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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2008!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our ninth calendar year!
Number 422  (Vol. 9, No. 17). This edition is for the week of April 21--27, 2008.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
H.G. Lewis: The Monster A Go-Go Interview
How a Tampa Attorney Became Hollywood's Hottest Screenwriter
Third Inning

My Buddy Glen .... Just Bad Reporting? .... Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come... .... y
I Hear You're Getting Married .... Hope He Doesn't Pull A Hammy .... Ok, Now I'm Psyched .... The Week The Music Died .... Chuck .... .... .... .... And The Oscar For 1976 Should Have Gone To...

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania
Congrats to Mike and Juanita
About Last Week's PCR
Sports Talk Update

I'm putting this first paragraph up in a hurry to tell you all I may have to do PCR in bits and pieces this week---my computer's power supply fan is failing, and if it stops, I'll have to shut down for a while. It's already happened a couple times. I hope to get one of my computer-tech geniuses on it ASAP. Hopefully, I can at least get this week's PCR out intact.

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania Primary
I'm sure all y'all saw this coming, but after the much ballyhooed---and predicted---ten-point spread in voting (55 to 45) Tuesday night, according to my sources, Hillary gained a net of 16 delegates. She's in the race, though, and barring any unforseen weirdness, this may go all the way to the Democratic National Convention.

Barack Obama is still seen by many as the odds-on favorite, but I'm not so sure. John McCain's camp must be laughing at this occasionally; he's the only one not dogged by scandal or any other Republican opponents right now. (Loyalty compels me to mention Republican candidate Ron Paul has still not conceded the race.)

Congratulations to Mike Smith and Juanita Craft!....
...who are getting married this weekend. I hope nothing but the best for this happy couple. We should get a very interesting Mike's Rant out of this....with pics included! Haha.

About Last Week's PCR
I want to say that last week was not an especially strong week for me, writing-wise, I admit. (The other writers' columns were, as usual, fantastic though.) The coverage of the Tampa Film Review and the Tampa Comic Con in the same week I had no days off was a strain, to say the least. I was exhausted and not at my best. I feel good about the TFR reviews, but my coverage of the Con, while adequate, was perhaps not as sterling as it could've been. It's been brought to my attention by at least one reader that there were a few "holes" in the event details that called for elaboration.

I know it might seem odd to mention Ashley Lewis being pregnant and not mention who the father is. Ashley herself is proudly announcing her "condition", but the father business she wants to keep to herself until a little farther down the road. It'll all come out in the wash, folks.

I didn't think what merchandise I would've bought with extra money was terribly important. I realize now, however, my reviews may be taken more seriously by someone from out-of-town trying to decide whether the Tampa Con is worth the trip. What I maybe should've elaborated on is that purchases I might've made were of a random and personal sort, and not to be construed as discovering Action Comics #1 going for $5. Any Con is going to have plusses and minuses. I happen to think the Tampa Comic Con does a great job for an event of its size, not owned by a conglomerate, but by a private individual. Sometimes the selection is terrific, sometimes it seems so-so, at least to me, but I always have a good time. I figure there are many cities in Florida that have something like this, but this is my hometown one to promote.

Brandon Jones' (formerly of Splash Page) appearance at the Con was a high point for us. When I alluded to the fact he hadn't attended in a year, I didn't feel the need to explain it any further, but suffice it to say, there were many times we tried to hook up with Brandon, but something always happened, usually at the last minute. He certainly wasn't avoiding the event!

And finally...
Regarding some comments made last week that I only promote those in my "clique", first off, I'll simply say I resent the implication. Otherwise, I defer to what co-editor/moderator Terence Nuzum said in his terrific and concise answer. This is a review website, not designed primarily for promotion. Promotion happens as an adjunct to what we're writing about and I'm not against it. And contrary to popular belief, we have promoted things here on the homepage before! What should be clarified is if we opened the floodgates and invite free promotion, soon the entire front page would be taken over by hundreds of links that wouldn't do anybody any good. I'd be doing nothing but handling a link and banner farm for total strangers for free. There are other websites that do that better. (Anyone desiring a more permanent homepage link can, of course, check out our ad banner page for rates.) This site is here primarily to express what I and the PCR staff personally experience and, of course, invite feedback and talk fandom.

If any of us are invited to something for the purpose of review, we generally try our best to make it. Realistically, however, we're limited by time (we all have full-time jobs) and budget (gas money and distance). I continue to be honored, however, that so many artists and entertainment entrepreneurs value our opinions.

I told my staff a long time ago, we're not going to please everybody. This business of who gets promoted and who doesn't is an old sticking point.

That said, PCR writer Paul Guzzo does a really good job of updating filmmaker news and some general art events in his "Indie Film News" on a regular basis. I will endeavor to make his link more visible since it doesn't change appearance and might be overlooked.

Sports Talk Update
To anyone wondering what Chris Munger's Sports Talk is still doing on the Guest Editorial page, I'm very happy with how his column is going, but plead guilty to forgetting to bring my camera to work to take his picture for inclusion in a proprietary Sports Talk banner. So, I asked Chris to dig up something I can use which, as of this writing, hasn't arrived yet. As soon as that gets here, the Sports Talk column's format will be finalized.

Readers' Comments

The Readers Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
ED [29-04-2008 04:59] 
Mike - All I can tell you is that when John Waters was here he bolted out the back door of the theater immediately following the show. This obviously either wasn't planned or communicated because members of the film festival were selling limited edition posters prior to the screening and telling everyone he would be signing them afterwards. They even stood outside after the show looking confused and trying to calm PO'd fans. I lucked out and finally did get a signed poster but only because I knew the manager of the theater who had some done in advance.
Michael [28-04-2008 20:41] 
Thanks, Steve, for the kind words.

ED, I managed John Waters' theatre of choice when I lived in Baltimore and I've got so many "Hairspray" and "Cry Baby" one sheets autographed that I could open a store...which I actually did 20 plus years ago! He's usually pretty pleasant to talk with. Am contemplating taking in the new "Cry Baby" musical when we're in NYC this week.
Lonnie Dohlen [28-04-2008 13:38]  
To "Arsenal In Tampa".exactly what is your problem with this Website?Nolan does an excellent job.If you have some sort of problem with it,maybe you need to get your head otta your ass.
Steve Beasley [27-04-2008 18:05] 
To: "arshole from tampa"

If your going to vilify this, or any other website with terms such as, "circle jerk", if you'd like to be taken seriously, mention why you feel that way, please. It can be difficult to respond positively to name calling.
Nolan [27-04-2008 04:58] 
To arshole: Sorry you feel like this is a circle jerk; I see we're going back to the old "clique" thing, aren't we? Nobody is being cut out of the discussion, so I don't know what you're talking about. I don't leave up flaming, threatening, or insulting remarks up if that's what you mean. I can't help it if more unfamiliar readers aren't posting.

Re: The Ybor Fest review. Lisa "FANGRRL" Ciurro volunteered that assignment but was unable to complete it last week due to schedule conflicts. She has pledged to have it to us by the upcoming issue and I am very grateful.

I'm getting a little tired of being put on the defensive. Terence would've probably just deleted your posts. If you feel like you can do a better job than us (and assuming the same hurdles we face to try and do everything), by all means knock yourself out.
arshole from tampa [26-04-2008 20:16] 
btw where is the great coverage of the Ybor Film Festival?
arshole from tampa [26-04-2008 20:15] 
this website has turned into a circle jerk.
Nolan [26-04-2008 07:57] 
Steve, I think you meant to put that on the message board? I'm also a Paul supporter, but we're not talking about that here on the homepage right now.
Steve Beasley [26-04-2008 07:04] 
Not sure where Ron Paul stands on the issues?

Try this link...

ED [26-04-2008 04:32] 
John Waters was great when he came to Jacksonville and did a live commentary during a screening of Polyester. The only thing I didn't like was that he bolted immediately afterwards and did not sign autographs.
Terence [25-04-2008 22:36] 
thought about seeing John Waters but im not much for spoken word performance art etc. even if it promises to be sleazy. i still worship him as a director though.
Steve Beasley [25-04-2008 16:08] 
Congratulations to Mr. Smith & Ms. Craft. May your time together be both lovely and lengthy.

Note to Mike: Never forget the three magic words: "You're right dear." They'll come in very handy.
J.MILLER [25-04-2008 10:04] 
Anyone going to see John Waters at the Dali Museum on Saturday?..Id go but I have to work that night

Theres also a decent interview with Mr. Waters in this weeks Creative Loafing if you havnt read it...
Chris Woods [25-04-2008 07:21] 
As far as the Double Tree Con goes I agree with Terence about going there to interact with other fans and to catch up with people we haven't seen in a long time. It's a cool event that happens right here and three times a year. It's a small con but that's what makes it cool, no long lines to wait in, not tons of people and cheap to get in.
Chris Woods [25-04-2008 07:16] 
Yes, I saw the candidates address the wrestling fans on RAW this past Monday. It was terrible. All of them used wrestling one liners from all wrestlers past and present and name dropped some. The match they had with the impersonators was kind of funny but got stupid. Nolan had told me that the woman wrestler playing Hillary was Scott's wife, that's cool.
Paul Guzzo [24-04-2008 07:31] 
Never mind ... I got it updated! I ran home and got my folder.

HEAD OF A WHOLE DIVISION?!?! My mother will be so proud ...
Nolan [24-04-2008 07:12] 
Behind-the-scenes note re: WWE: The woman wrestler who played Hillary Clinton on the political "smackdown" show in question is Lexie Fife, also known to me as Mrs. Scott van Sickle. Scott was the bass player in my '80s metal band BLADE and is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

To Paul: Understood. Just keep in mind you're the head of the entertainment promotion and event news division of Crazed Fanboy now. Congratulations on this awesome new responsibility.
Nolan [24-04-2008 07:06] 
Hi everybody, thanks for the feedback. Sorry I'm late coming into this, but as stated in my headline section, I'm having computer problems and am trying to minimize the time spent on it until Corey can have a look at it, hopefully by early next week. Until then, Terence is pretty much in charge here.

Re: The Con clarification and Terence's reaction. Normally, I don't feel the need to explain my actions, true, BUT, like I said, in this isolated case I didn't feel my normal quality of writing was evident last week, so I capitulated. To ED: I believe I knew what you meant.

Please note, the "Chris" who responded below re: WWE is our newest writer Chris Munger and not Chris Woods who also sometimes shares thoughts on wrestling. I guess our Chrises will need to start including their last names in their posts!
paul guzzo [24-04-2008 06:51] 
Hey guys, Film News will be updated Friday, rather than today as I usually do. I left my news folder at my house and am at the office all day.
ED [24-04-2008 06:21] 
Terence - RE: The H.G. Lewis Ronald Reagan line. My original statement was ment to convey that Reagan was fortunate to get out of acting before he became associated with the film that became Monster A Go-Go. Mr. Lewis, possesing the razor sharp wit that he does immediately turned it into a political quip! It's much funnier on the video.
Chris [24-04-2008 04:21]  
The McCain, Obama, Clinton segments on WWE Raw were pretty cheesy, they also had impersonaters of Obama and the Clintons wrestle around for a bit. Also on HULU.com they have a great video clip from SNL were Gen Petreaus (Will Forte) testifies about the Iraq war to McCain (Darrell Hammond) , Clinton (Amy Poehler) and Obama (Fred Armisen), it was very funny and i hope everyone sees it.
ED [24-04-2008 03:22] 
Terence - Nolan said in his original review that there were things he would have bought had he had the money and I was just curious what those were. To me that is almost the same as buying something because it implies there were things that were specificly of interest to you. If had not made that statement I never would have thought to ask. Thank you for sharing what you and Chris bought. I did not know any 3-D copies of Friday the 13th (I assume it was part 3) were still around although I remember seeing prerecorded VHS tapes of this and Parasite on the shelves back in 1984. I have a beautiful 16mm transfer of Hands of the Ripper I could have gotten you a copy of for free. I personally don't patronize bootleg dealers after seeing the impact they have had on some of the people we admire.
Terence [23-04-2008 13:10] 
Nolan's super defensive article lead me to believe some people were telling him otherwise. but maybe i was wrong but at least i got that off my chest. dont you just hate that type? Nolan didnt buy anything so why mention it though? i picked up some dvds two out of print Hammer films Hands of the Ripper and the excellent Twins of Evil and Chris Woods got Friday the 13th in 3D! i definintley would have bought that also had i had the money. personally i disagree with nolan. for me they had less there than any other year.
ED [23-04-2008 13:03] 
Terence, I personally find it very interesting to hear what people bought at a con and I always make a point of mentioning what I and other people in my group purchased. It's not a compention or bragging. It tells me something about what they personally find interesting and important to them. If you said that you picked up a vintage red label Columbia copy of the Byrds first LP Mr. Tamborine Man, I would know that you like 60's folk rock and the Byrds and that would tell me that you and I had something in common. It would also tell me that the show had some vintage records. It's not a matter of trumping people, I see it as sharing what interests you.
Paul Guzzo [23-04-2008 13:02] 
I try to put everything I can in the film news page. BUT, I do not go out of my way to track down news. I depend on people sending me their news items. That being said, AGAIN, the Ybor fest was the top item on the news page this week, which was the item that someone complained about not being promoted at all.

Again, if people have news that want promoted that if film related, send it to me at paul@thetampafilmreview.com
Terence [23-04-2008 12:30] 
about the Comic Con. who cares what who bought. is that suddenly an issue? what are people competing to see who bought the oldest issue? or who bought number one first? please. thats the worst kind of fan. i try not to associate with that kind of person. its not about who can trump whom. of course i have met losers like that before. the point of going to me is simply to interact with other fans not show them up. its a fun laid back Con that doesnt cost much and is one of the few opportunitys the writers of this zine have to meet some of their fellow columnists who otherwise dont make it out to TFR or Hooters etc. why Nolan you need to make a whole article explaining yourself is beyond me.
Terence [23-04-2008 12:23] 
cool interview Ed. my favorite line

HL: That depends on what your politics are!

thank god Herschell isn't a republican. or so i take it from that comment anyway.
Lisa C [23-04-2008 09:16] 
I caught clips on The Daily Show last night. Clinton said she was going by the name Hill Rod, Obama said "can you smell what Obama's cooking?" and McCain said something about McCainiacs or McCannites or something. Horrifically awful.
Nolan [23-04-2008 08:53] 
Paul, no I didn't catch it, but it sounds positively dreadful.
Paul Guzzo [23-04-2008 07:57] 
Did anyone else see the presidential candidates pre-recorded speeches on WWE this week? A complete low point in the history of politics. Yes, it was real candidates giving comments, not actors ... They each tried to connect with the wrestling audience by using wrestling cliches in their speeches. Just awful. McCain actually said he would make sure bin Laden met The Undertaker.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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