) This edition is for the week of October 6--12, 2008.
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Like most living beings, sadly not all, I understood without reservation that OJ Simpson was guilty of 2 counts of murder.

Also, like most living beings, sadly not all, I understood the incredible stupidity that transpired when that jury acquitted him.

Shock, amazement, anger, hatred for misjustice; all were felt on that day. There was the Civil Trial that purely judges issues on the evidents, not a slick lawyer, where scumbag..er..Simpson was found guilty of the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

For the sake of clarity and truth, something that misses alot of web news sites, Goldman and Nicole were not 'friends'. Goldman was a waiter at a restraunt Nicole frequented. He was at her place on that unfortunate evening because she left her glasses on the table, and Goldman was dropping them off. Surely he happened upon OJ during his terrorism of Nicole.

As a Christian, I am not only taught to be forgiving, but to He I call my Savior, Jesus Christ it is a requirement. Feelings of hate for this man are very strong with many, and I am no exception. His act was so heinus and hate filled; taking the lives of two innocent people; depriving his children of their mother forever; depriving Ron Goldmans family of their son and brother forever.

I doubt I will ever forget the shock and dismay on the Goldman's faces when the verdict was read. The tears they were crying. The outrage I not only felt but still feel to this day.

Just some of the reasons I am so happy this fraud and phoney nice guy is finally getting his due. Truly, a part of me thinks he may get out of this; the judge being a big OJ fan and hating white people. Or possibly he'll suspend the sentence, or only give him 5 years. I pray they give him life without parole, in a maximum security hard line prison.

And may the Warden hate the Buffalo Bills and never liked OJ Scumbag...er..Simpson.

Guess I need to work on the forgiveness thing.

I do believe that out of all the years being a voter, i have never been so disenchanted with the choices before me. not just for the big kahuna job, but the vice-roy positional plunder as well.

For head cheeseball, we have a man who believes W is the massiah and thusly follows lockstep behind his ideals, or lack thereof, and lies at will about Obama during the debate, but says he takes great offense with being called a liar. oooOOOOOooooo., and a guy who talks real pretty who has taken credit for things he didn't create, and is unsure exactly how many states there are in the union.

Second banana honors go to Palin and Biden: chuckleheads or knuckleheads. take your pick. Palin's rediculous and stupidly ignorant answers to Katie Couric showed how up to snuff she isn't, not too mention possible candidate for the Almost as Dumb as Bush award. Biden's confusion isn't reserved for not understanding a paralized disabled veteran in a wheelchair can't stand when he *Biden* asks the man to stand.

3 words: Woe is me.

After watching this latest debate it was pretty clear to me Obama won overall. McCain was really coming off as angry and insulting. Obama, for his part, never got insulting toward McCain. He did talk about the Straight Talk Express losing a wheel, which was humorous.

McCain did make some good points but any good he did was undone, to me and many at work, by his attacks on Barack, instead of sticking to the issues.

Many of Obamas answers came across vanilla to me. Not sure if that's because I've heard it all before. Really don't remember hearing anything new. McCain offered me pretty much the same.

How did my old friend Bill the Cat say it?


Bigtime birthday wishes go out to several people:

Lisa Rio Zubeck, Oct 5, 43 yrs
Lisa and I go way back. Alot of great memories makes me wish you only the best.

Autumn Rio, Oct. 18, 26 yrs
Okay. I am officially an old dude. 26? Freakin' A, I'm stunned. I also wonder if she ever found my belly button. Hmmmmm. The mystery of it all. Always loved this kid and thought the world of her. She rocks.

Don't worry Corey. I'll get to you later. I have to think of something really worthy. Maybe I'll try to find that old FM with the Hats on it, and paste it here last week of the month. Now where is that 'dream date' plug'?

and of course....

I will not allow someone's insanity to stop me from wishing that great and sadly 'late' human being known to us all as John Lennon a Happy Birthday. Confident I am that he is in the more desirable area of the great beyond.

John, if I may be so bold. "Thank you for living".

Till next time, take care and God bless.


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