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PCR #449 (Vol. 9, No. 44) This edition is for the week of October 27--November 2, 2008.
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"Changeling"  by Mike Smith
Retro-Ween 2008  by ED Tucker
Kings of Leon: Only By The Night by Bobby Tyler & Jake Tipton
Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend  by Chris Woods
Zombie Night at the Beach Theater: The Halloween Horror Picture Show, 2008  by John Miller
The Halloween Horror Picture Show 2008: A Different View  by C. A. Passinault
Happy Halloween .... Birthday Boy .... Great News Delivered .... Fantasy Football  by Matt Drinnenberg
Anthony .... Chiller Theatre .... Spooky No Longer .... Bond...james Bond .... Sacred No Longer .... It Worked On Bewitched .... No No No No I Don't Sign Them No More .... Passing On .... And The Oscar For 1974 Should Have Gone To...  by Mike Smith
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Be sure you are on the lookout tonite for minions of the macabre, fairytale land, and super hero justice leaguers as they galavant across the countryside in search of particles of goodness and sweetness. Also known as candy.

Yes, it's Halloween. Where candy will be popping in the mouths almost as fast as pimples will be popping on the face tomorrow morning. Sugar rushed bodies of our young will be blitzing blindly yet assuradly as they seek out home after home hoping for the big score.

In the past this was one of my favorite days, just because I love giving massive candy handouts to the suprised kiddies, but alas I now live in rural Maine, so my likely visitors tonite will be the kind I have every evening: deer and elk. With the occasional bald eagle, altho he usually shows up during the day. Possibly because his house (nest) is a scant 50 feet from me.

I will be attending a party this evening, draped in Drac-cloth with appropriate fangs and fake blood. And yes, it wouldnt be complete without my Dracula emblem and ring. Missed out on Hallofun last year so pumped for this event. Being the father of Masters of Horror, this should suprise no one.

Of course, the most exciting part in all of this is that possibly the most seen costume this year will be Iron Man, who was my big kahuna super hero of my youth. So much so I was nice enough to engrave his helmet in my mom's hope chest!!! I remember now how happy she wasn't about that event, to my suprised confusion. Really, it was quite masterful.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone. And remember...if Jamie Lee Curtis comes pounding on your door, for Heaven's sake, let her in!!! And Michael Myers? Just be sure that's a candy bag in his hand, and he's only like 3 feet tall.

Want to give a big and hearty Happy B Day to the Coremaster.

Not only the driving force and heartbeat of The Hats and Blade, but one of the nicest guys this planet has to offer. Surely, like me, Corey is a fan of Halloween, being a bigtime Famous Monsters fan as a kid like I was.

Strangely, neither of us knew about each others FM love until after our band days. Even stranger considering Nolan was likeminded in that avenue of monsterdom.

Happy Birthday bro! Hope you enjoyed it bigtime.

I believe I mentioned the moles I had removed were being biopsied. Happy am I to report the biopsies came back negative and my buttesimo, as well as the rest of me, can hope to be around alot longer, God willing.

Thanks for all the well wishers and prayers out there. It was appreciated greatly.

While I pretty much have left sports stuff to Chris, it's no suprise to anyone, especially Nolan and Corey, what a sports maniac I am. This is why I am in six, yes...6 fantasy football leagues.

In one of those leagues, TBFFL, I face off this weekend against the Mikester, also known as Mike Smith, headmaster of Mikes Rant.

Normally I would talk some smack about how I will be taking him down like an undressed diva, but instead I will wish him good luck this week. Not just because he'll need it against my stellar squad, but because his friendship is more stellar than any squad I could assemble.

Good luck buddy!



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