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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 411  (Vol. 9, No. 6). This edition is for the week of February 4--10, 2008.

"Fool's Gold"
Saturday Night Dead
The Black Lector: James Tokley
SuperDuper Bowl .... Politico .... Rondo
Oscars .... Grammys .... Passing On .... Rocket Misfires .... .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1989 Should Have Gone To... s
Super Tuesday
Super Bowled Over
The Fate of Natalee Holloway

Clinton and McCain in California.

40 years after civil rights and race still has such a huge impact on outcome and reporting. Hillary Clinton's win in California was seen as capitalizing on backing from Hispanic voters. Barack Obama's victories in Alabama and Georgia, black support.

Otherwise, McCain's own victory in the Republican race in California dealt a crushing blow to his closest pursuer, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (who amusingly, earlier in the week, asked Huckabee to please drop out). Former underdog McCain told cheering supporters at a rally in Phoenix, hours before California made his Tuesday Super, that he proclaimed himself the front-runner at last.

In the competition that counted the most, the Arizona senator had 570 delegates, nearly half of the 1,191 needed for the nomination - and far ahead of his rivals.

Even so, Romney and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said they were staying in the race.

UPDATE, 2-07-08: Mitt Romney announced he has ended his presidential bid. He said it was a hard decision and he did it to avoid further fragmentation of the GOP.

I'm not a sports fan and I slept through this whole thing, but man, I heard about it enough to recite the holy mantra: Super Bowl upset, NY Giants: 17, New England Patriots: 14.

Evidently, The Patriots were favored to win and would've put them in the rarified air of the Miami Dolphins as the most winningest Super Bowl team ever -- or something like that. I know our own Matt Drinnenberg predicted in last week's Rail a score of Patriots: 42, and Giants: 35. I'm looking foward to reading his analysis.

I know there are sports fans among us, and I would be remiss to ignore this holy day of days, so I started a Message Board thread to commence some action.

Share your thoughts on the Super Bowl.

The Commercials
In case anyone cares, my favorite commericals aired during the Super Bowl are the one with the Budweiser Clydesdale getting trained "Rocky" style from a dog, the "talking stain" (Tide. Beautiful photography), the Macy's Balloon fight between Underdog, Stewie (Family Guy), and eventually Charlie Brown over a bottle of Coke, and, well, I liked the Bud Light commercials that granted super-powers (altho it got a bit gruesome and was highly criticized). I should also thrown in the FedEx giant pigeon for special FX work, as well as E-Trade's talking baby, and Cars.com's "Plan B". Least favorite was a Doritos commercial with a giant rat. Also, I wasn't quite as taken with the Life Water's geckos, or whatever they were, dancing to "Thriller" as everyone else was, but the young lady doing the main dancing was terrific.

How did I see all these if I didn't watch the game? Ah, the internet is a wonderful thing....

The fate of the American student missing for nearly two years may finally be solved thanks to a Dutch investigative reporter, Peter R. De Vries. Either he or someone involved in the investigation befriended the main suspect, Joran van der Sloot. The reporter videotaped a confession from van der Sloot via two hidden closed-circuit cameras installed in the van the two were riding in. It was broadcast last Sunday night in Holland to record audiences.

Investigators are still pondering re-arresting the youth as they regard the tape as spurious evidence (it definitely links him to the crime scene, but whether a murder was committed is murkier).

Thanks to Paul Guzzo for finding a Google Video link to this video.

Readers' Comments

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matthew [12-02-2008 06:57] 
in a word: devastated.

my mom and roy within a 5 month span.

this is what they mean when they say 'life sucks'

SAG, nice to hear from you again. I wonder if you remember 8th grade art class, when we had to create our own art satchels. Always looking upon your artwork with great respect, I was humbled when you remarked that my satchel, a tribute to jaws, was worthy. Wish I could remember the teachers name; Mr.Antenelli? Mr. Antonini? That's what bad beer will do. Where's my waterfall?

Terence [11-02-2008 17:52] 
i acutally picked up a Del Tenney dvd called Violent Midnight not to long ago. i have yet to watch it but it looks like a brilliant mix of film noir, b-trash, and of course my favorite...a 50s juvenile deliquent/greaser gang film.
Terence [11-02-2008 17:49] 
my only thing to add about Roy Schieder is that when they were filming that awful Punisher movie here he came in to my job a couple times and i was shocked to discover he was about no taller than me or chris woods. i expected him to be this tall john wayne type guy. i cant say i liked him much as an actor so thats all i can add. thought maybe you all would find it amusing. i didnt actually converse with him though.
Lonnie Dohlen [11-02-2008 15:02]  
Ed,Roy Schendier was in the Del Tenney Flick,"CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE (1963) which he made his film debut.It was on CREATURE FEATURE 44 IN 1981.
Scott Gilbert [11-02-2008 10:59] 
Hey Nolan. Be advised and assured that I read Crazed Fanboy almost every week, with great relish. I may not have much to contribute or comment, but I'm always interested and amused by all the great stuff you guys pack into the site.
Lisa [11-02-2008 10:05] 
I'm tired of people dying. That sounds ridiculous, I know, but you know what I mean.

I was just thinking about Roy Scheider this weekend, while watching the featurettes/documentaries on the DVD of The French Connection.
Nolan [11-02-2008 05:23] 
ED, thanks, of course I agree about Barry Morse who passed away very recently. I, too, remember him primarily from Space: 1999 . I also remember a very haunting still of him from a very early TV series, Way Out, as the Man Who Lost His Face, or Man Without A Face, something like that. It would show up occasionally in Famous Monsters magazine.
ED [11-02-2008 05:07] 
That is very sad about Roy Scheider. I guess he is patrolling that big beach in the sky now. It's also a shame about Barry Mors. I will always remember him as Professor Bergman on Space: 1999. That was a Channel 44 Saturday afternoon staple for me.
Nolan [11-02-2008 04:28] 
Mike, you were, of course, the first one I thought of upon hearing the sad news of the passing of Roy Scheider. I know it hits hard. He lived a good life and his impact on the world was enormous. We are all affected.

To Scott Gilbert, WOW, good to hear from you again! I sincerely appreciate your return and posting a comment after such a long absence. The passing of Mr. Scheider will likely be unifying experience for many movie fans.
Michael [10-02-2008 20:55] 
SAG! Nice to hear from you buddy, even in a sad circumstance. Thanks for your thoughts.
Scott Gilbert [10-02-2008 20:52]  
Sorry to hear about Roy. Sure takes a big chunk out of our childhood/young adulthood! My regards to his family, including Mike and Matt, and all the Crazed Fanboys.
Michael [10-02-2008 20:40] 
It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce the news that my favorite actor EVER, Roy Scheider, has passed away at age 75. If you grew up with me you know how much I followed his career. You also know that I was very friendly with Roy, having run his official fan club from 1977 through the early 1980s. Please take a moment and keep his family and children in your prayers.
Paul Guzzo [10-02-2008 15:44] 
In your face!
Alves [10-02-2008 15:44] 
Paul is 100% right!
terence [10-02-2008 15:21] 
thats not the question. you cant compare yourself to Alves. Alves had a profession already. if i was him i would prefer to work on what i liked regardless of a pay cut. its like when you quit a higher paying job for a lower one because you prefer the lower paying one. when you or i are Alves then we can begin discussing that question,.
Paul Guzzo [10-02-2008 14:02] 
I would work on his films ... simply for the money. If he offered you a five to six figure salary to work on one of his films, would you take it? Could you turn down that kind of money because you don't respect his work? That's a tough call and a good question I'd love to see everyone's answers to - would you work for a filmmaker you didn't respect IF the money you made could help you fund your own dream project.
terence [10-02-2008 11:54] 
i think hes better off not having stuck with Speilberg anyway Mike. I mean who really would want to work on the crap films Speilberg has made in the last 13 years anyway?
Michael [10-02-2008 10:35] 
Andy, thanks for the kind words. Anytime my name is mentioned with EDs is a bonus in my book. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I thought Joe was honest in his answers, even with his fall out with Spielberg. I'm sure it hurt him to turn down "1941," but like he said, a paying job is better then a maybe job anyday.
Nolan [10-02-2008 05:15] 
ED -- regarding the infamous wall calendar in NOTLD: I've always thought that if Romero wants to disguise the year the story takes place, he should answer the question about the visible kitchen calendar by saying the original property owners were lazy about updating it and the same calendar had been hanging there for years!
Paul Guzzo [10-02-2008 05:10] 
Well, there are a few instances in which you see a reflector light move ... we had a crew of 4, so at times had to rig the reflectors on stands, which meant wind may blow it. And there are a few scenes in which the script got all messed up - things go wrong and without money you need to rewrite on the fly. People who have made movies before understand these things. But in the end, it is also an entertaining film, which is all that matters.
AAhhhh ... we all love each other so much!
ED [10-02-2008 04:47] 
I have wondered that myself Chris. Also, if it actually was filmed in December 1966 in Pittsburg shouldn't there have been snow on the ground? My wife is from PA and she says it was always snowing at Christmas. I know it was cold when they were filming because Romero said they selpt in the house while they wee making the movie and there was no heat. Every morning the first person up had to chip the ice out of the toilet so they could use it!
Chris Woods [10-02-2008 04:36] 
ED - Great article on Romero. I didn't know he did stuff for Mister Rogers back in the day. I also noticed the 1966 calendar from the month of December up in the kitchen, which always made me wondered when Night took place, what time of year. Because in the very beginning Barbara is talking about the time change and Johnny is complaning about losing an hour sleep. So, with that I figured it was some time in April, since that's when we moved the clocks an hour ahead.
Puff Chrissy [09-02-2008 19:26] 
Well, considering that one "expert" said that 99 had "shaky reflectors", a "flawed script" and "lack of professional talent releases used in production" (whatever that means), I'd say you should be proud of yourself.
Paul Guzzo [09-02-2008 11:16] 
Thanx ... honestly, it's amazing this happened. We shot it with the money we had in our pockets, ie. not much ... a crew of four, which included a high school student, and it has no cursing, nudity or graphic violence, yet it's a college comedy. When we planned it, we were told by pretty much everyone that no one would buy an indie film with no star power, nudity or violence. But we wanted to make a college comedy our parents wouldn't flinch at while watching it. Our plan was a 90-minute Saved By The Bell episode, which is really what it is. It is SO cheesy at times it's hard to watch, like a Saved By The Bell episode ... anyway, I'll write more about it as soon as I have time to write a column.
Puff Chrissy [09-02-2008 10:49] 
Well done, Paul.
Paul Guzzo [09-02-2008 10:47] 
My brother and I are proud to announce that we have all but finalized a deal with Indie Pictures for distribution of 99. We have signed the contract and are now just waiting on confirtmation that they received it in the mail. Outside of losing my virginity, this is easily the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. No release date has been set.
Odds [09-02-2008 06:55] 
I wanted to write congrats to Ed and Mike for such outstanding columns this week. Both Geo-Ro and Joe Alves are personal heroes of mine. Ed, I learned a lot about Geo-Ro I had never known before, and I've read a lot of interviews with him over the years. He's one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, and he's the only director I can think of whose entire repertoire of films I've enjoyed without exception.

Mike, I know you and Matt are #1 "Jaws" fans with very good reason, but thanks for asking him about "Escape from New York". It was largely due to Alves talents (and James Cameron worked on it as well in '81) that gave the film such a heralded status in fanboy filmdom.

There was a girl at my high school who actually appeared in "Jaws 3D" back in '83. She was the one who screamed as the decapitated head floated by a porthole in the underwater attraction.
Puff Chrissy [09-02-2008 05:33] 
Passinault: I believe stealing other people's ideas is wrong. I also think that lying about how much traffic your site gets is wrong and sad. While we're at it, it's wrong to overuse the word "professional" when you clearly have no idea what it means. It's also wrong to keep coming to this website to attack people, particularly when you state that the people here are insignificant. I wonder who it is you have a crush on? Who are you trying to impress? Guzzo? Nolan? Maybe Joe can call you up again and placate your ego and then you can retract and edit everything you wrote like the coward you are.
Nolan [09-02-2008 03:29] 
The Rant problem should be fixed by the time you read this. Unknown to me, Mike had been linking to a folder I had only been using temporarily until a few days ago at which time it was deleted. There was a communication error about the new location, which, as I said, should be rectified by now.

Mike, sorry for any confusion.
Michael [08-02-2008 22:07] 
For the four or five of you waiting to read the Rant, I've not been able to access my weekly "outline" that I update. I've notified the boss so bear with me. Hopefully the problem is fixed when I wake up. In the meantime, check out that Joe Alves interview. Nice guy.
Paul Guzzo [08-02-2008 21:40] 
I had little to do with this Weekend Film School outside of promoting it for them - honestly - ... but now I think I want to get involved and make it a big success just to drive Passinault into insanity.
Paul Guzzo [08-02-2008 21:33] 
haha .... ok, I did not call Rish an idiot ... too funny ... I guess I should watch what I type. Good turnout for TFR tonight for a February (always in slow because of so many events - a lot of people went to the huge Dali film show tonight) - but still close to 100. BUT, I'd say best lineup of films ever for a TFR ... really.

The Victim [08-02-2008 18:00] 
Imitation? I don't think so. If anything, YOU PEOPLE are the ones who imitate others, you no-talent, unprofessional idiots.
Steal any good ideas lately? Too stupid to make them work because you don't know what makes them work?
Prepare to eat you words. In the future, many of you will not be able to get work or convince talent to work with you, and you will know why.
Brandon [08-02-2008 17:32] 
P is for pathetic
A is for arrogant
S is for stubborn
S is for stymied
I is for imitation
N is for null
A is for assault
U is for Unwisdom
L is for lunacy
T is the Treatment, get some, get over it - move on
Puff Chrissy [08-02-2008 17:21] 
Poor poor Passinault.
Real Filmmaker [08-02-2008 15:57] 
LOL... Weekend film school. The blind lead the blind, for a fee, of course.
Those that don't do, teach. Or at least attempt to teach. Glad to see that you are wasting you time instead of learning filmmaking yourself.
Lenny [08-02-2008 15:46] 
OMG... Did you just call Chris Rish an idiot?
Paul Guzzo [08-02-2008 15:32] 
The cover photo is Chris Rish idiot ... a Tampa resident working on the set as an actor and crew.
Local directors will not get hired for the film, that;s just a moronic thing to expect. Locals with specific skills, ie. lighting, electric, sound mixing, etc. are being paid on set.
Does anyone on this website research anything before they cry?
Nolan [08-02-2008 15:30] 
Paul just said filmmakers are obtaining paid work.

OK ENOUGH with bringing the indie filmmaker wars onto the homepage. Keep it on the MESSAGE BOARD. Any more posts about that will be deleted from Comments. Let's get back to the topics at hand, everyone.
Truth and the Light [08-02-2008 15:09] 
Are any local fimmakers obtaining paid work? Case closed.
Paul Guzzo [08-02-2008 15:05] 
I re-read the article ... and I actually take back my last statement. There was nothing wrong with it. He was right, there are no BIG companies fighting for locations here, which is why I love shooting movies in Tampa. In LA or NY, I'd never be able to afford locations. But in Tampa, they're free because there is no competition.

As for Gasparilla ... this proves the fest works. One of the goals of the fest was to bring in filmmakers who will come back to Tampa to make films and provide jobs. I know at least 10 people on that film with paying jobs. SO, GAsparilla worked. It brought paying film jobs to Tampa. Why is that a problem?
Puff Chrissy [08-02-2008 13:32] 
Poor Passinault.
Paul [08-02-2008 13:12] 
I know that filmmaker too ... trust me, he is NOT bigtime. He's a good guy and a good filmmaker, but that quote was bull. He is no bigger than anyone else in this town.
You all suck [08-02-2008 12:45] 
Let's not forget the ones who are making aspiring gangster films. In a TBT article today, the writer stated that small-time indie filmmakers using Tampa as a location had NO competition from other film companies located here. That is sad. You people are so insignificat that you do not even show up on the map for real filmmakers. You are not on the radar! Such a lack of progress is really sad.
No wonder Gasparilla simply humors you all. They want real films in their festival because they want to attract real filmmakers to Tampa.
Romero Sucks [08-02-2008 12:11] 
You people will never make it if you continue to aspire to make nothing but horror movies.
Nolan [08-02-2008 08:06] 
I have to say, that is one of ED's best columns ever. What an eye-opener! Congrats, ED, well done.

Mike Smith's interview with production designer Joe Alves, is finally up (I ran at least two weeks behind with it, sorry to say) and is another great piece of work.

I'm a lucky man to have so many knowledgable contributors whose standard of excellence is so consistent. It makes me work harder just to keep up! HAha.
ED [08-02-2008 04:44] 
Thanks guys, glad you like the column. Romero said that originally they figured the first three dead films were set about 10 years apart from one another. Then when he made Land he changed his mind and put in a line where one of the characters says it has been 3 years since it started. I think he intended Diary to be in continuity but probably didn't realize anyone would think about the constraints of that as much as they have. He want to go back to the "what's going on" feeling of the first film without having to alienate modern audiences with concepts like 16mm film!
Puff Chrissy [08-02-2008 03:35] 
Great RETRORAMA this week, Ed.

I remember there being an interview sometime when Romero was starting or in the process of filming DIARY OF THE DEAD where he said it was meant to be set in a different universe than his previous movies. I think such a concept would be interesting if they were examining the post-zombie world forty-plus years later; the rebuilding, etc. Though, I think WORLD WAR Z covers that pretty well, and I hope that makes it into the movie if they ever get around to it.
Michael [07-02-2008 21:49] 
ED, thanks for the heads up...I'd forgotten that Manson did go to the Labianca house. Thinking further, I believe Manson may have even tied them up. Great piece on Romero. Coincidentally I am seeing "Diary of the Living Dead" this Friday morning for review next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Terence [07-02-2008 20:34] 
wow. i have heard mostly negative feedback on Diary of the Dead and now after reading that Romero didn't do his research and is now trying to say that the film isn't in any continuity frame just to validate its use of video it makes me want to see it even less. though keep in mind i believe he suggested also back when he released Dawn of the Dead that all that was going on the night or so after Night of the Living Dead and yet it was obviously late 70s. he apparently uses a Marvel comics version of time.
J.MILLER [07-02-2008 14:28] 
Wow very cool Retrorama this week...
Paul Guzzo [07-02-2008 13:28] 
Christ ...
Unblinking Eyes [07-02-2008 13:15] 
Our eyes are upon you. Always!
Paul Guzzo [07-02-2008 12:39] 
BTW ... in regards to Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial ... I've never seen such character development in a commercial!
ED [07-02-2008 03:17] 
Mike - It's debateable on the Labianca murders depending on whose version of the story you believe as to whether Manson had an active part. He wasn't present for the Tate killings even though he "ordered" them (or at least told a bunch of wasted hippies to go to that address and kill everyone). He went with the group the second time supposedly to show them how to do it right and stories vary widely as to his participation in those murders. Helter Skelter!
Michael [06-02-2008 21:03] 
Charles Manson never killed any of the Tate/Labianca victims but his ass is STILL rotting in jail almost 40 years later. This punk will get what's coming to him, rest assured.
Paul Guzzo [06-02-2008 13:18] 
I saw a news interview with her father responding to the video... WOW ... poor guy. When they discusses how the suspect was bragging how he was going to MAKE money off the murder, I've never really felt so bad for a stranger before. Imagine listening to some punk kid brag how he was going to get rich off killing someone from your family.
Nolan [06-02-2008 13:03] 
Paul, thanks, that's the story I got out of it, too. The scariest thing is he dumped her body before it was certain she was dead. Or as he tells it, his friend dumped it. So, technically, van der Sloot didn't admit "killing" her (though we may never really know what caused to lose conciousness).
Paul Guzzo [06-02-2008 08:24] 
Sorry for the typo ... anyway, I believe the Aruban judge has ruled because police didn't tape the confession illegally, it will be admissable in court. From what I could gather, I'd guess she OD'd on something, died, he freaked out and dumped the body. He came off like such a cold fish when talking about her death, though, that it was kinda sick.
Nolan [06-02-2008 05:30] 
"Natalee", actually. Good catch, Andy. I glossed right over that myself.
Odds [05-02-2008 20:06] 
Don't you mean "Natalie"? Isn't Jennifer a BNN anchor?
Nolan [05-02-2008 19:02] 
Just watched the video. That's a real mind-f*ck. I think they got 'im.
Nolan [05-02-2008 18:46] 
Paul, thanks. Didn't the prosecution say this was inadmissable? And didn't that kid say he was lying on the tape (well, of course, now that he's caught...)?

Still, good find, thanks.
Paul Guzzo [05-02-2008 11:24] 
I don't think anyone has posted this yet - it's the Jennifer Halloway murder confession video.
Nolan [05-02-2008 08:55] 
Prepared for Super Tuesday? This could very well determine the election.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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