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PCR #447 (Vol. 9, No. 42) This edition is for the week of October 13--19, 2008.
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I can sum up my feelings for these candidates by pointing to one specific exchange during the last debate between Obama and McCain.

As they bantered back and forth, Obama calm and cool; McCain as the angry old man, the matter of negative television ads came into play. McCain nailed Obama; Obama nailed McCain. Both were less than honest.

McCain stated that Obama's negative ads far outweighed any he has put out. Obama blasted away that McCain had delivered negative anti Obama ads 100% of the time. This proclamation, as McCain's, is false.

For his part, McCain has actually had a congratulatory tv ad to Obama, and others that were more in the friendly rang; pointing specifically to issues. Obama never denied having negative ads, but the '100'% is shown as less than genuine.

McCain has delivered more negative ads than has Obama; this according to the Neilson Company. For the record, the numbers are:

McCain - 76238 negative ads attacking the Barakian one.
Obama - 75246 negative ads attacking McCain.

Truly, I don't beleive either has a winable argument as being the 'kinder' candidate. While McCain has roughly 1000 more, they both have over 75,000. Hardly something to be proud of.

To me, the bigger issue is why lie about the numbers? Obama could have simply said McCain had more and he could prove it. Or even stated the percentages, which hashes out to something like 73% negative for McCain, and 67% for Obama. He could have even left out his own number and just said McCains. It would have at least been true.

I know people who will lie like a rug to make a point, even when they don't need to, and I really want nothing to do with them.

Heck, I'd probably be leaning toward McCain if it wasn't for his Rove-ion campaign strategy that makes me want to barf. He should just be himself; he'd get more votes.

Joe Biden, fyi bro, the word 'jobs' has 4 letters in it, not 3.

Yo Palin, when you are found unethical by an investigation into your job performance, you are not being 'Vindicated' as you state to countless thousands you were. Liar.

In the most literal of sences.

Havent really mentioned this, but just had a couple of troubleson moles removed, both in the netherregions, which is painfully sore.

I swear I thought the good doctor was tunneling as he hacked away, nice and deep, in both zones. The had to suture me due to the gap. Can't convey properly how awful it was to lay there while someone dug away.

The product of his construction work will be biopsied and I'll know soon if I have anything to worry about. The doc did note that I might not.

Well, aside from the pain, of course.

Did you see that game the other night? Game 5 of the ALCS, where the Bosox came back from 7 down to win?

Wow. What a game. Even if you are a Rays fan you have to be glad you saw part of baseball history; the biggest comeback ever in a post season elimination game!

Game 6 tonite!!

God bless,


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