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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
   Assistant Editor:  Terence Nuzum.     Advertising and Promotions:  Andy Lalino.
The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region: Part 5
Top 20 Albums of 2007 #10-1
Bud Lee: His Trapped Memories Can Still Escape Through Photos
Goodbye, Vampira
R.I.P. Maila “Vampira” Nurmi 1921-2008
The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part One: In the Town where I was Born...
It's Oscar Time! .... So Mj's Available? .... Belated Congratulations .... .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1983 Should Have Gone To... t
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 408  (Vol. 9, No. 3). This edition is for the week of January 14--20, 2008.

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TOP 10 Weekend Box Office, Friday through Sunday (January 11--13, 2008)
1. "The Bucket List," $19.5 M
2. "First Sunday," $19. M
3. "Juno," $14 M
4. "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," $11.5 M
5. "Alvin and the Chipmunks," $9.1 M
6. "I Am Legend," $8.1 M
7. "One Missed Call," $6.1 M
8. "P.S. I Love You," $5 M
9. "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," $4.4 M
10. "Atonement," $4.3 M
Art Brown, Jan 2, 57 yrs.
Lisa Ciurro, January 3, 38 yrs.
Patty G. Henderson, Jan 6, 57 yrs.
Matt Drinnenberg, Jan 9, 47 yrs.
Nicholas Castellano, Jan 13, 8 yrs.
Scott van Sickle, Jan 14, 45 yrs.
Tedd Webb, Jan. 29, 59 yrs.
  • Paul Guzzo's Indie Film News --
    Always Current Issue
  • Vampira, RIP
    UFOs Over Texas
    Mona Lisa, ID's at Last
    Chess Master Bobby Fischer Dies
    And.... Chris Woods on theTFR's 4th Anniversary

    After weeks and months of thinking about it and a two-week delay recently while I got 2008 under control, it's finally here: this year's Crazed Fanboy & PCR homepage. I hope you all like it.

    This year's resolution was two-fold: First, simplify it. Reduce some of the clutter, cluster links where they'll be out of the way, but easily located. And secondly, make it so the page expands to automatically fit various browser window resolutions and configurations. I hope both of these concessions to occasional comments made about the Crazed Fanboy website makes for a more effective and pleasurable surfing experience.

    One thing that hasn't changed on my end, at least not yet, is the need to spend at least two days updating this page! I'm still working on that.

    In any event, let me know if there are any technical problems experienced with the new fancy-schmancy linking architecture.

    Vampira, RIP
    One thing that I wanted to acknowledge right away is the recent passing of the one of the very first TV horror hosts, Maila Nurmi, aka, "Vampira". Based out of Los Angeles, she was recruited by Ed Wood to co-star in Plan 9 From Outer Space, Bela Lugosi's last picture.

    Weirdly, I did not see any mention of this on the internet, nor on television or radio, so I owe a debt of thanks to FANGRRL, Lisa Ciurro, for bringing it to my attention in last week's Readers' Comments. Lisa has done a fascinating write-up on Miss Nurmi, please see it in this week's FANGRRL.

    Also, Andy Lalino has a few memories to share in Oddservations.

    UFOs Over Texas
    This has been a really interesting case and one which has stuck around newspaper headline sections for a couple days, where normally this topic gets short-shrift.

    Apparently, several dozen people - including a pilot, county constable and business owners - in and around the small farming community of Stephenville, Texas, insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.

    Of course this is Bible-belt country and more than a few saw it as a sign of the "End Times", but the great majority just want to know what it is. The local airforce base says they had nothing in the air at the times cited.

    Generally, the descriptions are of a large, low-flying, but speedy object with bright lights that seem to change configuration spontaneously.

    A Message Board thread has been started on this topic.

    Mona Lisa, ID'd at Last
    This one I'll make short and to the point as I thought this had been solved satisfactorily ages ago. Well, "satisfactory" and "proven beyond doubt" are two separate distinctions, I suppose!

    Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy Florentine merchant, Francesco del Giocondo, has long been seen as the most likely model for the sixteenth-century painting.

    Seems that at the time of Da Vinci, a Florentine city official named Agostino Vespucci, an aquaintance of Da Vinci, made some margin notes in a book detailing what he knew about the Mona Lisa. These notes were recently discovered by experts at the Heidelberg University library and compare to letters written by Greek artist Apelles who said Leonardo was working on three paintings at the time, one of them a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo.

    She has been named as his subject before, but the suspicions were mostly based on speculation. These latest findings prove to the experts that Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo is, in fact, the Mona Lisa.

    Chess Master Bobby Fischer Dies at 64
    This came in just as I was putting PCR "to bed" for this week. Bobby Fischer, the reclusive American chess master who became a Cold War icon when he dethroned the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky as world champion in 1972, has died. He was 64. His tirades and idiosyncracies eclipsed his chess genius dring the period of his celebrity, unfortunately. He came out of seclusion/retirement to play Spassky again in 1992. He won and disappeared again soon after.

    Chris Woods on TFR's Fourth Anniversary
    The 4th anniversary of The Tampa Film Review was a great night. They rolled out the red carpet and had a who’s who from the Tampa film scene as guests. It was an impressive event. With three screens and an awesome attendance, it was a great way to kick off 2008. I just wanted to congratulate all the winners, all well deserved. I thought it was very cool that Joel D. Wynkoop got the lifetime achievement award. Congrats to Joel. Also I want to congratulate Paul and Pete Guzzo for putting on an excellent film event for the past four years. I was at the very first one back when it was called Coffeehouse Film Review and been to almost all of the CFRs and TFRs through the years and looking forwarding to many more. I had an awesome time at the event and congratulations to everyone on all their success.


    Readers' Comments

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    ED [21-01-2008 03:18] 
    Lisa - That Brady Bunch Girl was Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! There was an entire episode where she was trying to get Davy Jones to play at her prom. In the end he agreed and she supposedly went as his date although they never showed the actual dance. This was post-Monkees around 1973 and Jones performed the song Girl.
    Lisa [20-01-2008 18:51] 
    I wonder how long it will be before I stop hearing "hey hey we're the Monkees!" in my head every time I visit Nolan's site?

    Didn't one of the Brady Bunch girls have a thing for the Monkees? (Or am I mis-remembering and confusing all those syndicated shows my sister and I would watch religiously from 4-6 p.m. each afternoon?)
    Lisa [20-01-2008 18:41] 
    Terence said "Lisa i must say i am impressed by your journalistic skills. you actually contacted this guy to find out when Nurmi's funeral was? also it is a well written article. defintely up to Will Moriaty standards."

    Thank you so much. I wore my La Floridiana T-shirt for the first time last weekend while working on the article, so maybe I got a secret boost of Moriaty Power or something.

    As much as I hate to lose any fanboy points I might have earned, I have to admit that finding out about Nurmi's funeral didn't require anything outstanding. VampirasAttic.com posted "if you want to receive info on the funeral, email us" so I did. I thought I'd receive a generic mass email, but instead I received a really sweet personal email from Nurmi's friend, introducing himself, giving me the info, and thanking me for my interest. That email exchange inspired me to track down and email Elvira's publicist. I didn't get an answer but it was fun to try.
    shelby [20-01-2008 17:58]  
    let me know
    Terence [20-01-2008 17:29] 
    its not up to me alone. Id have to ask both Nolan and Vinnie. Mainly Vinnie since the entire film is based on his short story collection.
    ED [20-01-2008 16:10] 
    I am not arguing that "Hits" is a solid album, I just don't consider it Nesmith's best (or even one of his best) as you previously described it.
    shelby [20-01-2008 13:54]  
    Nolan and Andy,

    You guys need to let me distribute your films online for download, Milk Crate Scars and Filthy, respectively.

    Andy, I know that you sell your DVD through PayPal right now, but you need a download outlet.

    Nolan...You, Terence, and Vinnie need both.

    Joel Wynkoop has already signed on for Lost Faith and The Bite!!!

    Let me know,
    Odds [20-01-2008 12:12] 
    "Phase 4"? Nole, their name is just like the great '74 ant movie!!!

    This is no coincidence, IMO. I think we have another '70s cult movie fan here.
    Odds [20-01-2008 11:39] 
    "Phase 4"? Nole, their name is just like the great '74 ant movie!!!
    Nolan [20-01-2008 11:11] 
    Sorry I've been away a couple days, work schedule's been a b*tch. Plus, I might be coming down with something, not sure. I hate the cold weather!

    I want to welcome Phase 4 Tree Specialists as our newest sponsor!

    To Lisa: I join the others in congratulating you on an outstanding column! You have raised the bar once again on our already sky-high standards. Well done. As for the techie-answers: no problem, glad to help.

    To Shelby: Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    I wish to acknowledge the passing of actress Suzanne Pleshette at 70 years old. I will, of course, be devoting more appropriate space to this in next week's PCR.

    Regarding all the Monkees talk: WOW, what an outpouring of reaction over their mere mention in Readers Comments! ED, you're right, it might be time for a retrospective.

    To Arty Peters: You are a formidable fanboy, sir, I respect your insight and I welcome you aboard, whoever you are. However, Smokey & The Bandit 3 is the worst movie I ever saw, sorry.

    Great issue everybody, keep up the great work!!
    shelby mcintyre [20-01-2008 09:53]  
    Arty Peters [19-01-2008 21:45] 
    ED - Harmony Constant, Keep On, Roll with the Flow, all help make "...And the Hits..." a solid album.
    terence [19-01-2008 07:58] 
    you Are welcoMe sir,
    Puff Chrissy [19-01-2008 07:02]  
    Some people have Cryptograms, some have Sudoku...all I have to pass the time is your writing. Thanks for thinking of me, Terence.
    Terence [18-01-2008 18:08] 
    Lisa i must say i am impressed by your journalistic skills. you actually contacted this guy to find out when Nurmi's funeral was? also it is a well written article. defintely up to Will Moriaty standards.

    p.s. all misspellings and uncapitalized i's are for the benefit of puff chrissy. he likes to count them. i gotta give him something to do. its like the sunday paper crosswords for him.
    ED [18-01-2008 18:01] 
    So Mike do you have the reissue of the Pieces Aquarius album under the title of She Hangs Out with the artwork cover? How about the Golden Hits colelction that was a Kellogs premium? Do you have the Laurie House two record mail order greatest hits set that was the only original compilation to feature songs from all nine original albums? Do you have the mono version of Birds and Bees?
    Michael [18-01-2008 15:01] 
    Did someone say The Monkees? Wow! Happy to say that I own every album they ever put out, in every version. Yes, from all four Monkees to just Mickey and Davy, their musical spectrum is well represented. Nothing says "we're men" like the original issue of "Headquarters" showing the boys on the back cover with beards. It's funny how everyone says they caught the show in re-runs. Am I the only one that watched them first run? Am I THAT old!? Our old band (Nolan, Matt, Corey, Scott Van Sickle and myself) used to play the hell out of Monkee tunes. Matt did a nice Nesmith-ish "You Just May Be The One." Also, don't forget that Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart played up at Big Daddy's in Britton Plaza in, I want to say, 1976 or 77.
    ED [18-01-2008 12:03] 
    Arty - aside from Nesmith's version of Different Drum, which tracks on Hits do you think make it his best album? I have always considered that one of his less impressive albums, ceratinly behind the First National Band stuff and Infinite Rider but ahead of the concept stuff like The Prison.
    Lisa [18-01-2008 11:46] 
    Re: Vampira, pt. 2

    Andy: I enjoyed reading your tribute. I found a website re: I Woke Up The Day I Died that you might be interested in. I'll post it on the message board. Also, it might amuse you to know that the very first Vampira pic that I originally added to my article ... was the exact same one you included with yours.

    Nolan -- Thanks for the tech support for this non-techie. As far as finding out about Nurmi's death, I subscribe to a couple of "celebrity death notice" email alerts. That sounds bizarre, I know, but it's for my "in memoriam" posts on my blogs. (I get the info much, much quicker that way.) Tracking the online dissemination of information has been fascinating. Throughout the 4-5 days that I was researching Nurmi online, I watched the news (of her death) go from the A sites to the B sites and so on. (I also saw how many sites scrape the content of other sites, word for word, errors and all.)

    Moving on...gonna go read everyone else's columns n
    Lisa [18-01-2008 11:27] 
    Re: Vampira

    There's nothing like being mentioned by name by the holy trinity of Nolan, Andy and ED to put a gal in serious research mode, let me tell ya. Thank you for all the positive feedback.

    During my email exchange with the person planning Nurmi's memorial service, I told him I was writing about her on this website and I conveyed condolences from the Crazed Fan Boy family. Also, I told him I would share info re: her funeral and the donation fund he's setting up. I'll post that on the message board when I receive it.

    To ED: I learned SO much about Nurmi (and about a lot of other horror hosts too). Good observation about her impact...it's fascinating to consider which events resonate and start a new trend and which events don't. Also, thanks again for offering to help. I was going to ask you to read the article before I posted it, but it took a lot longer than originally thought and I barely finished it in time.
    Arty Peters [18-01-2008 11:21] 
    You guys are forgetting what in my opinion is Nesmith's best album "...And the Hits Just Keep on Coming". It's amazing how pure it sounds and how well it holds up today.
    Paul Guzzo [18-01-2008 10:44] 
    Good coverage of the TFR Nolan. Thanx again!
    Terence [18-01-2008 08:42] 
    Ed- Magnetic South is the one I have and along with the Flying Burrito Brothers, the first two Poco albums, and Grateful Dead,s Working Man's Dead is one of the best country rock albums ever. back before the accursed Eagles ruined the genre.
    ED [18-01-2008 08:04] 
    Lonnie - those are some great memories! The Bell album you mentioned is called Refocus. Bell somehow got the Monkees catalog in between Columbia and Arista but all they ever issued was that one album and a post-Monkees single by Dolenz & Jones. The Arista greatest hots album is the exact same tracks in a different package. The Bell album is very rare due to low sales. I had forgotten that albums used to cost $6-$7 even at chain stores like K-Mart and I had to save up my allowance to buy them. My mom bought Abbey Road for me one evening before she and my dad went out and I must have listened to it 30 times while they were gone!
    ED [18-01-2008 08:00] 
    Terence - Mike Nesmith actually put out three albums with the First National Band. The first two, Magnetic South and Loose Salute, are among the best work he has ever done. The third album, Nevada Fighter, is weaker than the other two but still worth a listen.
    Lonnie Dohlen [18-01-2008 01:54]  
    Ed ,Speaking of the Beatles,My Father couldn't afford any of their albums,so he had to rely on the Air Force Base Library in Duluth Minnesota (1967-74) @ his Wollensak 5300 Reel to Reel Tape Player from the 3M People(New Sleek Look,1965-66)or his Panasonic Cassette Player.Often times I would hear Tom Jones singing ,"Yesterday" or "Hey Jude"off his Live in Las Vegas Album,1969.Many times,he would be lucky to get "A Hard Days Night" Soundtrack on United Artists or "the Early Beatles" @ Magical Mystery Tour on Capitol.Many times,I suffered thru a recording of "Fool On The Hill" or "Eleanor Rigby" By (Are U Ready?)Percy Faith or Diana Ross.Now my secrest out.
    Lonnie Dohlen [18-01-2008 01:36]  
    When I was much younger,in the 6th Grade,1978-79,I had never heard of the Monkees or their TV Show until the summers of 1978-82 when WTOG 44 ran Reruns @ 4:30PM in the Afternoon.I was hooked.There was a Girl living next door to us in the late 70's.She had the Greatest Hits(1972 Bell Records,1976 Arista).My sisters used to hate the Monkees,just like the 3 Stooges,but I didn't care.Watching their show helped make me forget my problems at home.I had to beg my Mom to get me their only Greatest Hits LP that cost $7.27 @ the Now Defuct Camelo Music Store on Saturday March 17,1979.I could not stop playing that album.Ed Tucker,I had to copy Songs,such as Valleri,off the TV Show,since no other LPs were available until the mid 80's.
    Terence [17-01-2008 19:07] 
    Nesmith's The First National Band is a album of pure genius. up there with Gram Parsons' albums for sure.
    ED [17-01-2008 16:09] 
    Oh Lord, I can see a Monkees retrospecive in the near future! You never know what's going to hit a nerve around here! When i first got into them, the only album still in print was the Arista greatest hits one. There was no used record store in my town so I had to beg, borrow, and steal to make tapes of other peoples records. It took me years but I finally have a complete original set of everything they ever released. I also have a 16mm print of an unaired version of their pilot show that to my knowledge has not seen the light of day since the 60's! It is a slightly different version of the one that turned up on the Rhino sets with the Monkees lip synching to Boyce & Hart's singing!
    Odds [17-01-2008 12:54] 
    I'm the Pat McCormick of Crazed Fanboy.

    Tez the Paul Williams.
    Steve Beasley [17-01-2008 12:27]  
    The Monkees. I was a huge fan. In the 60s everyday when I got home from school I'd play the red and white labeled Colgem's (The Monkees rlecord label) records. I had about 12-15 minutes to play as much as possible before The Monkees came on TV. Awesome!

    The first band direct-marketed directly to teens and preteens via television...tho I didn't realize at the time, of course.

    Ahh, the mammaries...er, ahh...I mean memories.
    Arty Peters [17-01-2008 12:18] 
    No doubt Odds. Without Junior, who would have held Buford's hat? Which reminds me...are you the Big Enos or Little Enos of this website?
    Odds [17-01-2008 12:04] 
    ...and let's not forget Buford's omnipresent hatchling Junior.
    Arty Peters [17-01-2008 11:42] 
    LOL...You crack me up Odds.

    I would propose that Buford T. "You Sounded Taller on Radio" Justice is one of the Top 5 greatest movie characters of all time.
    Odds [17-01-2008 11:34] 
    I've got two words for you, Arty..."Elephant Parts', Arty, "Elephant Parts"...

    And yes, "Filthy" is all about the metaphor...

    And who couldn't love 105 minutes of Sheriff Buford T. 'I'm Gonna Barbeque Your Ass in Molasses' Justice?
    Arty Peters [17-01-2008 11:08] 
    Re: Mike Nesmith...

    His post-Monkees alt-country predecessor albums are near genius.

    Also Nolan, how can you be so down on Smokey & The Bandit 3? Madame Godzilla...the swing club with the name Come On Inn...It's way better than part 2 in my humble opinion, even if it is less avant garde.

    Odds...I happened upon your movie 'Filthy'...don't know if you guys have talked it up on here at all, but it has some tremendous avant garde moments like the old lady's dance scene and the biohazard workers. Clearly the world of trash and debris speaks volumes.
    Odds [17-01-2008 09:47] 
    Maybe that U.F.O. over Texas was Ron Paul's blimp.
    Odds [17-01-2008 09:43] 
    Outstanding write-up on Maila Nurmi/Vampira. Well done!

    I really enjoyed the personal stories you linked to "The Yellow Submarine". I was a big Monkees fan too back when I was a kid. We used to get a kick out of the Tork-crooned "Auntie Grizelda"! I personally also liked Mike Nesmith's "Listen to the Band". I can't recall if I was a Beatles or Monkees fan first. My dad loved the Beatles, even though it wasn't really his generation's music. We had the later Beatles albums - Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, Let It Be - around the house and he would play them every so often. I think no matter what kind of music a person prefers, we can all agree on The Beatles, though I am partial to their later more psychedelic works.
    ED [17-01-2008 07:56] 
    Wow I forgot about Jefferson Starship being on the Star Wars special. I do remember seeing Boba Fett but he was just in that cartoon cameo on the thing the little Wookie was watching wasn't he? I have a VHS tape of that show somewhere that I am going to have to dig up now!
    Paul Guzzo [17-01-2008 06:44] 
    Hey guys, perhaps the largest Film News update yet. Lots going on. Check it all out.
    Michael [17-01-2008 06:23] 
    Great issue as always, everyone. ED, love the "Yellow Submarine" piece. Sorry you turned off the "Star Wars" holiday special, though. You missed Jefferson Starship, Boba Fett and Chewbacca's dad, Itchy, who looked like Paul Williams' Virgil character from "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" after a 3-day bender!

    Love the new look...everything is bright and shiny!
    ED [17-01-2008 05:24] 
    Lisa - that is a really nice and well researched piece you did on Vampira. It's hard to believe she had such an effect on pop culture from a show that lasted barely a year and was only seen by one small segment of the population. I only remember her from The Magic Sword that used to play on 44 all the time.
    Puff Chrissy [17-01-2008 04:38]  
    Lisa: Your limerick has been forwarded to the authorities and you will be prosecuted.
    Lisa [16-01-2008 23:00] 
    Dammit...I forgot to put "Siberia" in parentheses...I was going for a Siberia-Poland joke/reference (and there are only so many words that rhyme with "Nolan"). So sorry Puff Chrissy -- it wasn't intended as a slam against you at all.
    Lisa [16-01-2008 21:23] 
    There once was a webmaster named Nolan,
    Who, despite all the crazies, kept rolling,
    He revamped his site
    We said “DYN-O-MITE!”
    Those who disagree should move to Poland.

    Great new look, Nolan! (Just in case the bad limerick threw you off.)
    Nolan [16-01-2008 19:07] 
    I'm glad you like it. Thanks, everybody.
    Steve Beasley [16-01-2008 17:57]  
    Looks great! I love the "cleaner" look! Same great taste, less filling.
    JMILLER2 [16-01-2008 16:53] 
    Site looks awesome Nole...Has a much kinder happier feel to it...
    Chris Woods [16-01-2008 15:26] 
    Nolan, very cool new look. I like it.
    Nolan [16-01-2008 12:48] 
    Thank you, guys.
    Puff Chrissy [16-01-2008 12:36]  
    This is my favorite redesign by far. It's about time you went all widescreen!
    Paul Guzzo [16-01-2008 12:33] 
    I love the new look man ... and that's not a lie ... it .. THE TRUTH! *cue Twilight Zone music as I dash from room*
    Odds [16-01-2008 12:32] 
    Whoah! Am I on the right website?!?

    Looks great, Nole!
    Nolan [16-01-2008 12:29] 
    Great columns, everybody! Whew, I'm glad this upgrade is done.
    [31-12-1969 16:00] 
    End of Comments    

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