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PCR #446 (Vol. 9, No. 41) This edition is for the week of October 6--12, 2008.
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Hello gang! Just some odds and ends this week. Shall we begin?

"Body of Lies"  by Mike Smith
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Now you're famous!

Funny that Matt should mention Bill the Cat this week. Berkley Breathed, who drew Bill as part of his "Bloom County" strip has announced that his follow up strip, "OPUS," will end its run after the November 2 panel. "Bloom County" fans will remember the strip ending with Opus the Penguin heading off to find his mother. Curious how Breathed will send him off this time.

Josh Brolin, soon to be seen on screen as our beloved President in "W," is in negotiations to play comic book hero Jonah Hex.

Kevin Costner and Ron Shelton have discussed a possible sequel to "Bull Durham."

"Lethal Weapon" creator Shane Black has finished a script for Part 5. Only drawback is a long-running feud between producer Joel Silver and the series' only director, the great Richard Donner. Rumor is that Silver is willing to allow Black to direct the film himself rather then work with Donner, though it's unsure if stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover would do the film without the "Superman the Movie" helmer in charge.

Speaking of "Lethal Weapon," sad to report the passing of actor Kim Chan, who played "Uncle Benny," the Chinese mobster, in "Lethal Weapon 4." Chan is probably best known for his role as Lo Si in "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues." He also appeared in many films, including "The Cotton Club" and "The Fifth Element."

This week website RopeOfSilicon.com came up with its list of the top ten uses of the word "fuck" in movie history. They are:

10. Steve Martin trying to rent a car in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

9. Pretty much every other line uttered by Al Pacino in "Scarface."

8. Joe (they fuck you at the drive thru) Pesci in "Lethal Weapon 2 and 3."

7. Eddie Murphy, as an old barber arguing with others,("fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. Who's next?") in "Coming to America."

6. John Goodman dismissing Steve Buscemi ("Shut the fuck up, Donny") in "The Big Lebowski."

5. Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in "Raging Bull." "Did you fuck my wife?"

4. Spike Lee insulting both Danny Aiello's pizza AND Frank Sinatra in "Do the Right Thing."

3. R. Lee Ermey, again pretty much everywhere, in "Full Metal Jacket."

2. Bruce Willis pissing off Alan Rickman with a hearty "Yippee Ki-Yay, Mother Fucker," in "Die Hard."

1. Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino and Ed Harris throughout "Glengarry Glen Ross." I had the great opportunity to play Harris' role of Dave Moss on stage and believe me, I said "fuck" more times in 2 hours then I had in my entire life.

Memo to John McCain: Senator. Time's almost up. You've sat back and pretty much let Barack Obama walk into the lead in this election. For someone who claims to be a maverick and is known for his temper, you're putting up as much of a fight as Terri Schiavo did. And you know how that ended up. Number 1: Stop it already with the "my friends" bit. By now you have amassed more friends then my son on MySpace and Facebook combined. And that's a lot, trust me. Number 2: Bill Ayers. Jeramiah Wright. Tony Rezzco. Time to put these men front and center. The job you're running for demands a high level of character and honesty. You're letting Obama put these men out of sight and out of mind by not challenging him on his relationships with them. He can go on all day about how he was only eight when Ayers and his pals committed terrorist acts on their own country but the facts are that he still associated with him, both personally and politically. That would be like me hanging out with Hitler and when someone complained I would say, "Hey, I wasn't even born when he was killing Jews." Needless to say, the New York Times will continue to say you are playing the "racist card" when you bring Ayers up, though I don't understand how since Ayers is white. And since Obama keeps on bringing it up (he doesn't look like the guy on the five dollar bill, he has a funny name) call his bluff and up the ante. In your next debate, when Obama says he didn't know until later that Ayers was a terrorist ask him when did he find out that his minister of 20 years, the man who married he and his wife and baptized his daughters, was a racist piece of shit. And when did he know his real estate pal Rezzco was a crook. Coincidentally (wink, wink) Rezzco's sentencing, which was supposed to happen before the election, has been moved to December. Guess Senator Obama figures by the time Rezzco spills the beans on their dealings that he'll already have won the election. After November 4 there are no take backs. You've got three weeks to get out there and fight. If you don't you have no one to blame but yourself.


Newman and Redford take on Satan and George Lucas (no, they're not the same person.)


Well that's all for now. Have a great week. See ya!

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