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PCR #457 (Vol. 9, No. 52) This edition is for the week of December 22--31, 2008.
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Having a rather full plate of activity this holiday season I've had to miss a couple rails, so apologies for that. But how could I miss wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas today.

Yes, I'm writing this Christmas morning! First cup of coffee at my side, and nary a gift opened at this point. For sure, that carnage will ensue shortly, and wifey and I's world possessions will grow by at least 7 each.

As is the case every Christmas time, my list was pretty cut and dried for dvds. Hopeing for movies I never had time to see, such as Iron Man, Dark Knight, Hancock, and I am Legend, and Journey to the Center of the Earch (Brandon Frasier cracks me up-and earned my respect with his amazing Bedevilled performance). In a while I'll return to rail for GIFTS GALORE, and let you know of my hopefull dvd joy. It really is all I want.

Well, all I want aside from a record deal. But that would be hard to wrap so I won't hold it against the wifey when that's not under the tree.


to be continued.....

God Bless


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