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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 410  (Vol. 9, No. 5). This edition is for the week of January 28--February 3, 2008.

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Clinton and McCain in Florida

Doug Deal, Feb 6, 49 yrs.
Byron Rocher, Feb 8, 41 yrs.
Andy Lalino, Feb 17, 41 yrs.
William Moriaty, Feb 24, 53 yrs.
By now you've all heard the news: Hillary Clinton (D) and John McCain (R) were the winners of the Presidential Primary for Florida by pretty wide margins.

While it was forecast just before Tuesday that Hillary was the odds-on favorite for Democrats, it was Mitt Romney who was originally seen as Republican favorite. Instead, John McCain, "the comeback kid" took it easily. Shows what polls know.

Because Florida is being "punished" for changing polling days, Democrats are not being awarded any delegates to the National Convention (the candidates spent very little to no time campaigning here as a result). I'm still not sure what impact that has on the final outcome as Florida is generally regarded as a pivotal state in the main election.

Speaking of polls, Amendment 1, the property tax relief bill, was coming in so close to 50/50 up to voting day, that it was finally predicted to lose. Instead, it passed comfortably, garnering 64% of the vote (it only needed 60% to win).

Letters to the EditorWhile Amendment 1 cuts taxes by doubling homestead exemption, most of its critics say it doesn't go far enough (I'm in that camp), and others say that it will be responsible for losing valuable services. The "no" votes were gaining momentum until the end. What changed the voters' minds, I'll never really know -- that any tax break is better than none? I've long been of the mind that there's plenty of money in the gov't coffers even if they cut our taxes in half, to pay for valuable services, but it's being currently spent inappropriately on vanity projects and the like.

As of this writing, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are expected to officially announce they're dropping out of the race. 4 states and 4 losses. My boy Ron Paul, on the other hand, though still in single-digit polling numbers, likely can and will go the distance (there's enough money raised to make that realistic). Of course, his odds of actually becoming President are still slim, but I appreciate all the education on liberty his campaign has brought to the American public's attention.

Barack Obama's numbers are still good, but slightly less encouraging than expected by this point. The Clinton steamroller is a powerful thing. Still, the race is young.

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Jobe [02-02-2008 20:35] 
I am GOD here!
Paul Guzzo [02-02-2008 10:35] 
It's the best comic since Mark Trail!
J.MILLER2 [02-02-2008 00:08] 
Thanks guys...The kind words are greatly appreciated
matthew [01-02-2008 17:50] 
i, too, love the strip. very talented, this fellow.
Nolan [01-02-2008 10:20] 
I agree with Terence. John's work just gets better and better. All I do is put in some grey tones and finesse it a little (manually insert the comic font for dialogue and such) , but the artwork and story is all John Miller.
Terence [01-02-2008 09:22] 
the splash pages at the end of this weeks Canova are awesome. your artwork more and more reminds me of Basil Wolverton.
Nolan [01-02-2008 02:10] 
Paul's comment refers to a deleted post about us never admitting we're wrong. Mark, you got a short memory, son. About a lot of things. I asked you nicely several times to leave us alone and not post here again and you ignored me. So, I made a code adjustment, and, if I did it right, you should be blocked from Crazed Fanboy entirely, including even being able to see this page. Of course that also means you can't be reading this right now. I'm sure one of your friends will read it to you.

If it didn't work and you are reading this, I will keep trying until you are blocked. Your posts will continue to be removed on sight. But hopefully, this worked. You brought this on yourself.
Paul Guzzo [31-01-2008 18:39] 
No way ... that one time I admitted I was wrong about the time I thought I was wrong ...
Michael [30-01-2008 21:16] 
OK, I guess I did miss it. I only saw Sly set the Claymore then cover it up. When the soldiers stumbled on it I didn't get that they found a "dud" first, just that they uncovered the Claymore. Thanks for the explanation.
Republican [30-01-2008 19:49] 
Hillary is so sexy. I'd love to get a bikini picture of her posing for me!
art is dead [30-01-2008 19:42] 
to Guzzo: what is Art Grizzle's annual salary/maybe we should start cutting there.
Brandon [30-01-2008 18:52] 
Surprised? Yeah, Why would Hillary bother with the whole dog and pony show that she "won" in Florida where she's gets NOTHING. Woohoo - she won a state that doesn't count.

I'd like to commend your loyalty to Ron Paul Nole with the whole "slim" chance reference to his potential nomination when, unless there are actual casualties, he has ZERO chance of winning.

Huckabee is the most powerful player left. Watch him attack Romney endlessly and completely pave the way for McCain to win. (A backdoor deal to be VP??)

Rambo [30-01-2008 18:31] 
Who's been talking about my movie? The claymore mine which I used was enhanced by Naqahdah, which I ripped off from the Stargate series! This created my new Super Claymore, patent pending.
Best. Rambo. Movie. Eavooooooooor!
Lonnie Dohlen [30-01-2008 18:22]  
Nolan,I voted for John McCain,who eventually won. L.D vs A.L
Odds [30-01-2008 18:14] 
I posted photos from FX Show '08 in Oddservations.
Michael [30-01-2008 13:51] 
OK, now I'm curious.
Nolan [30-01-2008 15:01] 
Mark -- I thought I'd made it clear that due to you and your brother's relentless campaign of terror that you are no longer welcome to participate here in any capacity. Why you still want to is confusing. I do not want to ban you from the entire site, but will if necessary. Please stop posting.

Mike--Here's the relevant question Mark asked: "The reason the Claymore had as big of an explosion as it did is it was right next to a "Tall Boy" Bomb which was used by UK in World War II. You must of missed that in the beginning when they walked by the supposed dud bomb."
ED [30-01-2008 11:58] 
Fanboy Alert - Don't forget that George Romero will be in Jacksonville this Saturday giving a live commentary during a 40th anniversary screening of Night of the Living Dead. I have it on the best of authority that there are still a few tickets left!

Nolan [30-01-2008 11:32] 
Paul, I understand how the system is supposed to work and I was probably being too general talking about taxes state-wide, not just in Hillsborough. However, I'm not convinced scrutinizing the ledgers wouldn't reveal plenty of things that could be cut out to prevent losing important services. Iorio's policies were just fine years ago before our property values went haywire and the country plunged into recession.
Paul Guzzo [30-01-2008 11:21] 
In regards to your thoughts on the city and county wasting tax dollars ... remember, there are Citizen Advisory Boards whose job is to approve budgets and make sure money is not being wasted. So while the system will never be perfect, there are enough checks & balances to ensure tax money is used as appropriately as it can be. We all knew Iorio would push projects such as Riverwalk ... if you don't like her policies, I ask you this - Were you aware she was in favor of projects like these during the election, because it was public knowledge. If so, did you volunteer for the campaigns of her challengers?

We are all so often ready to tear our leaders apart on the local level for their policies, but remember, on the local level more than at any other level YOU have a voice and have the opportunity to change things.

Nolan, this is NOT directed at you BTW ... as publisher of this website you do your part to inform the public.
Nolan [30-01-2008 10:56] 
So...did anyone else vote yesterday? What did you think of the election outcome (including Amendment 1)?
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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