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I've gone into great length to expound on my feelings regarding John McCain and Barack Obama over the past several weeks.

There was no question to me that when the voting moment arrived, I would struggle to come to a conclusion. Sure of this due to my inability to really be able to get behind either of these men.

As I got to the voting spot I was welcomed by Deborah Dean, who was running for office in the local town. Good fortune to her that I was wide open and undecided in her category. She admitted to me that she didn't know the population of Orland, but I gave her a pass because I don't either. The fact she was honest about it gave her my vote.

Once inside, I was told I don't live in Orland and was not registered.

"Sure I am. I got my drivers liscene in Ellsworth, and when they asked if I wanted to register to vote I said, 'yes I do', and filled out the registration card and handed it back!" They looked unsure of what to say, because I obviously knew what I was talking about. They checked other areas too just to be sure, but replied "you're not on the list".

"He better be", says a lady to the left. "He's paying his taxes".

"Who are you?" I querry.

"I'm the town accessor, so I get your taxes"

The first lady then says "Here, take this paper over there and she'll register you". I was reminded thru this exchange why I love living here. Normally in this scenario you would deal with some greif. Everyone was so nice and neighborly about trying to help me, even tho I wasn't on the list. Registering took seconds, not minutes, and I was immediately able to vote.

Keeping my promise I skipped to the Debster and gave her my endorsement. Voted in the local ballots and ammendments. Then got to the 'the decision'.

Standing there with marker in hand I just kept staring at the names. Back and forth, McCain or Obama, my pen would shift up and down the sheet. I considered the options over and over again, retracing thoughts already had countless times. Just locked in a no decision.

My choice was gutwrenching, to be sure. Really blows being in the position of not having anyone to vote for. I like alot of Obama's ideas, and cared for absolutely none of McCains. McCain has alot of experience and Obama has little by comparison. I don't buy he doesnt have any because he certainly has some, being a senator. Obama has questions about his associations. Altho the only one that bothered me was his Reverand. McCain has questions about his associations, too. Namely George W. Bush, whom he voted with 90% of the time. It doesn't help he tried to align Obama with 'terrorists' making him guilty by association, who he now believes is a good American who wants to help.

During speeches Obama took the high road and actually spelled out some of his ideas. McCain insulted my intelligence with rousing up angry crowds. I saw some of these on cspan. It made me ill. Typical Karl Rovean bullshit.

Sick to death and tired of that same old song, I just could not give my vote to McCain. It crushed me due to my longtime fondness of him, but his campaign showed me he's just another politician who'll do anything to win.

Okay Mr. President. Don't let me down.

And as for Deb? Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Good luck Debster.

Till next time, take care and God bless


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